New COVID Symptoms Are Showing in Young Adults as per Doctors

New COVID Symptoms Are Showing in Young Adults as per Doctors

According to the statistics in several states, there is a rise in new COVID symptoms, especially in 20-40 years. Moreover, doctors are stating that these are symptoms that are beyond their understanding. Dr. William Schaffner mentions how the infection rate in young adults is increasing gradually. Plus, there are a lot more hospital admissions too. Dr. Schaffner is a professor of infectious Disease study at Vanderbilt University.

The majority of such cases occur in places like Nashville, where the age range of maximum patients is between 25 and 34. According to Dr. Alex Jahangir, the patients he is attending lately are talking about some strange symptoms that are very new to everyone. Dr. Jahangir plays a pivotal part in the Coronavirus Task Fork of Metro Nashville.

The new COVID symptoms seem to have to direct remedy

Strangely, earlier fever was the most common symptom of COVID patients. However, the new hospital admissions are reporting no fever at all. According to Dr. Schaffner, the range of COVID-19 symptoms seems to keep on expanding. As a result, the younger generation is becoming more cautious and reporting to the hospital for any difficulty.

Presently, one of the significant symptoms that are coming up is terrible abdominal pain. The other more common symptoms are nausea, severe headache, loss of smell and taste, and diarrhea.

The Nashville clinics are all reporting unending calls from young adults who are suffering from terrible migraines. This is one of the new COVID symptoms that was never seen before. Unfortunately, experts are still trying to figure out if there is a medication available to treat such new symptoms. Dr. Schaffner also says that COVID is capable of causing a variety of damages- mild, massive, or medium. Massive is when someone feels so sick that hospital treatment looks like the best option.

The best idea now is self-vigilance. So, you must pay attention to all symptoms and self-isolate if you feel it is necessary. After a few days, if you see no remarkable improvement, then go for a proper test. As a result, the virus will become evident through your swab sample. Otherwise, take Tylenol and drink enough water to stay better.


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