Entertainment Trends 2021

Entertainment Trends 2021

The year 2020 is already behind us, and it’s time to find out the top entertainment trends for 2021. With the whole pandemic stuff going on, most brick-and-mortar stores and business in Canada and around the world have shifted their focus to online websites. Along with stores, we don’t forget about the great Canadian gambling sites as casinos are one of the most entertaining places.

Any type of activity that was performed live is now available online in order to follow the social distancing guidelines. And the web has evolved – there is so much information online. The best part is that website owners have strongly focused on personalized experience. You won’t have to worry about having a bad time on a website.

Streaming Services

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and many more streaming services have launched. They offer a wide choice of movies and 2021 will be your best time to Netflix and chill with your friends or beloved ones. If you’re an anime lover – don’t worry. With Crunchyroll being the most popular service, many others offer anime. Just Google it!

Competition between online streaming services is so fierce that we’re expecting great movies and TV series to launch. Disney+, for example, launched back in November 2019, and for only 5 months, had surpassed 50 million subscribers.


Who doesn’t like playing a competitive game to rub another person’s nose after winning? Esports have been around for years now, and this trend is nowhere near its end. New gamers reach the professional gaming scene with every new championship. Meanwhile, there are new championships every month. So why stop now?

Esports have gained popularity through games like StarCraft, League of Legends, Fortnite, Dota, and more. Nowadays, there are yearly championships for over ten games, and their reward pools are enormous! Over one million dollars for a winning team really brings out the best in each player. The stakes are high, the rivalry is intense, and there are hundreds of thousands of people watching live.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming has been a developing concept for a long time already, and 2021 seems to be the year of its debut. With over 3 billion gamers in the world, there aren’t many who can afford the latest hardware to play new and anticipated games. Cloud gaming is the solution.

Cloud gaming means that video games are being streamed on remote servers, which are far away from your device. You can connect to them with your pc, and all you need is a stable internet connection. All servers have more than enough hardware capabilities. Some cloud platforms currently competing are Nvidia GeForce Now, Google Stadia, Sony PlayStation Now, and Xbox Project xCloud. Cloud gaming is far from perfect, yet in near future, we expect to have a more accessible gaming experience with having just a strong internet connection.

New Online Casinos 

We’re talking so much about gaming, but what about casinos? They are a part of the gaming section and punters all around the world love gambling. Now you can do it from the comfort of your home. Online gambling has been around for enough time to have new US, European, and Canadian gambling sites launched daily.

You will never have to spend a long time on a single game if it’s tiring you – there are thousands to choose from. And with new casinos launching every day, you can swap different games until you find the most profitable one for you. It’s not your local casino – you can choose from a variety. The online casinos also bring thrilling live dealer action as well. You can enter a room and play table games with a live dealer. 

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

If you don’t know yet, Augmented reality is where digital elements are added to the real world, just like Pokemon GO adds pokemons around each town. While virtual reality lets you dive into a game with VR glasses. AR and especially VR have become one of the hottest trends of 2020. Keeping in form without going out by slicing cubes with virtual swords has worked for many people.

There are still a few games offered for virtual reality compared with ordinary PC games. In 2020 the popularity of virtual reality has risen, and we expect more players to dive into the virtual experience. Now gamers are patiently waiting for more VR games to be released.

Digital Companions

How often do you use Siri or Google Assistant on your phone? Or maybe you may prefer Alexa at your home. Digital companions can take care of jobs such as telling you the weather or googling something while you’re busy. “Siri call mom” also gets the job done when your hands are busy. But digital companions are evolving, and the best is yet to come. With this social distancing around us, digital companions can make the world a warmer place for everyone.

Live Events

Each and single one of us is patiently waiting to see the upcoming dates and confirmation of some of the hottest live events that got canceled. Sports events, Olympics, concerts, and many more events may be coming back, and a broad public is desperate to see them. The ticket prices will likely be higher, but most of us wouldn’t even care – they want to feel the experience again. Keep track of all news and look for the comeback of mega-concerts.

More Personalized Experience on the Web

Content creators, e-commerce owners, and the web itself have become a more personalized experience throughout 2020, and the trend will continue in 2021. A digital lifestyle is now a thing, and some people don’t even walk out of their homes for a few days if they have enough food. And website owners have adapted their sites to suit anyone’s needs.

Ranging from making the web more accessible for people with disabilities to personalized ads, you will always be able to find what you’re looking for. The online world is not only easy to search through, but it offers you a product you’ve been searching for in multiple ads left and right.


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