Marketing Ideas For Aspiring Personal Trainers


Have you recently started a personal training business? If so, you should undoubtedly invest in effective marketing strategies. The pandemic has hit these businesses rather hard.  visit here

Every business of this kind is supposed to improve its marketing efforts by offering free trials, using discounts, brand promotion, personal branding, etc. These marketing ideas are excellent not just for beginners but for experienced personal trainers too. Unless a trainer promotes his/her services, not many people will come across them. 

We hope the following ideas help you promote your personal training business. 

Offer free trials

An effective marketing idea to try as a fitness trainer is offering free trials. When building a clientele, free trials have the potential to make a huge difference. Your skills as a fitness coach might be remarkable, but people will never get a chance to test your abilities unless they get a taste of what you’re offering. Find out how to convert a trial customer to a paying customer.

Free trials enable prospects to experience your personal trainer services without expecting anything in return. The details provided by prospects will help you to segment them. For instance, those who are showing an interest in your classes are classified as warm leads. Additionally, free trials allow personal trainers to ask for the email addresses and phone numbers of people, which can be used later on to retarget them. 

The free trial allows businesses to show customers what they are actually missing out on. The real challenge for personal trainers who are new in this business isn’t just offering a free trial but finding the leads who take an interest in taking the trial. 

Use the right discounting

Another marketing idea for aspiring personal trainers is using discounts at the right time. Some fitness coaches believe that offering discounts on their programs would result in losing money. Nevertheless, discounting is a wise step if trying to drive your sales up. When deciding to offer discounts, the right timing is of crucial importance for its effectiveness. 

For instance, you can reduce the prices of the class slots that aren’t fulfilled due to odd hours. People who hesitated whether to purchase your classes earlier might be now encouraged to do so. They will pay for the classes at a discounted price, while your free slots will be utilized. A smart move to make would be setting up seasonal discounts and stating the date when the period of discount ends. 

By setting an end date, more prospects will be urged to purchase your classes. Selecting the peak times of the year helps as well, as individuals are likelier to purchase fitness services then. For example, January is a fine month for offering discounts, as starting a fitness program is part of the New Year’s resolutions for many people. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t exaggerate with the discounts, as prospects might not consider your services valuable enough to pay for them. 

Use brand promotion

Another method for marketing your personal training business is by using brand promotion. By making strategic partnerships with complementary businesses, a component of your services will integrate with a component of their services/products. Such a partner will help you convert more leads into customers by offering their services for free or at a discounted price. 

The first thing on your brand promotion agenda is to find a relevant business to team up with, such as a local spa or chiropractor’s clinic. Hence, whenever a person purchases a massage package, you can provide them with a free training session. On a similar note, when a person signs up for a fitness program, your partner can offer him/her a free massage. Hosting events together can be even more beneficial for the promotion of your training programs. 

Define your perfect client

Probably an obvious but still an essential marketing method to promote your personal training business is defining your ideal client. Personal trainers can find many SEO consultants here in Chicago with a proven track record of SEO success. These professionals can help you define your target audience. Determining your target audience is a must when hoping for business growth. 

Naturally, your audience will depend on your local surroundings. While identifying the ideal client, you should determine their age range, gender, level of fitness, hobbies, interests, etc. Make sure you determine whether your audience consists of professionals, students, retired people, or stay-at-home parents. Once you have provided an answer to each of these questions, you can build the profile of your ideal client. 

By building the profile of your ideal client, you can come up with a better way to offer your services. For instance, if most of your target clients work regular hours, you should adjust the training session you offer to weekend and weekday evenings. 

Consider personal branding

Personal branding is another marketing tactic to try when promoting your personal training business. You should market yourself as a skilled fitness trainer by building an emotional connection with your audience. 

You should share transformation photos on social media after acquiring the permission of clients. Why not train some influencers and ask them to showcase their progress on social media. This action will definitely earn you the desired credibility. 

A final note

It’s never too late to start promoting your fitness trainer services. 

Free trials, discounts, brand promotions, personal branding, you name it. 

The marketing opportunities are indeed endless!


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