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Keiser Fitness Equipment Reviews: Best Brand for Everyone

Keiser Fitness Equipment

Are you doing cardio to keep your body fit?

LessConf combines LISS with HIIT cardio to help me consume energy, reduce excess fat off my body, and lose weight quickly.

Do you intend to purchase some Keiser brands for your cardio?

If you do, follow me now to have your suitable equipment.

To those who are gym athletic or who prefer doing a workout at home, LessConf bet Keiser is not a strange name anymore.

Keiser has been famous for its fitness equipment for over 40 years. Many people love this brand because of the high quality of their products as well as a reliable warranty for their products and their part.

So what Keiser products that specialize in doing HIIT and LISS cardio?

Let’s explore.

LISS Cardio

M3i Indoor Bike

M3i Indoor Bike

When you buy an M3i Indoor Bike, you can get some accompaniments such as Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle, Stretch Pads, Media Tray, and Floor Mat.

The bike comes with a very nice media holder which is fixed onto the handlebars. It can hold my iPhone securely.

M3i Indoor bike will be a suitable choice for everyone, thanks to the V-Shape Frame. It enables you to adjust the handlebars and seat to fit your body type.

Take my case as an example! When I ordered this M3i Indoor Bike on the Internet, I was afraid that its size would not fit me because I am five feet tall. But it works extremely well!

Furthermore, you can easily track your strength, cadence range dials, heart rate, and FPT zone relying on the real-time graph. You can also train with a lot of limitless kinds of workouts via Bluetooth-enabled Interactive Cycling.

One thing that makes M3i Indoor Bike more outstanding is that it is durable and eye-catching. The quality of this Keiser’s product is so good that it has a long lifespan (too good to maintain), which is suitable to place at the gym. On the other hand, the M3i indoor bike will make your home gym more attractive with its elegant design.

To sum up, the M3i Indoor bike worths every penny.

M3iX Indoor Bike

M3iX Indoor Bike

M3iX Indoor Bike is the latest version of the famous Keiser brands with innovative handlebars.

If you are a newcomer or already professional in doing cardio, you can use M3iX Indoor bike to the fullest. There are 24 levels of marked resistance, which promises to challenge you to keep your body fit.

When I train with this bike, I can build up my motivation for pedaling thanks to the realistic pedals.

Furthermore, with this bike, you can train your upper as well as your lower body simultaneously or work with only your upper body due to its motivative handlebars.

All the products from the Keiser Brands will help you follow and analyze your training results easily by uploading your daily records via some Apps. M3iX is no exception.

M3iX Indoor Bike allows users to update their records on the only one app: GoInd App, which is also one of their drawbacks

With a durable and beautiful design, you will feel at ease whenever you do a workout. It is maintenance-free and noiseless, as well.

Once again, its price will be the thing that prevents you from purchasing.

HIIT cardio

M5i Strider Elliptical Machine

M5i Strider Elliptical Machine

The 1st best Keiser exercise equipment for HIIT cardio is the M5i Strider Elliptical Machine.

I really enjoy the delivery service. When the product arrived at my home, each part of the M5i Strider Elliptical Machine was wrapped carefully.

Return to the machine, M5i Strider Elliptical Machine is so great that we don’t need any external power thanks to the magnetic resistance, which means that you have to move harder for more strength.

One big plus to M5i Strider Elliptical Machine is that it operates smoothly and quietly. It is so silent that I can watch a movie on the IPad at low volume without earbuds but not wake anyone up. I don’t have to be afraid that my workout will annoy other people any more thanks to M5i Strider Elliptical Machine.

But, its price is the big drawback to this machine.

If you don’t have a generous budget, I still have some other choices for you. Keep reading to find out more!

M3i Total Body Trainer

M3i Total Body Trainer

M3i Total Body Trainer uses the same smooth magnetic with the M5i Strider Elliptical Machine.

With this machine, you can have a complete body training program. You can do the workout with both your upper and lower body simultaneously. If you are into exercising your upper body, rest your feet and work with its moving armbar!

M3i is almost noiseless in operation. Thanks to the durable design, M3i Total Body Trainer is maintenance-free. Also, If you want to install it at home, you can do it yourself without needing anyone’s help because M3i is very easy to assemble!

Furthermore, when you train with M3i Total Body Trainer, you will feel at ease due to a large and comfortable saddle.

M3 Indoor Bike

M3 Indoor Bike

My first impression on M3 Indoor Bike is that it is very silent, smooth, and durable to use. I am at ease whenever I train with it.

M3 Indoor Bike is provided with magnetic resistance, as well. Thanks to it, I can find my motivation for riding. I feel like I’m riding up a hill all the time I do the workout with this fitness equipment from the Keiser brands.

If you have children or live with your seniors, you don’t have to worry that your workout will annoy your family. Your breathing is even louder than what the bike will make in terms of noise.

With the computer of this M3 indoor bike, you can easily follow your training result. Your average of wattage, power, as well as, your calories will be presented through that computer’s screen.

All in all, M3 Indoor Bike is worth your money. Less highly recommend this gym equipment for your home or gym.

The last words

Above are six leading exercise equipment from Keiser that are specially intended for HIIT and LISS cardio.

They are what I have learned from a long time going to the gym. Some I researched on my own, but some I asked from my PT. I hope you can purchase your suitable equipment with help from my article.

If you think my information is useful, please like/ comment/ and share it with your family or anyone that may need it. Thank you for reading.

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