PDF Documents: Handling Them With GogoPDF Functions


If you can handle everything easily, then your life will be more comfortable. In the case of handing PDF files, if you know what tools or features to use, then you can avoid the stress and hassle of managing multiple PDF files. In this guide, the essential tools of GogoPDF are provided for your future reference and use.  So here are the best and straightforward functions from GogoPDF.

PDF Merge

Scattered and messy files are disturbing, especially if it will be hard for you to find a particular file that you may need the next time. It will also cause a slowdown to your system software if you have so many unused files on your computer. You have the option to delete the files, but it’s risky because you might eventually need it in the future. Having to organize your files is easy, but a trusted tool that can make your life easier is hard to find.

With the PDF Merge tool, your life will be more comfortable and organize. GogoPDF has an efficient tool that will merge two or more PDF files and turn them into a single PDF document. The process will be fast and straightforward, and so you don’t have to worry if it will take longer to finish. That being said, here are detailed steps to Merge all PDF files:

  1. Get the PDF files from your device to combine it into a PDF file.
  2. The software will start the process of merging the files.
  3. Wait while GogoPDF is incorporating your file accurately and adequately.
  4. At this point, your file is complete and ready for download.


Making presentations for school or work is expected and part of our lives. Creating your presentation will be easier if you use the right program. Sharing your PPT file through an email is almost impossible, but if you convert it into a PDF document, you won’t experience any problem at all. With this handy function, you can convert your PPT documents into PDF in a snap of your fingers.

Make your PPT files easy to showcase and convert them into PDF documents. PDFs are more accurate, and the quality is excellent. Choose the PPT slides that you need to convert. Get them from your desktop or drag them in the converting bar. After the process, download the PDF file and save it. So here’s the step by step method in converting your PPT file:

  1. Get the PPT slides from any of your devices and drag them in the website’s conversion bar.
  2. The function will begin to scan, extract, and convert the file.
  3. Wait for the conversion process.
  4. Share the document to any social media services websites or download it to your desktop.

JPG to PDF by GogoPDF 

This conversion tool of GogoPDF will help its users to organize the images neatly in their library. This website-based software can combine tons of pictures into one document, which automatically scales, optimizes, and rotates photos while maintaining the document’s quality as the original one.

To transform the conversion process into a more convenient and fast, the convert tool will allow you to perform the drag and drop method and add and turn documents in a few clicks. Avoid any stress if you have many image files in your system and start using this converter today. So here’s how you can easily convert JPG images into PDFs:

  1. Choose any JPG document from your computer or bring it to the conversion box.
  2. Choose the result format from the website’s options. Begin the process.
  3. The process is done soon.
  4. Start downloading the converted document to your PC. You can also copy its link and share it with others.

Takeaway of GogoPDF 

If you are working and you need to merge or convert your PDFs files on the go, GogoPDF should be the first service on your mind. This online platform can easily merge tons of PDF files into one PDF document. Besides that, converting different documents into PDF files and vice versa is relatively easy.


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