Top 4 Nautilus Fitness Equipment To Build A Perfect Home Gym

Nautilus fitness equipment

Choosing a suitable fitness gear is as vital as the workout session itself. In case you are wondering where to purchase a reliable piece of workout tool, let’s consider Nautilus.

Nautilus is an established name in the fitness industry. With a history going back to the 1950s, Nautilus deserves to be among the best when it comes to fitness equipment. The brand covers a wide range of products, but it mainly focuses on cardio machines.

In the article today, let’s have a look at the top Nautilus fitness equipment!

Nautilus fitness equipment Review

1. Upright bikes

Upright bikes

First off, let’s have a look at the upright bikes from Nautilus.

Currently, Nautilus features three models of upright bikes, including U628, U626, and U624. A U624 is the oldest version of Nautilus upright bikes, while the U628 is the most updated.

With a price range from $250 to $750, Nautilus is an ideal choice for those of you seeking an affordable yet sturdy exercise bike at home. So what are some exciting features that all Nautilus upright bikes share?

We cannot fail to mention the DualTrack LCD screen, which monitors the whole workout progress by recording the distance, the heart rate, or the calories burned. In other words, it can provide the rider with access to the visual instructions on their workout programs.

There are other delicate details shared by Nautilus upright bikes such as their adjustable handlebars or the Nautilus Trainer 2 App. Nautilus has strived to create the most convenient workout experience for their users when they insert the large cushion for seating, as well as the deluxe pedals for the sake of the feet’s comfort.

Overall, Nautilus is a technologically advanced machine cut out for high-intensity cardio exercises like HIIT cardio. With its wide range of practices available, the user can mix up the workout exercises and figure out the best way to burn their calories while running on Nautilus upright bikes!

2. Recumbent bikes

Another line of products provided by Nautilus is recumbent bikes. They are a slight diversion from the traditional upright bikes, so let’s study them together!

Similar to its counterpart, Nautilus recumbent bikes include three models named R628, R626, and R624. Due to the complexity of the design, their price range is a little bit higher, approximately from $350 to roughly $900.

Recumbent bikes are a healthier option for those wishing to get fit but do not have the stamina to sweat endlessly on an upright bike. Nautilus recumbent bikes pride themselves on the oversized seat cushion, guaranteeing to bring the most comfort to the customers.

What is more, Nautilus continues to integrate technology into its products through the use of heart monitor sensors, a dual LCD screen as well as the Nautilus Trainer 2 App. This way, the user is promised to make the most use out of their workout gear.

Nautilus recumbent bikes are designed for the low-intensity workout. Therefore, if you are looking for a machine accommodating your LISS cardio, Nautilus recumbent bike is a reasonable choice.

3. Treadmills

Next up, LessConf has the Nautilus treadmills. So why do they deserve a place on the list of the top Nautilus exercise equipment?

If you are familiar with working out, you may know that treadmills are the best option for LISS cardio. When you are still new to rigorous physical exertion, it is better for you to train your body day by day with LISS cardio on a treadmill.

That is the reason why Nautilus introduces their three models: T628, T626, and T624. They aim to make sure that everyone investing in their health can get the most suitable product. The upright bikes are for high-capacity workout sessions, and then you can chill down on a treadmill!

On a side note, it is worth noticing that Nautilus treadmills are at a much higher price than other brands, varying from $1000 to $1600. However, this amount of money is quite a sustainable investment considering that a Nautilus treadmill – if used properly – can last for decades.

Nautilus treadmills include a variety of workout programs that fit the needs of both beginner and professional gymnasts. Your home gym will benefit a lot from having a Nautilus treadmill.

Nautilus treadmills value the safety and comfort of their customers, which is why they install a roomy running area and a reliable tread belt called Strike ZoneT Cushioning. While you are on motion, Nautilus guarantees a risk-free workout session, providing you follow precisely the safety warnings of the product.

And do not forget the tablet holder, where you can rest your digital machine on and enjoy some entertainment while sweating! Nautilus has never failed to please its customers with such meticulous attention to details.

4. Ellipticals


Last but not least, we have the Nautilus ellipticals on the list of the top Nautilus gym equipment. What are they and how can they help you with your body workout?

With three versions called E628, E626, and E624 respectively, Nautilus has endlessly improved its products. With a price range going from $550 to $1400, Nautilus ellipticals are what you need if you are looking forward to working out from home.

Ellipticals are not for high capacity workout programs like HIIT cardio, but rather steady exercises that increase the overall fitness such as LISS cardio.

Therefore, Nautilus has tried its best to make these ellipticals a user-friendly machine by its Suspension AdjustT Performance Cushioning. Nothing matters as much as the rider’s safety and comfort!

Furthermore, Nautilus continues to strengthen its technology by installing a console and a DualTrackT screen, where the vital figures of a person’s workout progress will be visually displayed. The user can access and customize their exercises based on the data given.

There are other features that highlight the beauty of Nautilus ellipticals. You can hydrate yourself quickly with a bottle placed on the bottle holder, or feel free to enjoy a thrilling music video by placing your tablet on the media holder. To put yourself at ease, Nautilus has incorporated a cooling fan at three different speeds so that you will not feel stuffy and sticky.

In Conclusion

Nautilus – with its dedication to each product – has proven to be a household name for gym-addicts. If you are still hesitant about it, why not disperse your doubt by reading about the top Nautilus exercise equipment?

In case you think our article has come into handy, please feel free to spread it around with your friends and families. It is 2019 and sharing is loving!


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