Express Gratitude Best With Thank You EmojiExpress


As technology transcends in today’s day-to-day living, it has opened various platforms for telling stories and expressing oneself.  With each pace growing in the niche of technological advancement, it has become more creative and imaginative. As such, the boom era is called emojis in our hands like EmojiExpress.

These emojis have been useful tools of expressions, sending messages as innovative and as animated feasible. Expressing a simple act of kindness, the act of love, and gratitude becomes a multitude of more visible actions than mere words. Perfectly echoing that deep emotion that one truly feels.

Say It With Folded Hands

An image of two hands firmly clasped together, folded like in a prayer form position. Somewhat signifying a prayer formation, an act defining an altitude of thankfulness for each grace that had come. Depicting that exact attitude towards that level of gratification over blessings and abundance received.

When two hands are firmly closed together in Japanese culture, it resonates with the meaning of being pleased or being thankful. Thus this thank you emoji image collaborates that exact expression of such feeling. As the hands are folded together, so is that action speaking that inner emotion of thankfulness.

Gratitude, as related to appreciation, makes a person more confident of himself or herself to value others and more so to love self. Suppose words can sometimes be vague and not enough in telling how grateful we are for people and things. Put on these folded hands, and you can genuinely say it out loud.

Choose Your Color Variations on EmojiExpress

With a click of a button, this current hype of saying thank you becomes fun and easy. As this emoji using folded hands becomes a  fully-qualified emoji by Unicode 6.0 in 2010, it has transcended vastly, making it more convenient and savvy for the users.  Thus, giving a wide array of options like the users pleased it to be.

Thank you emoji plays on the wit of colors. Giving the users the upper hand on how personalized they wanted to say thank you for being.  The different colors also signify various forms of language. They imply that words can come indifferently for other countries to be as differently animated for a different color and location.

Choose it uniquely; it comes in colors of 5 variations. There are folded hands in dark skin tones, folded hands in medium skin tone, folded hands in medium to dark skin tone, folded hands for light skin tone, and folded hands from medium to fair skin tone. No matter how it will turn from light to dark tones, make it your way, your thank you language.

Other Thank You Emoji Options on EmojiExpress

As imaginative and creative one could be, the medium of saying thank you in a modern platform takes into action. Guiding you through the multi-facet of telling your different stories of emotions. Other means of expressing kindness, of expressing love, and more so of expressing deep gratitude.

It can come in the form of clapping hands, in a handshake formation, or forming a hand in a heart shape, creating that action that dances in the tune of being grateful and being happy. No matter how we wanted, it to be. These tools made it deeply sink in the system that genuinely expressing feelings has taken it away to the next level.

Takeaway of EmojiExpress

We encounter a world, how seemingly different it may be, but it is rounded in different kinds of emotions at the same level. And people valuing that sense of thankfulness becomes too rigid at times taken for granted. We say hurtful words often. Why not shift to a kinder space and make it happen with just a simple thank you, with these animated emojis.


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