Four Activities Working Mums Should Take Up In 2023 To Avoid Stress


A work-life balance can be incredibly tough when you’re a working mum. In fact, it’s more like working during the day, and working once again in the evening. Yet, it’s so important to have some time to yourself too. That may be tricky, but for your own mental health and sanctity it really is a must to ensure you reduce the amount of stress in your life and have some degree of enjoyment. And there are many activities out there that can do both, calming you and allowing you to discover a brand new passion, all while taking not too much of your time up. So, what should you be throwing yourself into over the next 12 months?


Of course we’re going to start with yoga. It’s the ultimate activity for reducing stress and what’s more, anybody can do it. It doesn’t matter what your age, shape or fitness levels, yoga can be hugely influential and calming in your life.

Such is its power, it’s recommended for people suffering with drug addiction to help reduce cravings, and it’s a proven track record of working. Stress? What stress…

You can do it absolutely anywhere, from taking a class during your lunch break at work, to a quick half an hour before you leave the house in the morning. Whatever time, wherever you do it, you’ll feel the benefit.


Following a similar pathway is meditation, a calming and spiritual hobby that is perfect for taking just 30 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of work and home life and completely escaping. 

Practicing meditation can be difficult at first, people’s attention gets diverted or you may get bored, but after a period of time, it’s peace, quiet and time to yourself like no other.


If you’d prefer to express yourself a little more creatively, then getting artsy is a fantastic idea, whether it be painting, pottery, sketching or trying your hand at some crafting. There are many studies that have proven that art can be perfect for easing stress, letting all your emotion out onto the canvas and allowing your creativity to be set free.

Going to a class can be really good for this, and almost every local town will have some form of art class once a week. 


Why not just run away from your problems? Well, not quite literally but exercise, and especially running is so good for relieving stress. The endorphins released are great feel-good mood improvers and you’ll also come out of a session on the treadmill or half an hour pounding the streets thinking much more clearly.

Running clubs are also fantastic for relieving stress, not only giving you the chance to run in a group, safely, but also having a kind of ready-made support group there for you too.


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