Prince William Tested Positive for COVID-19 in April 2020

Prince William tested positive

According to the royals BBC’s official news channels, Prince William tested positive for COVID-19 earlier in the year. The Duke of Cambridge was under thorough examination pretty much during the same time as his father. Yes, the Prince of Wales was also diagnosed with the infection symptoms during the first half of the year. According to the local daily Sun Newspaper, the Duke was unwell but refrained from making his condition public.

It was because he did not want panic in the nation to create an alarming situation. After the news went viral recently, media channels tried to get a byte from the Kensington Palace. However, no one was available to talk about the story making their reluctance very clear. The Kensington Palace is the residence and the office of Prince Willian, the Duke of Cambridge.

According to the Sun Newspaper, Prince William tested positive but did not tell anyone about his condition. The Prince is the second contender in the line of claimants for the royal throne. According to a source close to the royals, the Prince did not want to disrupt people’s daily lives in the country. Besides, according to him, there were more important things going on, and speaking about his condition was unnecessary.

Prince William tested positive but kept it a secret.

Throughout April, Prince William was receiving treatment by the doctors of the royal palace. He also went into isolation as per the government. Therefore, he stayed away from the family in Norfolk’s Anmer Hall, another family home of the Royals. According to the royal correspondent of BBC Jonny Dymond, the Prince did not want to reveal the news of illness, keeping in mind the country’s mood then. It was to avoid further chaos since the entire country was already in trauma due to COVID-19. Moreover, Dymond says that there are royal protocols that they have to follow. So, it is natural that the family always wants to keep some news private only.

During his isolation period, Prince William was trying to stay very active. Moreover, he was aware that his inactivity could raise several questions. Therefore, he was always at work, attending video conferences and phone calls. During the first part of April, the Duke of Cambridge and the Duchess participated in a video call session with a primary school in Burnley, Lancashire. It was a session with key workers’ children that went off very well.

Who else went into isolation for experiencing COVID symptoms

Before April, the Prince of Wales started to experience mild symptoms and was diagnosed with COVID. As a result, he went into isolation in adherence to the government safety guidelines. When the incident took place during March, Prince Wales spent quite a few days in Scotland, away from the family. Moreover, during this period, Cornwall’s Duchess was also undergoing a COVID test and came out negative. However, she went into isolation for full 14 days.

Later, in a statement, Prince Charles says that the infection hit him, but he got away without much problem. However, he mentioned that even after recovering, he was not completely fine. His sense of smell and taste was yet to get back. Later in April, Prime Minister Boris Johnson also became COVID positive. Moreover, he was in the ICU for quite a few days. Later, at recovery, he expressed his gratitude towards the medical officers and healthcare workers for being so active. Later, Prince William tested positive just days before England entered into a state of complete lockdown.

Presently, the UK’s condition is not so stable, with over 23,000 new coronavirus cases. The total points since the beginning of the pandemic have crossed 1,00,000. The casualty figure of the UK COVID scenario has gone beyond 47000.


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