Is There a Link between Myocarditis and COVID Vaccines in Teenager

Is There a Link between Myocarditis and COVID Vaccines in Teenager

The US declared that teenagersOhio State Team Jersey Florida state seminars jerseys College Football Jerseys Florida state seminars jerseys micah parsons jersey custom football jerseys Ohio State Team Jersey brock bowers jersey Florida state seminars jerseys 49ers jersey Florida state seminars jerseys 49ers jersey custom football jerseys 49ers jersey OSU Jerseys over 12 years of age can now get the COVID vaccine. The news declared one month back. Millions of children received vaccines ever since. However, a growing number of Myocarditis cases concerns healthcare professionals. As per reports, there might be a link between Myocarditis and COVID Vaccines.

As per US healthcare, only Pfizer vaccines allocated for children. The reports of the vaccine in teenagers are positive. They have been facing body aches, fever, and other flu-like symptoms.

The US vaccinates everyone aged 12 and above

CDC advised everyone above 12 must get their vaccine shots. The US followed up with the suggestion for the past month. CDC has recorded that since last week 7 million adolescents from 12 to 17 years of age have been vaccinated.

Despite all the positive reports, federal agencies reported children experiencing chest pains after vaccination. Other symptoms of myocarditis observed in adolescents since the Food and Drug Administration sanctioned the vaccine. Fortunately, only a limited percentage of people experienced the condition.

Is Myocarditis more common in children?

On June 23, CDC reported that their studies found over 300 cases of Myocarditis in adolescents after vaccination.

Even adults reported experiencing symptoms due to the Pfizer vaccination. Myocarditis symptoms can lead to unnatural blood tests and ECG results.

Myocarditis is usually not that common. But the rate in young people and adults is higher than adults. However, CDC still believes that this is not a substantial reason for adolescents not to vaccinate shots.

If a  person faces Myocarditis symptoms post the 1st dose of the Pfizer vaccine, then they must not take the 2nd dose until complete recovery.

This has become a matter of concern for parents. However, Pediatrics from the American Academy say that this is not a matter of concern.

Medical professionals believe that it is a good thing that the trace was found. If a person reports symptoms of Myocarditis, they can cure it within one week of detection.

Despite it being a curable issue, CDC will note the number of cases and the severity. The majority of people who received treatment for their Myocarditis symptoms displayed a full recovery rate at a steady pace.

Medical professionals believe that COVID-19 health risks exceed the risks posed by Myocarditis. Therefore, CDC recommends taking the vaccine shot instead of risking COVID fatalities.

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What is Myocarditis?

Myocarditis is a type of Cardiac muscle inflammation. The swelling of a particular sac surrounding the heart is Pericarditis.

Myocarditis occurred before the pandemic, as it is a condition where the body tries to fight infection. Coronavirus triggers Myocarditis, just like other infections.

HIV, cold viruses, strep, and staph trigger Myocarditis as well. Moreover, allergies and toxins trigger Myocarditis.

Symptoms of Myocarditis involve difficulty breathing, chest aches. People often overlook mild symptoms. However, a more severe case of Myocarditis causes heart failure and arrhythmias. The treatment for such cases requires rest and medications.

A journal called Pediatrics published that several cases of Myocarditis lost vaccination got cured with regular treatment and anti-swelling drugs.

A representative of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Feinberg School of Medicine of the Northwestern University stated that Myocarditis symptoms post-vaccination is not a cause of worry. This is because the symptoms have been mild and easily curable. The spokesperson’s name was Stuart Berger.

The link between Myocarditis and COVID Vaccines

VAERS have observed multiple cases of Myocarditis. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System allows patients and medical professionals to report adverse health conditions after vaccination. Several reported events were accidental in nature and occurred by chance.

Geoff Brumfiel from NPR states that a large mass of the population has been vaccinated in a short span. Thus, the instances of this condition reported can look intimidating.

Medical professionals in their interviews and their report to VAERS have stated that the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines have increased the chances of heart inflammation in the younger generation. According to a 2003 report made by The New England Journal of Medicine, there were 1.13 instances of Myocarditis in every 100,000 young children annually.

Professor Paul Offit from Philadelphia Children’s Hospital said there might be a causal tie between Myocarditis and the 2nd dose of COVID vaccine in adolescents. However, defending the usage of COVID vaccines, the professor said that that percentage stands low.

Statistically, he said one in every 50,000 people (aged 16-39) could face the peril of Myocarditis. However, these symptoms were mild and curable when attended to immediately.

The CDC reported instances of Myocarditis even in the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. However, these numbers were less compared to the numbers given by Pfizer and Moderna vaccines of COVID.

The federal US health agency assured that people facing Myocarditis have dealt with an easy recovery and have been doing well. No deaths have been recorded so far. Only nine people have been recorded to be retained at hospitals due to a severe case of Myocarditis. However, 300 people have gone through a speedy recovery and have been sent home.

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Should teenage vaccine drive pause due to Myocarditis?

No, it is not a good idea to hit a pause on teenagers for vaccination.

In a stadium of a hundred thousand people from the age of 16 to 39, only two of 100,000 might experience Myocarditis post-vaccination. However, if these 100,000 people deny the vaccine then about 1300 of them would catch coronavirus. Those numbers would increase and would not be containable.

Professor Offit says that one out of every 1000 children has developed the multisystem inflammatory syndrome. These children have later developed Myocarditis. Along with these statistics, coronavirus vaccines have increased the number of Myocarditis which has added to the statistics.

The professor goes on to express that avoiding the coronavirus vaccine does not guarantee that the child would never develop Myocarditis in his life. Instead avoiding the vaccine leads the teenager to undergo a fatal risk and land with COVID, which will have serious repercussions.

Are medical experts comfortable with vaccinating their own children?

Dr. Judith Guzman-Cottrill is a professor of the University of Oregon Health and Science. She disclosed to the Pediatrics journal that she and her fellow workers witnessed seven young boys develop heart inflammation within four days of getting vaccinated.

Dr. Judith shared that despite this incident, she asked her 13-year-old child to take a vaccine against COVID.

She confesses that she and her colleagues believe there may be a link between Myocarditis and COVID Vaccines. However, scientific establishment of such links await. Dr. Judith coveys that despite multiple shots of the vaccine, serious side effects severity in adolescents not observed. She conveys that there is no evidence of emergency units being full of children complaining of heartaches.

She shared in her interview that she witnessed multiple unvaccinated children struggling with respiratory failure and pneumonia after catching COVID. Some unvaccinated children experienced Myocarditis after COVID. These experiences made her get her young daughter vaccinated with urgency.

Dr. Judith expresses that the main concern is to combat coronavirus globally. Schools wished to see healthy children back in full capacity in the classrooms post-pandemic. Therefore, vaccination is a must.


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