Kathy Hilton Net Worth, Early Life, and Career

Kathy Hilton Net Worth

According to the Celebrity Net Worth, Kathy Hilton has an estimated net worth of $350 million as of 2023. Kathy Hilton is one of the prominent actresses in America, also known as a renowned fashion designer. Additionally, she is known to all as one of the greatest philanthropists.

With her captivating acting skills, she became a sensation in the film industry. Accumulating several assets, Kathy has become one of the finest actresses in America. Having been mode-attuned to trends, Kathy secured a strong bedrock in the fashion industry.

Following her unique fashion sense, some individuals are keenly interested to know about Kathy Hilton’s lifestyle and net worth. This content will depict all the compelling details regarding Kathy Hilton’s life and career.

Key Points about Kathy Hilton

Name Kathy Hilton
Net Worth $350 million
Annual Income $35 million
Monthly Income $3 million
Born March 13, 1959
Age 64 years
Profession Entrepreneur, Fashion designer
Nationality American

Kathy Hilton Net Worth

As of 2023, Kathy Hilton owns a substantial net worth of $350 million from various ventures. The main component of Kathy Hilton’s net assets stems from her family. In addition, she generates annual revenue of $35 million and monthly revenue of $3 million. Kathy Hilton has gained prominence owing to her parent’s name.

Kathy Hilton Net Worth

In addition, the entertainer, Kathy Hilton is 64 years old and receives a lucrative remuneration. Owing to her charming attitude, she has spread her charm worldwide. As Kathy was an aspiring actress, she ventured into multiple endeavours and explored new sectors.

The Growth of Kathy Hilton Net Worth

2023 $350 million
2022 $300 million
2021 $275 million
2020 $250 million
2019 $230 million
2018 $200 million

The Prominent Sources of Kathy Hilton Net Worth

Though she emerged into her career as a prominent actress, Kathy Hilton stepped into other ventures and accumulated a substantial net worth. Owing to notable business acumen, she embarked on commercial enterprises.

Product Sales

After a few years of marriage, she started selling skin products and accumulated noteworthy revenue. After becoming an accomplished entrepreneur, she launched her brand named ”Kathy Hilton Collection.” She sells women’s outfits and accessories via her website ”Kathy Hilton Collection.” Reportedly, she earns more than $60 million per year by selling products through her website.

Cosmetic Lines

Aside from her multiple ventures, Kathy owns a renowned cosmetics brand named ”Fragrance My SecreT.”

Kathy Hilton Net Worth

She launched her brand in 2008 and garnered nearly $10 million. Her clothing and cosmetic lines significantly contributed to Kathy Hilton net worth.

Social Media

After attaining vast popularity, Kathy Hilton became a social media influence. She collected a handsome amount from her social media account.

As she is an iconic public figure, she gets offers of several sponsorships. With sponsorships, she has earned millions of dollars from the social media platforms.


The acting career has a significant contribution to Kathy Hilton net worth. Due to her acting endeavours, Kathy has earned a massive amount during her period.

Fashion Designing

Kathy Hilton is a renowned fashion designer, she designs gowns, party dresses, shoes, and other accessories. Following her extraordinary design sense, she amassed a massive amount of money by selling her designs.

Early Life

Kathy Hilton was born on March 13, 1959, and can trace ties to both Scottish and Irish ancestry. After the divorce of her parents, Kathy’s mother remarried Kenneth E. Richards. Kathy Hilton pursued her career at an early age.

Raised in a privileged family, she gathered business knowledge in her teenage years. She became a part of their business at the age of 9. Coming from a reputed family, she enrolled in a private school. In addition, Kathy started getting involved with commercials and attained substantial success.

When she was 9, she embarked on the journey of her acting career, featured on several TV shows. However, she took a break from her acting career and focused on her personal life when she was 15 years old.

As a youth, she emerged into the entertaining world and featured on numerous TV shows. Though she had enough potential to enhance her economic condition, Kathy lost her identity after marrying Richard Hilton.

Personal life

The legendary actress, Kathy met his husband when she was at the peak of her career. In 1979, Kathy married Richard Hilton and became the mother of four children.

In addition, the couple has six grandchildren, and they happily live in Bel Air, Los Angeles.

Professional Life

At the beginning of her career, Kathy appeared in several TV shows. With her charming personality, she has gained much popularity in the realm of entertainment. She appeared in a famous TV show ”Bewitched”, at the age of 9.

In addition, following her immense talent, she got the opportunity to appear in a film named ”The Dark’. Seeing her incredible acting talent, people embrace her warmly. Having extraordinary talent, Kathy Hilton has received remarkable appreciation throughout her professional life.

Furthermore, after marrying Richard, she started presenting herself as a host on the home-shopping network QVC. Though she left the acting industry, Kathy Hilton ventured into multiple endeavours, including cameo appearances and brand promotions.

Here is a list of movies and TV series in which Kathy Hilton appeared:

  1. The World According to Paris (2011)
  2. The Simple Life (2005)
  3. Nicky Hilton: Chasing Style (2008)
  4. The Dark
  5. On the Air Live with Captain Midnight

Here is a list of TV shows in which Kathy Hilton appeared:

  1. The Rockford Files
  2. Nanny and the Professor
  3. Family Affair
  4. Happy Days
  5. I Want to Be a Hilton on NBC
  6. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

FAQ about Kathy Hilton Net Worth

What is the net worth of the famous actress Kathy Hilton?

According to the Celebrity Net Worth, Kathy Hilton has an estimated net worth of $350 million as of 2023.

What is the annual revenue of Kathy Hilton?

As per our report, the annual revenue of Kathy Hilton is $35 million.

What is the current age of Kathy Hilton?

As of 2023, Kathy Hilton’s age is 64 years old.

What is the name of Kathy Hilton’s website?

The name of Kathy Hilton’s website is Kathy Hilton Collection.

What is the nationality of Kathy Hilton?

The nationality of Kathy Hilton is American.

Final Thoughts

Aside from her extraordinary talent, Kathy Hilton can venture into different business arenas and enhance her net worth. She loves to explore new opportunities and undertake multiple business ventures.

Beyond that, she marked her step in the fashion industry with her unique and trendy fashion style. Having a captivating personality, she created an empire and reigned as a queen. Undoubtedly


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