All The Best Gymnastics Equipment You Need To Know

gymnastics equipment for home

Are you into a full-body workout? Are you tired of waiting for your turn to throw yourself in a cardio machine in a gym room? How to avoid all frustration in a crowded gym room and enjoy doing exercise daily?

LessConf is here to help with the most updated and best gymnastic equipment for home use. Find them all here.

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It would be a big mistake if you start your workout at home without a mat. This simple but fantastic equipment will protect you from injuries in all workout activities like handstand, cartwheel, or walkovers.

Before getting one, you’d better consider its thickness and size because it will affect your productivity and performance. If your mat is too thick, you will find it hard to go back to the standing position.

Otherwise, a too-thin mat cannot do its role as a protector. One more thing, you should think of buying a foldable or non-foldable mat as you have to store it after use.

Let’s take a look at some mat types you should have in your house.

Panel Mats

This type of mat would be beneficial for a beginner rather than a skillful gymnast. Doing LISS cardio exercises is no longer a big deal with the help of this mat.

Panel mats can come in different shapes and sizes. The number of panels is varied and depends on your demand.

One of the interesting points is that you can fold the mat over to add extra thickness practicing more intensive exercises. Or you can come up with any combination of panels just by folding your mat one or more than one time. What a convenient product!

Panel mat – one of the most popular for home

Practice Mats

Here comes a more complex mat with more functions. This type is a combo of multiple mats in different sizes and thicknesses. Practice mats can support you in HIIT cardio exercises.

You can also make this mat type by yourself by connecting mats with floor beams. Don’t worry about storage problems. Once you are done with your gym exercises, you can split the mats and fold them into small pieces.

Practice mat can help with a variety of workout activities

Air Floor Pro

This mat doesn’t need to be put on a padded surface. Several sections can be connected to create a longer mat form. You don’t have to worry about the smoothness in this case because you will be provided with appropriate filler to make a continuous surface.

You will like the mat because of its portability and multifunction. It often has a red centered line which resembles a beam for tumbling practice. Besides, this mat is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Convenient with an air floor pro by deflating and inflating

Handstand homework mats

If you are finding a companion for your handstand workout, you have come to the right place. This mat type is entirely for you.

You can attach the mat in any door type and separate it anytime you want. In that way, it can become your ordinary floor mat.

Over the past few years, handstand mat quality has been enhanced significantly so gymnasts can be confident to practice their workout against the wall with excellent balance.


A minibar is a piece of ideal equipment for a home gym. It can fit all of your needs at home. Whether your husband wants to perform HIIT cardio or your daughter is inclined to practice her LISS cardio exercises.

Similar to mats, there are several bar characteristics you should think about. For example, bars with standardized stability can help you perform gym exercises without being shaken or fallen out. Some bar is hard to combine with other spare parts, so you should also consider factor.

Also, check the max skill level of your bars carefully if you want to use it for a long time. The truth is, your skills will be advanced day by day so you should prepare for that.

These are 2 typical bar types you should have in your house.

Junior bar pro

This type of bar is designed for easy setup with no tool required. You can adjust its height by yourself. Only by joining with a single mat or multiple mats, you can create a fascinating gym zone in your house.

A Junior bar with a durable frame is of great help in practicing hip or back exercises. It can fit with both HIIT or LISS cardio activities.

A junior bar is for multi-purposes


This equipment is more suitable for well-trained gymnasts with activities like handstands, or even push-up. If you are new to gym activities, you can take more breaks within sessions.

A strong Parallette can ensure proper productive training

Balance beams

For home use, beams are also in the list of most preferred gym equipment. Nowadays, they are used for multi-purposes and multi-levels of pro gymnasts.

An even beam can help your kids to learn how to keep balance and practice handstand skills. For those who are more active and prefer advance practices, beams can support with exercises like cartwheels, LISS or HIIT cardio.

So it will be convenient for your family members to take a turn and make use of those beams. As always, before purchasing any beam, you should think about its height, length, materials and how to store it in your house.

Once you have a clear purpose, you can refer to a beam list below.

Air beam

Compared with its counterparts, the air beam should get a vote for its convenience. It is also very lightweight. You can inflate or deflate the product at any time and anywhere. You can store it in your backpack for a trip or on a picnic.

An air beam is easy for storage
An air beam is easy for storage

Folding practice beam

With this beam, you can say goodbye to the lengthy setup time like in some other products. All you need to do is to unfold the beam for use and fold it over when you’re done. This equipment will be very suitable for average-sized houses.

A folding practice beam is space-saving for small households

Sectional beam

Materials for this beam surface are varied. It can be PVC or suede as a competition beam. This one is excellent for home use. Its base is taped down (connected with a Velcro)  to create excellent stability. You can buy more than one sectional beam and connect them together to make a longer sectional beam.

A sectional beam can fit with any floor surfaces


Apart from the above equipment, we still want to mention some helpful accessories you should own to have a perfect gym experience at home. You may think you can still do better without them but believe me, it saves you a lot of time and effort.

Pull- up bar

This device can be installed anywhere in your house. If you are keen on HIIT cardio, you should have a pull-up bar for sure.

It can be your great workout companion for some exercises like pull – up to strengthen your body or raising your leg. This bar is also ideal equipment in terms of the money-saving factor.

A pull-up bar can be installed on your doorway

Fitness ball

The fitness ball is a favorite of all ages. Even my baby, he started enjoying holding his little fitness ball and rolling over. To my elder kids, they love to jump with this fitness ball at a park just like a jumping ball.  And my husband also loves to do sit-ups with it.

A fitness ball is a great support to many different exercises

Hand-glove weight

Some people argue that we should not wear a hand-glove when training. It is because it can be cumbersome sometimes. But scientists have proved that it is wrong.

Using hand-glove weight will help to enhance your training productivity. It is because your bare hands will sweat, leading to a reduction of your workout effectiveness. Wearing a hand-glove weight will help you to avoid calluses as well.

A pair of hand glove weights is inevitable to perform your workout
A pair of hand glove weights is inevitable to perform your workout

In conclusion

All of the above equipment and accessories are very affordable. On top of that, home gym equipment is a convenient way to create your gym routine and stick with it. You can also boost your connection between family members to be tighter in such a busy life.


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