Innovative Ways To Get More Protein Into Your Diet 

Get More Protein
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Getting enough protein in your diet is crucial to ensure your health. It can help boost metabolism, improve muscle gain, help you maintain a healthy weight and much more. It is essential to get more protein from multiple sources and ensure that it is absorbed properly.  

There are many reasons you may want to add more protein to your diet. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to achieve this without significantly changing your usual eating habits. Here are some of the top ways to get more protein to your diet.  

Make Soups With Quinoa Or Lentils 

Soups are great for meal prep, and adding quinoa or lentils to your soups can pack them with plenty of additional protein. You could consider making a hearty vegetable soup and adding some red lentils for an earthy, slightly sweet taste. Quinoa has a slightly nutty flavor that can complement many types of soup, from spicy to classic meat broth.  

Eat More Greek Yogurt 

Greek yogurt is an excellent alternative to normal yogurt that packs an extra protein punch. Greek yogurt can be an ideal breakfast when mixed with some fruit or granola. You could also consider making overnight oats with Greek yogurt to make a quick, easy and delicious breakfast. It is best to avoid sweetening Greek yogurt too much as this may take away from some of the many health benefits.  

You can also use Greek yogurt as a substitute for sour cream in Mexican dishes, to marinate meat in or as an alternative to mayo. Heating Greek yogurt can have its difficulties, so it is often best to use it as an alternative in cold dishes.  

Have Eggs For Breakfast 

Choosing eggs for breakfast can help set yourself up for the day ahead and load up with protein early on. Many breakfast foods such as cereal and toast are low in protein, so choosing eggs is wise. You could consider making a healthy omelet with plenty of additional vegetables or have them scrambled with smoked salmon for a fancy feel to the most important meal of the day.  

Switch Mayo For Hummus 

Mayo is used for lots of everyday meals. While it is a tasty condiment, it is not always the healthiest. It is better to choose hummus for your sandwiches and anything else you would usually add mayo to. Not only are chickpeas (the main ingredient in hummus) packed with protein, but they are also a source of plenty of delicious guilt-free flavor. You can find hummus variations to suit any taste, so consider experimenting with different flavors to find the one you adore. 

Boost Protein Absorption With Bioavailability 

Not all proteins are created equal, and the way our body absorbs protein can vary significantly. It is a good idea to ensure that the protein you are eating is properly used by the body. It can be helpful to choose a protein supplement that boosts protein bioavailability, which is how we can measure how much we absorb protein. You can find out more about why protein bioavailability matters from the experts at Ingredient Optimized.  

Choose Lean Meats 

Many types of meat are high in protein. The downside to meat is that it often also comes with more fat and calories than you might want in your diet. Choosing lean cuts of meat is a great way to ensure that you get maximum protein with minimal calories or fat. It is best to read the nutrition information to ensure you choose the right cuts or lookout for any meats that specify that they are lean or extra lean.  

Snack On Nuts 

Nuts make an excellent, healthy snacking alternative. They are also packed with protein. It is important not to over snack on nuts, as they contain a fair amount of fat. That being said, the fat that they contain is healthier than the saturated fats you might find in junk foods. Macadamia nuts are an excellent choice if you’re craving something sweet or choose chopped walnuts as a healthier, protein-rich alternative to breadcrumbs for coating meat.  

Make Chia Seed Pudding 

You can make delicious chia seed desserts that are healthy and protein-rich. All you need to do is soak chia seeds in milk for a few hours and add some natural flavorings such as vanilla or cocoa powder to make a healthy, filling and delicious dessert. You can also add chia seeds to overnight oats.  

Eat Jacket Potatoes As An Easy Meal Option 

Jacket potatoes are a great choice that offer plenty of protein. They also make a super easy meal to whip up at the end of a long day. You could consider having a baked jacket potato with tinned tuna, hummus and sweetcorn for a healthy, hearty, protein-rich meal.  

Have Fruit And Peanut Butter For Dessert 

Peanut butter is a firm favorite of many people across the globe. It is also packed with protein and other nutrients. It is crucial to choose a low sugar option for peanut butter, as many popular brands add sugar and sweetener. Choose a natural peanut butter spread and dip some apple or banana slices for a delicious, healthy snack.


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