Is Dopamine Detoxing Effective?

Dopamine Detoxing Effective

Many believe that our happiness levels are reducing and stress is increasing. The pleasure we feel is directly due to a chemical message that our brains send to our bodies. This chemical message is known as Dopamine. The amount of dopamine we receive nowadays is generally tied to our lifestyle. Some people are able to find joy in little things while others struggle to find any at all. This is all because of the events that lead our brain to send the chemical message to release dopamine and making Dopamine Detoxing Effective.

Negative events such as excessive social media browsing or addictions are dangerous. They basically teach the brain to only receive dopamine when doing those specific acts. This in turn results in no dopamine being released for other events in life. Watching a movie or listening to songs will just not make you as happy as you used to be. To counter this, a concept known as dopamine detoxing was invented. Before deeming it successful, we need to first know what it is and what it can do for us.

What Is Dopamine Detoxing

Dopamine detoxing is essentially a cleansing period where the individual realigns their lifestyle. This is usually undergone by those people that suffer from low happiness levels or addictions. Though many people who feel bored with life may also partake in this detoxing. The basic idea is that going through less dopamine triggering events will rewire your brain. The end result that individuals hope to achieve is to open up their brains to new dopamine receptors. 

How It Is Done

The process of dopamine detoxing is a simple yet difficult one. An individual will need to spend at least one whole day as different as possible. That means no usage of any addiction at all. It is also stressed that there should be no form of entertainment present as well. That means no mobile phone, television, or any other sort of digital entertainment. Books and exercise are encouraged during this time period. Even reading can be discouraged if it is already the only dopamine receptor in your life. 

The minimum time spent in this lifestyle is one whole day. Some people extend that to a few days to a week as well. During this whole process, the brain needs to be bored enough to change. The best possible scenario involves limiting distractions and entertainment throughout. 

Possible Benefits

There are several benefits to dopamine detoxing if done correctly. Some of these are summarised below.

1: Useful Against Addictions

Dopamine detoxing involves letting go of all addictions, at least for a day. The premise might be simple yet the process is incredibly difficult. Limiting any and all interaction with an addiction will open up the brain. People that are addicted may not look to their addictions for happiness anymore. Instead, they will opt to find new healthier alternatives to achieve happiness and dopamine. 

2: Healthier Lifestyle

A detox essentially involves removing distractions and possible entertainment avenues. During this period of boredom, the brain will no longer rely on entertainment. This means you will be more likely to commit your time to healthy habits. These can include reading or exercising to pass the time. With any luck, reading or exercising may be the new receptors to release dopamine. Being addicted to reading books is arguably better than being addicted to social media.

3: Happiness In Little Things- Dopamine Detoxing Effective

The biggest difference that people notice is the joy found in little things. Actions and habits that previously did not do much are suddenly game-changers. Tasks such as making your bed or listening to music become enjoyable again. This is the primary reason that people go through dopamine detoxing. The goal is to make sure their brain does not rely on anyone thing for dopamine. Instead, the brain should be allocating dopamine to many different acts throughout the day. 


The question that arises is whether dopamine detoxing is effective or just a scam. The answer to this is not a simple yes or no. Instead, there are many variables in play that may affect how successful the detoxing is. There are no doubt benefits to be reaped from this detoxing. However, someone with plenty of distractions present may struggle to reap those benefits. Similarly, a person going through the process believing nothing will happen will not prosper either. 

Dopamine detoxing is effective but only if it is done correctly. This means mental and physical preparation beforehand. Physically isolating yourself and limiting distractions is a must. Mentally preparing yourself and believing in change is just as necessary.

Afterward, entire lifestyles can change for the better. Simple tasks will become much more enjoyable. Playing video games or exercising may be the new dopamine receptors of your life. While dressing up and putting on some high-quality Russian lashes will feel better than ever. 

Do yourself a favor and at the very least try to last a whole day of detoxing. The burning questions will be answered and you may just change your life too. 


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