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We are now living in the 21st century, and we probably have not noticed how time has swiftly passed by. As quickly as time has passed, our technology has advanced as fast as it can, too. Especially in the past three decades, everything has changed a lot from the clothes we wear, the gadgets we play, the music we listen to, and the things we use daily. 

Can you still remember going to VCD and DVD shops? To buy or rent the latest movies that almost take months to be released to the shops from the date it was shown in the cinemas? To wait that long for you to have a clear or Bluray copy? That trend became obsolete several years ago, and it is quite difficult to recall when was the last time we used CD players. 

In the old times of CD players, just like everything else, it always comes with a price. Here come these proxy sites that have given us a dynamic portal to a better movie experience for free. In today’s digital generation, everything can be done online, and some stuff can be available for free yet can still give you the same quality experience. 

Introducing RARBG proxy sites

RARBG started way back in 2008, starting as a torrent tracker in Bulgaria. The development of

RARBG mirror sites were from a small group of torrent fanatics. Although it was not an easy, smooth-sail for them because they got closed for a short time after they launched due to legal technicalities, things worked out pretty good for them as they have recovered.  

RARBG gradually worked its way up to the high ranks of torrent sites worldwide. As of today, they have reached the top 4 in the latest edition of torrent sites ranking. RARBG still has a lot of mirror sites that are verified and tested with high speed and efficient function. Also, there are alternatives for other torrent sites with similar purposes:

  • The YTS YIFY landed on the number one spot as the most popular torrent site for 2019 in TorrentFreak’s. It highly specializes in movies with a mixture of HD photo quality minimized into small file sizes.
  • 1337x offers a vast selection of magnet links and torrent files, precisely ranked and organized to the standards of choosy users. 
  • TPB or The Pirate Bay is one of the classics, praised as the “galaxy’s most resilient torrent website.” Although it has faced numerous challenges with seizures and shutdowns, it still survives today.  

Movies, TV shows, Games, and more

RARBG does not only limit to mainstream and popular movies, but it also has TV shows, XXX, games, music, and other software. This is also a factor contributing to its success because of its flexibility. RARBG plays a vital role in the torrent industry and will continue to survive with its loyal supporters. 

Beating The Odds

Despite facing persistent challenges with prohibitions and blockages, RARBG still survives until today. Supporters and users continue to maintain the site’s functionality, especially that it has multiple mirror sites to access and easy to unblock. A lot has given remarkable feedback about the site because of its fast, reliable tools. 


There are various ways to avail and enjoy certain services for free. We live in a system where everything comes with a price. Through these online mirror sites, we can conveniently entertain ourselves and our loved ones. Although this article does not promote illegal downloading in any form, this is purely for informational purposes only. 

While some work for the for population benefits, some will always stick to the controlled system and never give anything for free. Some people fail to realize that most things in this modern world can be provided for free, but of course, they choose the business side. Nevertheless, we have to follow the community’s rules and regulations.


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