How to Prevent Burglar Alarm and TV Aerial from Water Leakage

How to Prevent Burglar Alarm and TV Aerial from Water Leakage

I have seen this problem at many places where tv aerials and burglar alarms are damaged because of water leakage, it is a common problem that people face. The water leakage exists because of the inaccurate tv aerial installation or burglar installation, or the cable used for the installation are defaulted. There are lots of tools used in the installation of the both tv aerials and burglar alarms, so there are chances of cable damage. So in our recommendation you should hire the professional or if you can’t then follow our instructions mentioned below to prevent burglar alarm.

  1. Always Use Waterproof Cables for Installation

There are lots of types of cables available in the market. There is a big myth among the people every cable can use for the burglar alarm installation and tv aerial installation, but this is not true. Especially when you are going for the outdoor installation. So the thing is some cables are specially designed for the special purpose. Aerial tv installation done with different cables and burglar alarms are done with different cables. There are also sub categories of the cables that can be used for the special type of installation.

  1. Prevent from Extra Joints

Well I know in the installation of burglar alarms and tv aerials lots of extra joints are needed in these connections. On a few points connection can be done without extra connection, but still you go to prevent from the extra joints. You should hire the professional for the installation because they know how to use extra joins as low as possible. It will lessen your cost and make the connection simple. It will also help to prevent burglar alarm connection and the tv aerial, because it is not easy with extra joints and complex connection.

  1. Use Water Plugs and Connections

You hired a professional and he is using waterproof cables and avoiding the use of the extra joints. What do you think is enough? No it is not. plugs and connections are also important components of the tv aerial and burglar alarm connections. So make sure you are using the waterproof plugs and connections for the connection of the burglar alarm and tv aerial. One thing which is important you can’t find the leakage point easily in the plugs and connections, so make sure these are waterproof.


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