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Top 5 Proform Fitness Equipment Useful For You 2020

Proform fitness equipment

About Proform

ProForm is one of the companies producing fitness equipment suitable for cardio practice at home. Product models include treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, hybrid trainers, rowing machines, and more.

Since its foundation in the 1970s, ProForm has changed from distributor of fitness equipment into one of the top sellers in all of these types of devices. The reason is mainly due to the quality of the goods, cost, and excellent customer service.

With Galore intellectual property license, ProForm has a research, improvement and development department that has set up 100 different modifications (many of them are patents) for various home fitness machines. The ProForm is the top consideration of consumers who want to choose a rigorous and highly effective training program.

Always at the forefront of innovation activities, this company is a leading manufacturer of fitness machines in the world. The ProForm brings not only the latest technologies but also world-class quality in the drive, buffer, interactive training, and elliptical systems.

Read on our best-recommended list of fitness equipment from Proform, then choose the suitable one for your fitness.

Top 5 Proform Fitness Equipment

Whatever your fitness goals are, let ProForm accompany you to achieve the best results. In our post, LessConf focuses more on HIIT and LISS cardio exercises for your choice. Get started with a specialized tool for HIIT.

HIIT Trainers

This machine can help you to achieve your fitness goals quickly with HIIT thanks to its ability to burn calories faster than a treadmill.

However, intense exercise can have a substantial impact, affecting the body, even causing injuries. It’s excellent that ProForm builds this device to reduce the incidence and increase the efficiency of exercise.

ProForm HIIT Trainer is the combination of stair-climbers and ellipticals to train the whole body, helping you to gain many health benefits with surprising effectiveness in HIIT exercises.

You have the smooth, sloping elliptical walkways, non-slipping handlebars, and many levels of tension. You also have different pre-installed training programs, iFit connection and music speakers, along with some excellent warranties.

The HIIT Trainer is beneficial, comfortable to use with available programs and competitive prices. There is also a HIIT Trainer Pro upgrade with attractive electronic devices and a more extended warranty, but it has little improvement in performance.


Thanks to outstanding advancements in cushion manufacturing, electronic applications, and high reliability, ProForm treadmills have become the top choice of fitness enthusiasts around the world.

ICON Health and Fitness, a world leader in gym equipment manufacturing, produces ProForm treadmills. You’ll find this tool has a big difference in price, performance, and durability, whether it’s a cheap treadmill for regular walkers or a high-end one for professionals.

All ProForm treadmills have many great features compared to the alternatives in the class. They have an HD touch screen with a web browser, iFit Coach support, and other facilities to help you exercise regularly and effectively.

Like many treadmills on the market, you can use them for both HIIT and LISS cardio exercises depending on your adjustments to the machine. See more: What is The Best Cardio Exercises At Home With No Equipment?

Now let’s take a closer look at the main ProForm treadmill models on the market.

The Boston Series focus on marathon training for all skill levels while the Pro Series and Power Series designs can meet buyers’ typical fitness needs. Additionally, the Performance Series with short warranty have low priced treadmills.

Not only that, but you can also find desk treadmills from ProForm Thinline and ProForm Thinline Pro brand to support the high-intensity exercise. So, you can use them for your HIIT exercises. They have spacious tracks, automatic tilt or reduction, many workout applications, and optional iFit Coach.


The best ProForm bikes incorporate many electronic features with multiple levels of resistance suitable for both HIIT and LISS exercises.

Three types are recumbent, upright, and indoors. Also, for a full-body workout, you can buy hybrid trainers.

Fitness machine ProForm provides many workout guides designed with a certified personal trainer. With the Internet, iFit offers you various daily downloads, interactive videos, data tracking, etc.

The web-based touch screen allows watching videos and reading content online and works well with iFit. Some products don’t have touch screens, but they have beautiful low-tech displays to give you speed, time, distance, resistance, calories burned, and heart rate.

The best thing is ProForm’s patented Silent Magnetic Resistance system for different exercise levels. Depending on the model, you can get extra width of the pedal, belt, or toe’s cage to increase comfort and stability.

The bike has a wireless receiver and a pulse reader on the steering wheel to monitor the heart rate. You can adjust the seat height, tilt the control panels, and use mp3 music players and water bottles.

Lastly, the maximum weight of users is 300 pounds. Bicycles with a reliable warranty don’t take up much space.


With the Proform rowers, you can enjoy easy cardio exercises as well as full-body exercises. Usually, the paddling posture is quite comfortable at first, so it is suitable for LISS exercises, and then you can adjust the challenge level to achieve higher fitness goals with HIIT exercises.

The Proform rower is budget-friendly and is built with convenient comfort along with a sturdy frame, simple assembly, and good warranty policies. You can reduce up to 300-500 calories per hour with the Proform rower with many resistance levels.

The ProForm rowers have a fundamental electronic screen that helps you control the passage of time, distance, strokes per minute, total strokes, and calories burned. They also come with a unique feature that is an independent pulley station. For example, Model 440 R Rower, the best seller from Proform, has a traditional design and a low pulley station to train the upper body. Beginners can choose this model or Dual Trainer / Bike Rower.


ProForm provides essential things for cardio coaches in all its price categories. All ProForm ellipticals have audio systems compatible with iPods and higher-end models with touch screens for the Android web browser.

An extensive workout menu guides professional fitness with iFit Coach. You can choose from a variety of resistance systems, stride length settings, and tilt options for your HIIT or LISS cardio exercises.

The series of this machine include:

Let’s Bring Home Your Top Proform Gym Equipment

Now you understand more about the top 5 Proform exercise equipment. Follow your needs and goals to bring home the best one. Our post mentions a lot of HIIT and LISS cardio exercises for users who prefer these workouts than others.

Moreover, LessConf believes you will love this app from Proform to support your fitness plan at home. It’s the iFit app of Proform. Register and pay a fee to join professional programs from many certified trainers around the world.

LessConf will appreciate you if you like, share this post for someone who may need it. And do not hesitate to ask any questions about Proform products here. Then we can discuss it more together. You can also find much useful information in various articles on our website now.

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