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planet fitness gym equipment

Planet Fitness is a US operator and franchisor of fitness centers situated in Hampton, New Hampshire. It has 1,742 clubs located not only in the US but also in Canada, Mexico, Panama, and the Dominican Republic.

Planet Fitness focuses on casual gym users and novice as the target customers and calls itself “Judgement Free Zone”. The company has been reported to be the American fastest growing fitness center franchise.

Founded by Michael and Marc Grondahl in 1992, Planet Fitness started from a gym that was struggling to compete against other brands. In 2003, the company began franchising its first gym in Florida.

Planet Fitness was listed in the top franchises of Forbes’ “Fast and Serious” list and the top 50 of the franchise of Entrepreneur magazine.

Top 5 PlatnetFitness Gym Equipment

1. Treadmill


Running or walking on a treadmill is an excellent source of workout that puts less pressure on the body compared to running or walking outdoors. You don’t need to worry about the weather, light condition, or crowded roads to start running or walking.

Treadmills bring about a lot of benefits for the human body. Firstly, treadmills help prevent coronary artery blockages, heart disease, and other cardiac issues.

Secondly, as treadmills encourage people to do workout more, it can help in controlling insulin levels that contribute greatly to preventing type 2 diabetes. Combing regular exercises with treadmills and a balanced diet is the best method to control diabetes.

20 minute-workout a day can help your liver release stored glucose and decrease the blood glucose levels. Using a treadmill daily enables you to manage the hormones which provide better sleep.

2. Elliptical Machine

The next favorite gym equipment in Planet Fitness is the elliptical machine. Using this machine for running, walking, or climbing, you will not harm your joints as you will feel like walking in midair. Therefore, the elliptical machine can reduce the strain on your legs due to an elliptical motion.

Also, no reverse action is available while using this machine. The shape of the elliptical machine’s movement looks like the way the lower body works while walking, jogging, or running.

Users can combine upper and lower body workout while using the elliptical machine. This machine offers a myriad of muscle group exercises. You can train back, biceps, chest, hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps, and triceps.

To make the most of the dual workout, you should distribute evenly and relevantly the resistance between your upper body and the lower one. Don’t make a mistake like the majority of elliptical trainers who put most of the strength on the lower body.

By stimulating that many muscles, training with the elliptical machine helps you tone better and squeezes out more calories in a specific period. Similar to a treadmill, trainers can choose a variety of challenging programs like interval training or hill climbing.

3. Stationary Bike

Indoor cycling is one of the workouts which have a low impact on your body. Movement of cycling creates minimal impact on joints of the ankle, hip, knee.

A stationary bike is a machine that can help trainers get amazing legs as they’ll stimulate the muscles of glutes, quads, and calves while pedaling on the bike.

Other sports like running, jogging can put a lot of stress on your body parts because of the impact involved. Therefore, an exercise with a stationary bike is a smart alternative to increase your heart rate without being stressed on your joints.

A study in the Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics Journal reported that: “Cycling lowers fatigue by 65% and increases energy levels by 20%.

You should adjust the saddles to the appropriate level, but don’t set it too straight or too bent as it will affect your position severely. So, the proper position on the bike is that your knee bends slightly on the down of the pedal.

Also, adopting a bike’s exercise benefits your lung and heart’s health and enhances the oxygen’s utilization in your body. Moreover, cycling can prevent high blood pressure and boost respiration function.

As the stationary bike is the indoor equipment, you can use it whenever you want. Additionally, watching your favorite TV shows, catching up on your texting with friends, reading news online, or whatever you want are possible during your cycling.

To reach the best effects, you’d better spare five days/week to ride a bike for 30 minutes/day.

4. Rower


You can have a wide range of variation of workouts with rowers. You can change between aerobic and anaerobic workouts and various sessions from a simple exercise to an advanced one.

In contrast to the elliptical machine or the stationary bike, the rower enhances the strength of the upper body. This machine can benefit your posture and reduce back pain as it trains your back and shoulders.

Besides, the rower develops stronger abs, biceps, and pecs. Your wrists and hands will be stronger as the machine requires to hold on the oars firmly.

Rowing machines have a low impact so that they will be suitable for people who have joint problems. Furthermore, these machines match the need of those who don’t resist weight-bearing workouts like hiking, running, yoga, and walking.

Similar to stationary bikes, rowers are great at preventing injuries, strengthening, and revitalizing the post-surgery knees. A proper rowing posture allows your legs to train, taking the stress away from your back.

Working out with the rowers is convenient, affordable, and easy to use as well. You can enjoy the same physical impacts from rowing without going out to row a boat on the water.

Using the indoor rowing machine, you can comfortably row in your living room. Thanks to its convenience, trainers can feel more motivated to start workout every time

5. Stair Climber

Targeting to the abdominals, glutes, hips, and thighs, a stair climber provides resistance for trainers to work out their lower body. Climbing stairs can burn fat in the lower body areas and give you tone-up legs.

Not only the stair climber helps tone up the muscles, but it also strengthens your lower back muscles and abdominals. Moreover, an exercise with the stair climber can improve bone density.

You can have a fantastic experience of a cardiovascular workout without harming your joints, your knees, and your ankles.

The significant advantage of the stair climber is that it provides a plethora of variations that inspire you to work out better. This machine is best for a circuit exercise that incorporates cardio with resistance equipment.

A workout to combine top favorite products of Planet Fitness gym equipment

With these top home equipment at Planet Fitness, you can create a mixture of HITT workouts and practice in your home or the clubs.

To warm-up, you start the workout with a running exercise on the treadmill at a moderate pace within 5 minutes. Next, you use the start climber to stimulate the lower body muscles for 1 minute.

The third workout should be bodyweight squats in just 1 minute. Then spend each minute for the elliptical machine, the stationary bike, bench press, jumping rope, rowing machine, and stair climber.

LessConf hope that you will have an exciting time training HIIT with top favorite products of Planet Fitness exercise equipment. If you like them, please show us your encouragement by sharing and commenting below.


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