Liforme Yoga Mat Review: A Revolutionary Mat 2020

Liforme Yoga Mat Review

More and more people are taking up yoga to stay healthy. But at the same time, a lot gave up quickly after a few tries. And you know what? How long you can go on with yoga mostly depends on the exercise mat that you use.

There is a large number of different gym mats available on the market. So, how to choose the best one that can deal with your problem?

If you are struggling in putting your hands and feet in the right place, a Liforme yoga mat is an ideal choice.

Yoga will be no longer so complicated when you have a Liforme fitness mat.

About Liforme

First of all, let’s find out what is special about this brand that makes us highly recommend it to you.

The Revolutionary Idea

The best thing is that Liforme fitness mats are designed by yogis, for yogis. And it’s evident that no one can understand yogis better than other yogis.

All things started 15 years ago, when the CEO of Liforme – James Armitage, came up with revolutionary thought. James himself had been a diligent yogi for a long time.

He noticed that lots of asana teachers often give different alignment cues. These cues direct the positioning of hands, feet, and other body parts in a specific place on the mat.

Then, he realized that it would be better if there were some markers on the mat so that people can position themselves. And that’s how Liforme mat came about.

The unique markers on Liforme mat for positioning

It took James and his team lots of time and effort to complete the Liforme. But eventually, they created the innovative exercise mat which fits people’s needs perfectly.

Contributions to the community

It’s not usual to come across such an admirable public consciousness from an exercise mat producer like Liforme. What are they doing for the world?

Environmental Conservation

Liforme highly supports Friends of the Earth, an international community that focuses on the protection of the natural world and the wellbeing of every species in it.

As a part of its dedication, Liforme produces the Purple Earth Mat in a naturalistic hue and donates 5% of the mat’s sale to Friends of the Earth.

Liforme’s Purple Earth Mat

Animal Welfare

Liforme also concerns about the life of animals in the world. And, to help them, Liforme extracts 5% from every sale of the Zodiac Animal Yoga Mats to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA).

Liforme’s Zodiac Animal Mat

Social Justice

Besides, Liforme also developed an official partnership to Yoga Gives Back, a non-profit organization that is trying to reduce poverty in India. To support them, Liforme is raising funds for their projects. If you also want to make some contribution, you can join its onemillionyogis campaign.

Shopping Guide

Liforme offers a wide range of different yoga mats. So, which is the perfect one for you? First, you should choose your alignment system.

AlignForMe System

This alignment system is suitable for beginners who know little about positioning. On the mats, you can find different markers that guide your posture in every yoga exercise.

For this type of alignment system, Liforme provides two series of yoga mats: Liforme Mat and Liforme Travel Mat. The original Liforme Mat is ideal for use at home or in the studio. And if you want to go around, you may need the Liforme Travel Mat.

AlignForMe EVOLVE System

For those who don’t need too many markers on the mat and prefer something more straightforward, Liforme suggests this evolved version of alignment. And you can find this version on the Liforme Evolve Mat.


What materials are the Liforme mats made from?

Liforme uses a high-quality rubber base and eco-polyurethane to make its mats. These materials are biodegradable, eco-friendly, and non-toxic.

Is there a warranty on Liforme products?

Unfortunately, Liforme doesn’t offer any warranty because it produces mats using sustainable manufacturing processes which are too costly to include a warranty in it.

How do I clean my mat?

You can clean your Liforme mat using dish soap, lemon juice, or white vinegar. Gently wipe the mat with a non-abrasive damp sponge. Then, let it dry. And remember not to leave the mat under the sun for long periods.

How should I store my mat?

After the mat is dry, roll it up with the top (the colored side) on the outside. In this way, the mat will always lay flat during uses. Besides, you shouldn’t fold your mat as it can leave visible creases.

Liforme Yoga Mat Review

The Bright Side


The Liforme’s alignment marker system is a unique feature that you are not likely to find in other mats. Another fantastic thing is that the Liforme mats come in different colors so that yogis can personalize their mats.

Also, Liforme mats are longer, wider, and reasonably thicker than other mats which provide more comfort during uses.


All materials for making Liforme mats are environmental-friendly. So, you don’t have to worry about harming our planet while doing yoga. Also, the mats don’t contain any toxic elements to human bodies and other species.

Slip Resistance

Liforme mats can incredibly stay grippy, even in sweating condition. When using the mats, you won’t be likely to slip around. Liforme is proud to have the grippiest yoga mat material currently available on Earth.


Liforme doesn’t provide any warranty for its mats, but instead, the mats are impressively durable. Liforme mats can stay brand new after a considerable time of use.

Some Drawbacks


The cost of the Liforme mats is not a favorable thing. You can easily find a cheaper mat, but of course, its quality will not be as high as a Liforme one.

Rubber Smell

Liforme mats are made from natural rubber which is eco-friendly but also produces an unpleasant smell. But don’t worry, this smell will soon disappear when you leave it to air out for a while.

Best-Selling Liforme Exercise Mat Review

As an example of the outstanding Liforme yoga mats, we will introduce to you the best-selling product of the brand: the Original Liforme Yoga Mat.

How good is this mat? It is an excellent combination of all the advantages of Liforme fitness mats. The mat is amazingly grippy, eco-friendly, and equipped with a complete alignment system.

The more exciting thing is that this Liforme mat even fits for those who are as tall as Michael Jordan. The mat is 72.8 inches long, 26.8 inches wide, and 0.16 inches thick, providing extra space and cushion while staying lightweight.

What you may not like about this mat is that the surface becomes ruddy when dirty. A simple solution is to clean it regularly after every 3-5 uses.

Overall, this Original Liforme Gym Mat is a perfect option to freely do yoga in your apartment without bumping into the furniture. Want to buy it? Click here.


  • Durable
  • Prevent slipping
  • Include a Liforme mat bag


  • Rubber smell
  • Costly

Liforme Vs. Manduka

Liforme along with Manduka are the two leaders of yoga mats. It’s hard to say which one is better. But we have listed some remarkable advantages of each brand over the other so that you can easily decide which fits you best.

What does Manduka do better?

Manduka not only produces a fantastic eco-friendly yoga mat but also promotes a community ethos. When buying it, you will have numerous chances to do more than just yoga. That’s very kind of Manduka!

Besides, Manduka surely has considerably good quality without using plastic. The mat also offers more comfort to your knee and joints when practicing. And although it’s not very durable, Manduka provides an excellent lifetime guarantee to fix that.

What does Liforme do better?

Liforme doesn’t pay as much attention to eco-friendliness as Manduka. Instead, it focuses on helping you perfect your yoga poses with the superior alignment markers.

The best thing is the Liforme mat’s incredible gripping makes it harder to slip and slide all over the place while using. Also, the mat can last for a very long time so you may not need a warranty for it.

In Conclusion

Whether you are beginners or experts in yoga, Liforme knows what is best for you. The unique alignment system of Liforme enables you to perform from the easiest to the hardest yoga poses.

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