How to Clean the Glass Door of the Oven?


Most of us usually forget to clean the oven, even though we use it daily. However, if the oven is not cleaned often, it may result in the oven not functioning properly. Though we usually think that ovens need cleaning only from the inside, that’s not always the case.  In this article we go through some top oven cleaning tips, but if you’d prefer to kick back and let someone else do the work you can find top rated cleaners at Helpling.

Food spillage and splattered grease can cloud up the glass of the oven door as well. Cleaning the glass of the oven door is important so you can clearly see through the glass window and it also maintains the performance of your oven. Here are some simple and efficient ways to clean the glass door of your oven.

Cleaning the Outside Glass of the Oven Door

Cleaning the outside glass of the oven door is comparatively easy.

  Use a natural glass cleaner like distilled white vinegar and mix it with water. Fill in a spray bottle with this mixture and spray it on the outside glass.

  Use a microfiber cloth to wipe away grime and cleaner.

  You can repeat the process if needed.

  At the end, buff with a dry microfiber cloth.

Cleaning the Inside Glass of the Oven Door

Baking Soda Mixture

  Take a bowl and create a mixture of baking soda and water. Wait until the baking soda dissolves and you have a cream-like texture.

  Apply this mixture on the inside glass of the oven door. You can easily apply this using your fingers. Make sure to cover every bit of the glass.

  Let the mixture sit on the glass for 15-20 minutes. As baking soda is a natural cleaning agent, it’ll loosen the grime and grease stuck on the oven glass.

  Once you see the softened grime, it’s time to use a kitchen sponge and scrub the mixture.

  Always use the rough side of the sponge as it will help to take out as much stuck-on grime and food as possible.

  Rinse the sponge and use the soft side to wipe up the mixture. Repeat this until you see no traces of baking soda on the glass.

  Afterwards, wipe the glass dry using a microfiber cloth.

  If you still notice any stubborn leftover grime, use a razor blade to smoothly scrape them away. Make sure to use the flat edge of the razor as corners will scratch your glass.

  You can repeat this process if you want and wipe it with a microfiber cloth

Heat the Oven

Heavy stains and spillage are stubborn. To remove them:

  Heat the oven to a temperature between 37-51 degrees C or 100-125 degree F.

  Once the oven is heated up, open the door and let it cool down for 1 minute. Be careful as the door can get too hot to touch.

  Heating the oven will soften the heavy stains and stubborn food particles.

  Spray oven-safe cleaner on the warm glass door and let it sit for 5 minutes.

  Scrub the glass with a kitchen scrubber. It’ll help to remove any stuck-on food.

  Clean the solution with a wet sponge and dry it with a dishtowel.


If you let the grease and bits of stuck-on food accumulate on the glass, it’ll become very difficult for you to clean the glass door as the grease will become harder to remove, day by day. Make sure to clean any spillage right away. Once a month, clean your oven to ensure it is functioning properly.  And remember, if you don’t have the time or the will, you can find top rated oven cleaners at Helpling.


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