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How To Lose Weight Fast At The Gym


There are a significant number of methods used for reducing excess fat. But not all of them bring out the expected results. Not only that, some of them are crazy and unrealistic ideas that cause harm to the health of many people who are foolish enough to apply them.

Personally, the safest and the most effective way to lose weight is by taking up exercises and following a weight-reducing diet.

After that, LessConf will instruct you on how to lose weight fast at the gym with some popular exercises. Let’s go!

How To Lose Weight Fast At The Gym?

These days, practicing cardio at the gym has been increasingly popular. People of all ages, especially young people, have applied this method and provided a lot of positive feedback.

There are two main kinds of cardio training: HIIT (High-intensity interval training) and LISS (Low-Intensity Steady State). Every type is performed in different ways, but both of them bring out high efficiency.

The following are outstanding HIIT and LISS exercises that will make a considerable contribution to reducing your excess fat.

HIIT Cardio

Why should we practice HIIT to lose weight? HIIT exercises force your body to work at full capacity for a short time, about 30 seconds for each lesson. In particular, HIIT will bring you a host of benefits:

Please have a look at HIIT exercises for weight loss.

Squat to Knee Lift Twist

It is quite simple to perform this HIIT exercise.

Note that you should breathe while practicing. In particular, breathe in when you are in the squat posture. Meanwhile, when twisting your stomach, you breathe out.

This exercise usually lasts for three minutes. It is advisable to repeat these movements as much as possible for every one minute.

Side Leap & Balance

Side Leap & Balance is also a HIIT exercise that helps you reduce weight effectively.

Training on Side Leap & Balance regularly, and you will gradually notice the change of your body in the twinkling of an eye.

Crossing Climber

Crossing Climber is a kind of plank creating rhythmic movements for your legs.

Crossing Climber will make your legs move rhythmically. While moving, your abdomen will be under pressure. As a result, this exercise will burn off fat in your stomach.

LISS Cardio

If you practice LISS exercises for a short time, you will find them so helpful in recovering your body. Besides, long training on LISS will support to burn calories, thus reducing your excess body fat.

For this reason, if you desire to reduce your weight through this workout, it is necessary for you to increase the exercising time to over an hour.

So now spend time referring to the following LISS exercises:


Cycling is one of the most popular LISS cardio exercises for fat loss, weight loss, cardiovascular training. In general, with this exercising form, your appearance, as well as your health, will achieve considerable improvement.

If you choose to ride a bike outdoor,  please spend 5-10 minutes taking this activity.

On the other hand, when cycling on a machine, you should adjust the height of the seat for the greatest convenience.

You can cycle with whatever type you want. For example, you can straighten your back or move your upper body forward while cycling. Besides, you also can use your heel, tip, and sole of the feet.

Jump rope

Few people know that jump rope is an extremely beneficial form of exercise. The fact shows that thanks to jump rope, quite a few people become successful at burning off excess fat and losing weight on their whole body.

What’s more, you should play jump rope more often because this sport also brings you a healthy and strong body.

There are lots of variations of jump rope. Besides the usual forms, you can try other ones like off step, boxer step, side to side, front to back, and so on.


This exercise is suitable for beginners. It does not require you to prepare any additional equipment if you choose to run outdoors. On the other hand, you can do it with a treadmill when practicing at the gym.

Excited about breathing the fresh atmosphere, you should consider practicing outdoors. But this practice almost cannot support you to maintain a steady running speed because of external factors such as wind resistance and traffic.

Meanwhile, running on a treadmill gives you a lot of benefits, including preventing injuries, controlling the speed, and avoiding the impact of weather on the workout plan.

In conclusion

You should consider whether LISS or HIIT will be suitable for you. In case you want to speed up weight loss, HIIT is an ideal form of exercise. In contrast, you can choose to associate with LISS cardio if you want your weight to reduce gradually or find yourself match steady-rate exercises.

Instead of using crazy or expensive methods, you will own an admirable body with simple HIIT and LISS exercises at the gym. Being patient with practicing these exercises, and you will quickly realize the benefits they bring after several months.

Thank you for spending time reading our article. LessConf hopes that the information above will aid you in reducing weight.

If you have any questions or contributions, please leave your comments below.

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