How To Make A Temporary Home Office More Comfortable?

temporary home office

The COVID-19 pandemic forced most corporates and office-based employees to set up a temporary workspace at their residence. Many makeshift temporary home office solutions emerged overnight in spare rooms, kitchens, and dining room tables. 

How do you make a short-term space functional and comfortable? Michelle Thomas, a Canadian expert on ergonomics and efficiency in the workplace, shares her top work from home space ideas in this article.

Position and Posture

Your temporary home office setup must let you maintain a good posture. Comfort levels will vary depending on individual features, and what works for one person may not suit the next. 

It’s best to remain mindful of your posture and listen to your body. The best desk position is a neutral seated one. Don’t slouch and try to keep your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. 

Place your feet on the ground or use a footrest. Try to keep everything you regularly access within an arm’s reach to avoid stretching. When looking at a computer screen, it’s advisable to look up and down with your eyes and not strain your neck. 

It’s also vital that you don’t stay seated for too long. Take regular standing or comfort breaks. This’ll remind you to check and adjust your position again. 

Light and Sound In Your Temporary Home Office 

Light has a massive impact on your energy levels and productivity. Ensure adequate lighting in your workspace. Natural light is always best, so don’t draw the curtains or blinds. Try to keep the room temperature comfortable, around 23 to 24 degrees celsius. 

If you share the space, it’s advisable to use a headset to avoid disturbing others when on virtual meetings. You’ll hear more clearly this way too, if you can close interleading doors when you’re in an appointment or need some quiet time to concentrate. 

It’s best to use your phone’s speaker function as much as possible. A hands-free option leaves you unconfined to type or make notes. You also won’t be tempted to clinch it in a tense grip between your shoulder and ear.

Personalizing Temporary Home Office 

Even though it’s temporary, your work from home office ideas should include a few personal touches. Add a plant, a few inspiring quotes, photos, or other warm and feel-good effects to keep the space invigorating. 

You can add a cozy rug or a favorite home comfort item too. If you consider a fresh coat of paint, opt for a calming color that works with your home decor. Be mindful to keep the area uncluttered, particularly in a small space. Pack away what you can at the end of the day and return to a neat desk in the morning 

Personalize It

Breakaway Space

You can suffer from burnout when working from home. You’re suddenly confined to one area and sharing your new office with the entire family or housemates. Communicate your daily schedule to both your colleagues and co-inhabitants to help manage expectations and the use of open areas. 

With the lines between home and work now blurred, it’s vital to create a breakaway space and routine to enjoy your lunch of coffee time away from your desk. Use your time to catch up on the news or watch an entertaining video clip to take your mind off the job at hand completely. 

When you require some variety in your day, do something entirely different from your usual routine. Try a new game online in Casino Planet with a couple of free spins or paying a few virtual games to help you relax and forget about the home office for a short while.

Key Takeaways

You can create a comfortable home office without upsetting your entire household. Pay attention to your body’s needs and your surroundings to get the ultimate benefit. 

Mindfulness and communication with a decent number of regular breaks will help you and everyone around you cope with the new normal. 


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