First Pfizer COVID Vaccine Jab Recipient Is a 90-Year Old UK Woman

first pfizer covid vaccine
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A grandmother from the UK becomes the first Pfizer COVID vaccine recipient in the world. She is the one to kick start the massive vaccination program in the UK. Margaret Keenan is currently 90-year old and will turn 91 within a week. Moreover, she states that receiving the vaccine at 6:31 GMT was an early birthday present that she appreciates a lot.

It was the first jab out of the total 800,000 doses of the BioNTech/Pfizer collaboration vaccine. The upcoming weeks will be very busy, and the massive production may fall short. The target is to vaccinate approximately four million people by the end of December 2020. As per the old notification, the UK hubs are trying to deal with the daycare workers and people over 80 years.

According to the National Health System professionals’ statement, thousands of people got vaccines on Tuesday, December 8. Matt Hancock, Health Secretary, says it is V(Vaccine)- Day for all. Moreover, he wants to salute the human ingenuity and scientific endeavor of many on this day. He adds that it was the beginning of the real fightback against coronavirus.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson went for a London hospital tour to see how the vaccination process is going. While interacting with everyone there, he says that getting a vaccine means individual and social safety. On the other hand, Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland First Minister, says that everyone should smile a little. However, everyone must be aware not to become casual, knowing that there is a vaccine.

Ms. Keenan feels proud to receive the first Pfizer COVID vaccine.

On Tuesday, December 8, according to the UK reports, the casualty figure went up to 616 within a month of a positive test. Presently, the total figure of COVID death is 62,033. Moreover, 12,282 more people have just tested COVID positive. Meanwhile, at the University Hospital Coventry, May Parsons, the matron, supervised the first Pfizer COVID vaccine to Ms. Keenan.

Ms. Keenan from Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, says that receiving the first Pfizer COVID vaccine was a privilege. She believes that this birthday present will allow her to spend more time with her friends and family in 2021. Moreover, she advises everyone to appreciate and take the vaccine for maximum safety.

After witnessing the first vaccination’s historical moment, Professor Stephen Powis says he wanted to hug her. However, since that was impossible, everyone present in the room clapped for her. Professor Powis is the national medical director of NHS England. Moreover, it was a busy day with so many workers and patients receiving the vaccine in over 50 UK hospitals.

After the Pfizer vaccine’s approval by the regulators, the UK becomes the first country to start a vaccination program. Recently, the US regulators confirmed that the new vaccine is 95% effective. Therefore, doctors can use it for emergency use too. Apart from Pfizer’s the AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine has also got approval.

Present COVID statistics of the UK

As part of a public statement, the Health Secretary says no one needs to apply for a vaccine separately. Instead, the health department will get in touch with everyone who needs it. However, it is a request for everyone to cooperate with them when they get an offer for vaccination.

It is for the betterment of the whole country. Besides, Mr. Hancock requests everyone to be safe and aware because there is still a long battle to fight. Moreover, the signs of growing COVID cases in London, Kent, and Essex are worrying signs.

According to the new data revealed by the UK statisticians board shows 14,106 registered in the country till November 27. Out of that, about 3,400 cases are related to COVID. Although the death figure is 20% more compared to that of the previous five years, the trend for the past two weeks is similar.

According to Sir Simon Stevens, chief executive of NHS England, the first Pfizer COVID vaccine was an achievement. However, people must be more cautious because the journey is long. Therefore, it is our responsibility to act more sensibly from now onwards. On the other hand, Boris Johnson, during his hospital tour, spoke to Lyn Wheeler. She is 81-year old and was the first to receive the vaccine at the Guy’s Hospital, London.

In his statement, the PM states that hearing the older woman say that she is taking the country’s vaccine was overwhelming. He feels that half the battle is won if everyone thinks in the same way. Earlier, he expresses gratitude towards all volunteers, scientists, and NHS workers for their dedication throughout.


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