Hindi Flirting Lines and How To Use Them

Hindi flirting lines

A large number of youthful young men and young ladies use social media platforms in India to talk and to build the degree of companionship. Instagram and Facebook are some of the most ideal approaches to connect with individuals you may have a liking for. Furthermore, in a short turn of time you need to have some great lines that work in support of yourself. Often times, these are Hindi conversation starters or Hindi flirting lines.

Impact of Hindi Flirting Lines

Hindi flirting lines are known to be extremely effective as they are close to home. Majority of the local young women in India are known to be comfortable understanding and having a conversation in Hindi. As a result of this, young men must try and flirt with these local women in this language itself. Considering there are almost 400 million women to flirt with in the country, Hindi flirting lines shall offer you a great chance of impressing women, wooing them, and eventually getting a chance to even possibly date them.

Bollywood and Hindi Flirting Lines

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Bollywood is perhaps the largest film industry in the world in terms of volume. When Bollywood makes use of Hindi flirting lines you can be assured that not only shall they be very good but they shall also be catchy and become a part of pop culture instantly. Hindi films and flirty lines are inseparable. All in all, when Bollywood is what you rely upon for each circumstance throughout everyday life, why not follow these stars and utilize these fall flat confirmation conversation starters as well? To begin with, given below are some of the most popular Hindi flirting lines that find their origins in Bollywood:

“Pyar soch samaj kar nahin kiya jaata … bas ho jaata hai.”

“Bade bade deshon mein aaisi choti choti baatein…hoti rehti hai”

“Pyar bahut baar ho jaata hai … lekin mohabbat sirf ek baar hoti hai.” 

“Ishq mein sab bewajah hota hai”

“Mohabbat mein shartein nahi hoti … toh afsos bhi nahin hona chahiye.” 

“Is honey ke liye toh main moon tak jaane ke liye taiyar hoon.”

“Tum oxygen aur main double hydrogen … hamari chemistry ek dum pani ki tarah hai.” 

“I wanna BB you, mail you, tweet you, skype you … aur agar tumne phir bhi jawaab nahi diya na … I’ll poke you.” 

“Socho, socho…aur sochne ke liye main tumhe apni saari zindagi deta hoon.”

Some More Bollywood Hindi Flirting Lines..

“I was thinking kya aap believe karti hain love at first sight pe? Ya main dobara ghoom ke aau?” 

“Mujhe yakeen hai ki mein sirf isliye janma hoon….ki tumse pyar kar sakun….tum sirf isliye, ki ek din meri ban jaao.”

“Suraj itni jaldi nikal aaya ya yeh teri battisi ki roshni hain?” 

“Mere dil, jigar, liver mein ho tum … waqt bewaqt aaye woh fever ho tum … ab toh meri life mein forever ho tum.” 

“Tu original piece hai, maloom hai na tujhe? Aisa dosara nahi hai”

“Mard mein bahut dard paida kar deti hai tumhari smile.”

“Ishq mein sab bewajah hota hai.”

“Tum pehle bhi itni khoobsurat thi … ya waqt ne kiya koi haseen sitam?” 

“Main paise ke liye kuch bhi kar sakta hoon, toh soch main apne pyar ke liye kya kya karunga.”

“Mere saamne waali khidki mein ek chand ka tukda rahta hai”

“Aaj zindagi mei pehli baar tai nahi kar paa raha hoon ki kya de raha hoon aur kya le raha hoon”

“I love you, girlfriend ban ja meri, tu aur main rock kar denge!”

“Apni saans wapas lene aaya hoon … atak ke reh gayi hai tere paas.” 

Beyond Bollywood

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Beyond Bollywood well, one can certainly explore Hindi flirting lines that shall work wonders while wooing young Indian girls and getting to date them. A few of the more flirtatiously romantic lines are:

“Mere dost kahte hain ki me duniya ki sabse sundar ladki se baat nahi kar paunga..aaj unko bataunga me ki abhi me usi se baat kar rha hun.”

“Meri life ka EK bhot badaa DREAM hai

(kya) yhi ki tum daya pair aage kar ke mere ghar me aao.”

“Mera naam YOUR NAME hain..aap jaise pari ka bhi koi naam to hoga.”

“Mera bachpan se sapna tha ki bade ho kr aaapko WhatsApp me joke sunaau.”

“Jaldi se mujhe koi chimti karo kyu mujhe aisa lag raha hain ki me koi sapna dekh raha hun.”

On the whole, Hindi flirting lines are known to be very effective with the local Indian women. Hindi is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Not only shall learning these lines give you a major advantage, they shall also expose you to a wider than before category of women in India who do not speak any other language but Hindi.


As mentioned in the opening section of the article, a large number of youngsters have taken flirting online and in this generation when Twitter and character limits exist, one certainly does want to make use of flirtatious one-liners that shall help them impress women without taking much of their time or begging for too much of their attention even before breaking the ice.

However, the icing on the cake are these Hindi flirting lines, they simply exceed all expectations and work well. Typing these are quite easy as you don’t even need to know the Hindi script, all you have to do is type in Hinglish, which is effectively a local version of a language that is a hybrid of English and Hindi. Hinglish is very popular among young adults who are neither proficient in either of the two languages.


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