How To Aim Your Replacement Headlight Bulbs

Headlight Bulbs

Are your headlights aimed properly? After replacing headlights, the direction of the high and low beam may not be correct. Adjusting the direction of your headlights improves the convenience and safety of your vehicle. After learning how to replace headlight bulb, it’s time to learn how to aim your headlights.

To start, you’ll need a screwdriver, tape measure, masking tape and a wall or garage door with at least 25 feet of clearance. It can be easier to adjust your headlights at night or dusk, but it can be done any time of day. Look for flat ground in an area you can safely park for up to an hour to mark and adjust your headlights.

Park your vehicle on level ground approximately six feet away from your wall. Turn on the headlights and mark the center point horizontally. Most headlights have a small target that makes this easier.  Find the vertical center of the beams and mark both horizontal and vertical marks with masking tape.

Check your service manual for information about the variance allowed for your headlight beams, as this can vary between manufacturers. Use a screwdriver to adjust the vertical screws and the horizontal ones if your headlight includes these screws.

After adjusting the low beams, it’s time to adjust the high beams. Ensuring your headlights are pointing in the right direction not only keeps you safe while you drive, but it also prevents you from blinding other drivers with low beams that are aimed too high.

Take some time to check that your headlights are clear and bright. Foggy lights can be cleaned with specialized headlight cleaning kits and dim lights are usually a sign that you need to replace your bulbs soon. Replace both sides at the same time to ensure uniform lighting.

Why Buying Car Parts Online Can Save You Money

There’s nothing worse than investing in a car part only to find out that it doesn’t fit your vehicle. Buying car parts online is a great way to save money and order confidently. Online shopping allows you to sort and filter parts based on your make and model of vehicle, your budget and your preferred brands.

Once you find the parts you need, you can easily compare prices to save money. Select in-store pickup to enjoy free shipping on your must-have auto parts and convenient accessories. Shopping online is a great way to find any current discounts or promotional items.

If you’re not sure which parts you need or how to install them, online shopping makes it easy to access free how-to guides and other resources. Chat with an agent, watch a how-to video or read a complete instruction manual on selecting and installing any vehicle component.

How To Get the Best Replacement Headlight Bulbs for Your Car

Whether you want to upgrade to LED or HID headlights or need an affordable halogen set, find replacement headlight bulbs online or at your nearest auto parts store. Compare prices and ask an auto parts store technician for more information about the best replacement bulbs for your vehicle and your driving situation.



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