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Elevator shoes are height increasing shoes that are designed to make you apear taller. Ever wondered how reliable elevator shoes are, and if they can truly increase your height or not? Well, they do. Elevator shoes are made with shoe lifts, also known as insole. The insoles are found under the heels which make the wearer appear tall. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are efficient in providing extra height, very comfortable and highly trendy for people who love to wear them.

Many customers have expressed satisfaction on how confident they feel when wearing these elevator shoes. A visibly elated gentleman who always had to deal with his height insecurities, because his bride to be is a few inches taller than him could not hide the happiness he felt on his wedding day when he was able to stand shoulder tall with her when it was time to kiss the bride.

He explained that, it would have been awkward at that moment, especially when the presiding priest would say “you may now kiss the bride “. He thought of how he was going to struggle, trying to stretch himself so his lips can meet with hers. He was able to prevent that because he wore a pair of elevator shoes which did the trick.

When in doubt if elevator shoes work or not, you may have to think through it because, it has been proven that over the years, elevator shoes played an important role in the fashion industry, by helping people with height insecurities to become more confident and relaxed about their appearance.

What does wearing elevator shoes do for you?

As we earlier said, wearing a pair of elevator shoes made with high quality materials, impacts the wearer positively in lots of ways. We shall examine the importance of wearing Elevator shoes, which include the following

  • Elevator shoes enable you to make eye contact

People are able to notice your facial expressions when having a conversation with them, especially when you guys are of same height, or you look taller. When you appear tall and make strong eye contact, it gives you a commanding presence, which most men desire. Wait no further. Order for a brand new pair of GuidoMaggi elevator shoes and get that feeling of commanding presence wherever you go.

  • Elevator shoes improve your posture

Most times, people are confronted with issues of poor posture.  Research has shown that the major cause of knee pain and lower back pain is as a result of poor posture. People having osteoarthritis have a history of poor posture. When you wear elevator shoes it makes your shoulder stand tall while gradually improving your posture

  • It adds style to your dressing

Elevator shoes do not only increase your e, they also give your appearance an extra touch of class. There are different forms of elevator shoes which suits various occasions. They make you look very classy and stunning

  • Comfort

Nothing beats the feeling of wearing a shoe that makes you very comfortable.  Because these shoes are elevated, a lot of people have the notion that they may be difficult and quite challenging to walk with, thereby making you loose balance and fall.

However, it is not so with GuidoMaggi elevator shoe brand. You will not feel awkward the first time wearing elevator shoes because elevator shoes are designed to give your feet the right balance thereby making you feel very comfortable.

The benefits of wearing an elevator shoe are numerous; therefore you don’t need to doubt its effectiveness because they have proved to be efficient in providing extra height, style, safety and comfort.

GuidoMaggi has different varieties of elevator shoes which can be worn for several engagement purposes. The elevator shoes are in loafers, dress shoes and sneakers which are worn by men, depending on the occasion.

GuidoMaggi also produces high quality elevator shoes for ladies ranging from ankle and thigh-high boots to sneakers

You can shop for elevator shoes online directly without stress. Knowing your right elevator shoe size is not a problem because you can use the same size of your regular shoes.


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