LearningHow to Do A Handstand in Yoga and Its Benefits

LearningHow to Do A Handstand in Yoga and Its Benefits

Yoga is one of the best ways to become limber and flexible. There are tons of advantages to doing yoga which include relaxing you, improving strength and balance, pain relief such as back pain, helps towards arthritis, heart health to name a few.With each pose, and there are many, comes the added advantage of helping you with some part of the mind and body, and with each pose you get better at it, incorporating a new and improvised version of each. Handstand pose in Yoga is not a complicated activity however some people are intimidated by it because they may have seen all the different poses being done and feel like they could ever do it.

The quickest solution to getting over this fear or intimidation is to think about all the benefits it provides and the fact that those people in front of you are doing it, so, you can too. Even older people can do and children of all ages. It is a safe and controlled way of getting exercise and enhancing the physical and mental being inside of you.

The benefits even extend to those who suffer from non-physical conditions such as insomnia, it helps you sleep better, and lethargy because it helps give you more energy put you in a positive mood mentally, so you show it outside too.

What is A Yoga Handstand and How to Do It

While we are on the topic of poses, one of the basic ones that everyone should learn when enrolling in a yoga class is the -handstand. According to this website, a handstand is done when the individual balances on their hands, an inverted version of standing.

To attempt it you begin with one of the famous stances known as the ‘downward-facing pose’, which involves bending down as if you are touching your toes with the tips of your gingers, after which, you walk towards the hands until your torso is almost vertical. When you have the right balance, you kick your feet up into the air.

Those who have strong arms, and a firm core can do this much easier than those who don’t, but doing yoga will get you those abs and muscles on your forearms without a doubt. The body will extend upwards as you try and balance yourself in the air and try not to fall over, in the case you do, you just kick your feet up in the air again.

This yoga handstand pose is also known as the ‘adhomukhavrksasana’ in Sanskrit, the language that yoga was originated from decades ago in India.

adhomukhavrksasana’ in Sanskrit

Benefits of The Yoga Handstand Pose

As mentioned, there is an assortment of benefits with doing this practice, some of the main ones arementioned below:

  • Strengthens the hands and wrists and keeps them flexible
  • Improves your balance and posture
  • Strengthens both the spine and your bones
  • It aids in your digestionPromotes core strength
  • Improves circulation throughout the body and mind
  • Stimulates and improves the lung function
  • Improves heart health

However, it is not recommended to eat for a few hours before doing it. You can drink liquid drinks such as natural juices and water while practicing any postures. Learning how to do it will take time and practice if you have never done it before, and visit this website https://howtohandstand.com/yoga-handstand/ for some tips for you on how to do it efficientlybesides all the above advantages, it can also help with outer benefits such as helping people become more confident and stress less and put you in a better mood overall.

balasana’ or child pose

Once you have achieved it, and start doing it regularly, you should follow it up with the resting posture, which is called ‘balasana’ or child pose, done by sitting on your hind legs as if you are kneeling, and sitting on your heels, then rest your palms on your thighs and bend forward till your head reaches the floor in front of it, relax and sit this way for at least a few minutes. It will also help you stretch your back.

The best way to gain more confidence when practicing it is by using a wall as a support to lean on for the first few times, then later on trying it without any support.You will be an expert within no time and impress all your friends and family members and maybe even encourage them to start practicing it themselves.


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