Powerblock Elite Dumbbells Review: Searching For Answers


There is no doubt that Powerbocks is a very popular brand in the market and it has been making noteworthy products. These dumbbells are a perfect example. The company makes a substantial investment in research and product development and it is no wonder that they have outsold every other rival brand in the market.

If you are interested to indulge in a healthy and hit life then buy these dumbbells and get started immediately. These dumbbells are all you need to give your body a complete workout. Want to know more about these wonderful dumbbells?

Then keep reading this Powerblock elite dumbbells Review.

Noteworthy Features Of The Powerblock Elite Dumbbells
Noteworthy Features Of The Powerblock

Noteworthy Features Of The Powerblock Elite Dumbbells

  • The dimensions of the product are 6×6.25×14 inches
  • These dumbbells  can substitute for 22 different  dumbbells
  • The good thing is these have labels with color codes on them to denote different weights
  • They can be expanded to a maximum of 90 pounds  with the help of an expansion kit
  • The total weight range is from 5 to 50 pounds
  • This utilizes a sliding tray  to make adjustments to the weight
  • Overall construction of the dumbbells is very impressive and they will not wear out before time
  • The company provides a valid warranty on the product and its parts
  • Very easy to use
  • Affordable option

These are some of the features of the dumbbells that have made it a winner amongst all the other brands in the market. From the design, it is evident that the manufacturer wanted its products to stand out from the rest.

The biggest USP is that unlike other brands these dumbbells do not use a dial to tweak the weights. Instead, they feature trays that slide to make suitable adjustments to the weights.

Thanks to the features mentioned about your workouts will be very comfortable and they will get better every day. The dumbbells feature increments by 2.5 pounds which is perfect for helping you increase your strength without pushing.

The design may seem a bit bulky in the beginning but the dumbbells are quite well-balanced and feel quite natural.  These dumbbells boast of vast improvements over the other models that have been released in the market. Powerblocks is one such brand that is known to constantly update its products.

These can be used by beginners too as they are super easy to use. The sales package consists of a user manual that has clear instructions. Give the manual a super quick read and you will figure out how to make your workouts better.

What Makes The Powerblock Elite Dumbbells Desirable


The company is super confident about its products and that why the users get a warranty of ten years on the product. This is one reason why the brand is worth trusting and you should consider buying these dumbbells. These adjustable dumbbells will make your workouts a lot easier. Purchasing Powerblock Elite Dumbbells is not a bad idea at all.

Durability And Quality

The manufacturer has been in business for at least 25 years and has been making fabulous products that have stood the test of time. These dumbbells are no exception so as a customer you can be rest assured of purchasing products that are of the highest quality.

These are manufactured in the USA and use only high-quality materials. The economical and smart design makes these dumbbells really durable. The manufacturer puts the products through a series of quality checks before being sold in the market.

Superb Design

When it comes to the design the Powerblock dumbbells are undisputed leaders of the market. The design is quite interesting. The handle is located right in the center however it is surrounded by 4 other bars. These bars double up as guards for the wrist.

The bars will prevent your wrists from bending in a backward direction and minimize chances of sustaining wrist injuries. This is one feature that has made this popular over all the other brands in the market. These dumbbells will actually train your wrists to maintain proper posture while exercising.


Talking about adjustability, these dumbbells are quite easy to handle. The weighted plates are neatly arranged in a stack and are color-coded to help identify them. To use a particular weight you can utilize a U-shaped prong, this also acts as a selector pin. This pin helps the users to select the weight of their choice.

You will be happy to know that the pin acts as a magnet and prevents the plates from slipping out of place. This way the dumbbells are indeed very safe to use at all times. This another major reason for you to go out and buy this product.

The weights are distributed in 2.5 pounds increment which is great as this will help you make gradual improvements in your workouts. So you can take a couple of seconds in between your exercises and then move to a higher weight.


Unlike most other brands in the market, this is a very affordable brand; that has fabulous features. Once you buy these dumbbells you can stop depending on overpriced and flimsy products.

Space And Cost Saver

After you buy these adjustable dumbbells you will not have to invest in additional equipment and dumbbells. This also means you do not have to dedicate a huge part of your home for storage. In the process, you also end up saving quite a bit of money. Since you can exercise from the house it means you no longer have to pay heft gym fees. This is definitely good news for any user.

Full Range Of Motion

Thanks to these dumbbells you can indulge in a wide variety of exercises for your upper and lower bodies.  You can indulge in an intense workout routine from the comfort of your home. How cool is that?

What Makes The Powerblock Elite Dumbbells Not So Desirable

What Makes The Powerblock Elite Dumbbells Not So Desirable

Though this is a great product but it does have its set of problems and they are discussed below for your better understanding

Suitable For People With Small Hands

The bad news is that if you happen to be a user with really big hands you may find it difficult to use the product properly. You may find it very tedious to squeeze your hands in between those wrist guards.

Changing weights

The other problem with this that the plates often stick to each other while changing the weights. This makes the process a bit difficult and many users have complained the same.

Fragile Product

The product is not as sturdy as mentioned by the company. This cannot withstand rough use and as a user, you need to be super careful about how you choose to use these dumbbells.

Inconsistent Dimensions

The dumbbells seem very light compared to what is mentioned in the description. The dumbbells also seem to be a bit smaller than what is claimed by the brand.

Bad Customer Services

The customer services offered by the brand need to improve drastically. Many customers have complained that the executives do not give a prompt reply to those who face issues with their products. Also, the item is not shipped in its entirety which can be a huge let down for a lot of customers.

Is The Powerblock Elite Dumbbells Worth Buying

Is The Powerblock Elite Dumbbells Worth Buying?

Well if you have gone through all the aspects of this Powerblock elite dumbbells Review. You will see that the pros out weight the cons by a huge margin. If you are serious about indulging in a lifestyle that involves feeling good from the inside out, this product will do justice in every way.

There is no denying that these dumbbells will bring out the very best in your workouts. With fabulous equipment like these dumbbells at your disposal, you can now perform a whole range of exercises without hesitation. So, go out and buy your dumbbells today without any hesitation.


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