PDF Tools: Converters That You Can Use to Convert Your PDFs

PDF Tools

People commonly use PDF files in business, school, offices, or even for personal purposes. It is also a file format capable of efficiently storing, sending, and receiving information with no problem. To efficiently handle their PDFs, people use converters to turn their documents into PDFs Tools.

If you don’t know what to choose, use a reliable and efficient conversion tool to convert your files in seconds quickly. This article will also provide a list of the best converters that you can easily access. With that, here are the best converters that you can use to convert your PDFs.

PDF Bear tools

With multiple PDF tools that you can access on the internet, PDF Bear is the one that stands out in handling PDF files. This software can convert your files for free without compromising their quality. You can use PDF Bear to convert file formats such as HTML, Excel, PPT, Word, or JPG to PDF without a hassle. Users can also convert their PDF files to those mentioned file formats.

If you use PDF Bear, you can also use it to compress, merge, unlock, protect, split, or even rotate your PDFs easily. Each of its tools will give you a simple guide, and performing them can be done within a minute. If you are concerned about your files’ security, don’t worry because the system will erase everything you upload after an hour.

GorillaPDF Tools

There are free PDF converters that you can find on the internet but will limit your daily conversion, and that’s not handy and convenient. The best possible method to avoid that is to search for a new conversion tool because, most of the time, those tools will start free, and GorillaPDF is the best example of that. 

It’s the latest online service that offers an excellent service for your PDFs. There are no installs, downloads, or logins required, you only need to open your documents in this software, and you can start the conversion process. The truth is, GorillaPDF’s popularity is rising, and it’s making its way to become among those reliable PDF converting tools. Currently, there are eight feature services: PNG, JPG, Word, Excel, TXT, PPT to PDF files. Also, it features the Unlock and Password Protect for your PDFs.


If you want a PDF converter that can do almost everything, you should start using hiPDF. It is considered as among the best conversion tools that you can find online. HiPDF has a user-friendly interface and other handy tools that users can access to convert their files conveniently and straightforwardly.

The primary feature that this PDF conversion tool can offer is the conversion of any documents to a PDF and vice versa. It can convert Excel, PPT, TXT, Word, and images to a PDF file or the other way around. Also, users can convert scanned and printed documents into PDF files that you can edit later using the OCR technology.


PDF tools are essential to everyone because it’s what we use to handle our PDF files. The tools mentioned in this article are handy and useful in converting different file formats into PDF formats. If you want to use the best, we recommend that you start exploring PDF Bear. Aside from its merger, you can also use it to compress, merge, protect, unlock, split, add watermarks, and even rotate your PDF files. It’s safe and secure to use because it ensures that your documents will stay restricted and private.


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