Top 3 Golds Gym Exercise Equipment [ NEW ]

golds gym excercise equipment

Every time you’re surfing on websites or social media, you can see a lot of images of beautiful models or your friends with attractive body shapes. Then you look at your appearance and sigh deeply.

Tell me how many times have you tried to follow a fitness routine or go on a diet, and given up at the middle?

It’s not the time to blame yourself or anyone on your health issues. It’s time to stand up and invest seriously in your health.

To get a fit body and maintain your perfect wellbeing, you shouldn’t miss out sweating exercises with the support of high-quality cardio products.

But which equipment fits your budget, and still works well?

Walk with me through the top 3 carefully-picked fitness products from Gold’s Gym right now.

Overview of Golds Gym Exercise Equipment

Gold’s Gym or Gold’s Gym International, Inc. was first established by a legendary athlete Joe Gold in 1965, in Venice, California.

Then soon, it has been quickly expanding and becoming a “paradise” for body-builders.

At the moment, their centers are present across 22 countries with more than 3 million members.

Are you thinking that I’m talking about a chain of gyms, not a fitness brand?

Hold on, my friends!

Back to the main point, with their strength and fame in the fitness area, ICON Health & Fitness has released a variety of exercise equipment, especially for cardio sessions, with high quality at affordable costs, behind the name of Gold’s Gym.

They take advantage of advanced technology to provide premium products to support both bodybuilding and health strengthening for any level of both LISS and HIIT cardio sessions.

You can find many cardio products such as treadmills, elliptical trainers and stationary bikes, then choose your perfect match on a budget-friendly price.

Are you curious about these products? Take a look at the details below.

Top 3 High-quality Gold’s Gym Cardio Products

1 Treadmills

Gold’s Gym treadmill at home

Regarding cardio equipment, it would be a mistake if we forget to mention treadmills. If you are looking for a treadmill for home use, my answer is a Gold’s Gym treadmill.

Although a gym membership can be useful, some people still prefer comfort and flexibility of doing exercises at home.

Then I would say that a Gold’s  Gym treadmill won’t let you down. With these models, you can easily follow your fitness routine every day.

ICON makes use of inexpensive parts and technology to build these running machines. So, they are in the price range between $400 to $800, which is an excellent choice for those having a small budget.

Wait! Are you wondering about the quality?

There is no need to worry. You still can be glad that these treadmills get your exercises done well. But, to be fair, you can’t expect advanced or notable features from these entry-level treadmills.

Still, they can beat other competitors in these price ranges with a robust standard motor of 2.5 PH and flexibility for the needs of most walkers, joggers or LISS cardio lovers.

A note for you is that if you are a serious runner, it might not be durable enough for you to log your daily fitness routines.

Also, each treadmill from Gold’s Gym can give you multiple choices for pre-set workouts so that you can select the most suitable sessions and spice up your boring routines.

Do you get interested in challenges? If yes, don’t skip intense sweat exercises by adjusting your speed and incline level. Believe me. You will feel that your fat is shedding fast.

One of their plus points is the high safety level of the cushioning technology, which makes you comfortable while walking and jogging.

Are you dreaming of a home gym? Gold’s Gym treadmills are worth your consideration thanks to the quality and compact design. No matter how much space you have, you still can build your ideal fitness room on your own.

2. Rear-drive Elliptical Trainers

An elliptical trainer model from Gold’s Gym

Are you a fan of treadmills? No? Then look at our next products – elliptical trainers.

As focusing on friendly-budget lines, Gold’s Gym can provide you with low-cost rear-drive elliptical trainers that are from $299 to $499. However, it still can make you on nine clouds with smart design and high quality.

Their compact design and transportable wheels are excellent for a home gym. These elliptical models are made for indoor exercises.

There are mainly three models in this section, including the Stride Trainer 410, followed by the Stride Trainer 380, and the entry-level Stride Trainer 310 Elliptical.

Don’t be a hurry to find which is the leading elliptical trainer of Golds’ Gym. The answer is up to you. Based on your preference and budget, you can choose your ideal product.

In general, these elliptical trainers all come with a fixed design whose length is ranging from 14 to 18 inches. Different models can have various resistance levels from 10 to 12.

Are you seeking some adjustable features? If yes, you might fall in love with the 410. Of three models, it is the only elliptical trainer offering adjustable pedals of three settings.

Wait! How about the noise which causes much annoyance while doing exercises?

Don’t swear just yet. The manufactures built them with Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR) for quiet and smooth operation.

You also won’t have to concern about the quality due to at least a 90-day warranty on parts and labor from Gold’s Gym.

However, again, be fair to them. In this price range, these elliptical trainers still have some downsides such as minimalistic consoles and lack of adjustable features.

3 Stationary Bikes

An affordable Gold’s Gym exercise bike

My friends, what if you aren’t excited about a treadmill or an elliptical trainer? I have a final option for you, Gold’s Gym stationary bikes. These exercise bikes are a versatile choice at reasonable prices.

If you are struggling with your weight, and don’t want to run or walk, Gold’s Gym can offer you Power Spin and Trade 210U models which are flexible, useful pieces of exercise equipment at home.

Also, these bikes having comfortable and adjustable seats can make you stay active in controlling your positions and resistance levels.

Especially, their resistance level comes from high technology to help you increase the intensity and burn fat faster.

And as starters, you don’t have to put up with the boredom of repetitive fitness routines. These exercise bikes can provide you with eight various workouts with a virtual “personal trainer.”

So, you can be confident of getting any types of workouts based on your desire, such as aerobics, weight loss, and actual performance.

I do know that you are worried about the monotonous type of cycling all the time. But, calm down.

Cycling is an excellent method for your cardio workout, which supports you in losing weight and burning calories. Then, let’s get the most out of these bikes by ensuring that it matches your overall routine.

Combine them with other equipment to build the most effective workout plan ever.

However, everything has two sides. With competitive prices, Gold’s Gym bikes still have some disadvantages for some users.

If you have short legs or a small figure, these models are enough to make you feel comfortable. So, before making any decisions, be careful to check all versions and their metrics.

Ending Up

Are you still here? Great, LessConf hear that you’re saying yes.

Thank you for following me until the end of this post. We’ve walked through three excellent Gold’s Gym products for your cardio workout plans.

I have chosen a treadmill from this brand because of my love for jogging and its excellent design. Now, it’s your turn to make a decision!

What do you think about these machines? Don’t be reluctant to share your thoughts with me. And stay tuned to my next interesting articles.


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