Top Echelon Fitness Equipment Review

Echelon fitness equipment

Echelon has brought to earth what it means an ideal-for-home workout gym stuff.

So, if you are looking for a HIIT and LISS section in your personal space, the Smart Connect Bikes from the brand will sure meet your expectations.

I’ve got the detailed list of Echelon fitness equipment here, keep on reading.

Echelon and its evolutionary Smart Connect Bikes

The brand focuses on developing world-class cycling machines for home studios. What makes people choose Echelon is the virtual experience in which users can join a live class via the app. That said, you are still privy to the motivation and vitality of a team.

Smart Connect Bike models

Up to now, Echelon has released two exclusive versions of Smart Connect Bikes, including choices of colors. All bikes come with a recurrent subscription to use Echelon fit app.






HIIT on Echelon

What is HIIT cardio?

HIIT stands of High-Intensity Interval Training consisting of a series of brief exercises followed by equal resting intervals. Many trainers believe it works more effectively than aerobic exercise.

HIIT cardio has proven its long-term result in various fitness goals. If running, swimming, and biking tend to cost hours on getting you in shape, a few minutes of HIIT will bring the same value, especially for physical performance.

Echelon equipment for HIIT

Following the HIIT basics of speeding the heart-rate, it’s possible to apply the short-exercise technique to workout out on Smart Connect Bikes of Echelon.

For most indoor cyclists, HIIT workouts can improve brain function, along with the burning of fat, and reduce risks of cancer.

HIIT section on an Echelon bike can split into 3 phases.


Set at low resistance and pedal for 10 minutes to get your legs, mind, and body ready for the work ahead; also, it’ll get your heart rate up. The Echelon should tell you the time and information of your calories on the console.

Now, it’s time to push your effort as hard as you can. Gradually put in intensity in this interval section.

Do a 20-second pedal hard. Then, drop the speed down to a 40-second period to give your legs a recovery.

Repeat 10 times for a full 10 minutes.

Whack the resistance up

At this point, set your bike at high-intensity resistance and boost your effort level to the next difficulty with a cadence of 80.

HIIT on Echelon Smart Connect Bike EX-3

HIIT on Echelon Smart Connect Bike EX-3

Pedal for your life in 40 seconds, then pedal easy in the next 40 ones to get your heart rate down.

Repeat in 10 rounds.

In this section, you can make it more challenging by upgrading the effort in more RPM in the third round. It can be 90 cadences and up.

If it’s not enough for you, you have all the right to do another section of the same sequence.

Slow down

After the final interval, you can pedal easily for 4 minutes at low-intensity resistance. Let your heart beat drops gradually and cool down.

LISS on Echelon

What is LISS cardio

The acronym means Low-Intensity Steady State ideal for those who seek the fat burning process. In oppose to HIIT, LISS aims to low exertion in a continuous period. It tends to use more fat as fuel during the cardio section.

LISS includes low endurance workouts like swimming, walking, and cycling at a relaxed level, which makes Smart Connect Bikes from Echelon ideal.

Echelon equipment for LISS

Either the EX-1 or EX-3 is optimal for the cardio exercise. Smart Connect Echelon bikes for indoor cycling qualify to perform cardio necessary for fat loss in sedentary state workout.

To perform LISS on the upright EX Smart Bike, follow this simple guide.


Maintaining a heart rate training zone of no more than 65% indicates your body to use body fat as fuel, instead of sacrificing the lean muscle or burning the carbohydrate you just ingested.

The key is to keep the RPM under 70 and pedal at low resistance.

Keep the heart rate constant

In the next 45 minutes, you will need to keep that heart rate steady. If it creeps above that, you will drop the interval level down and remain the revolution per minute at the same pace.

HIIT on Echelon Smart Connect Bike EX-3

To get really efficient in this fat-burning zone, take 220 minus your age, it theoretically equals 100% of your maximum training effort.

For example, if you yield the number at 127 beats per minute, you will focus on building up to that level and maintain for the rest of the training section. There is no reason to do more than that or you will waste your muscle.

Cool down

Don’t jump out of the bike immediately but slowly drops the heart rate to normal before you stop.

Cardio with Smart Connect Bike is more interesting than you thought

Admittedly, it’s hard to find such flawless bikes like ones from Echelon for HIIT and LISS cardio. Not to mention working out from home is among the top fitness choices that both satisfy privacy and encouragement in classes.

With Smart bikes from Echelon, HIIT and LISS have never been more enjoyable and productive.

While the premium cost of the bike can be a barrier at first, but in the long run, it will turn out a value for money instead of paying a membership for a regular gym room.

If you think you need a Smart Bike for your next HIIT and LISS, consider the top products in this list; or share with the people you know they need it.


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