Top 5 Sunny Fitness Equipment Review For Your Facility

Sunny fitness equipment

Doing exercises is one of the great ways that help you get a good health. If you want to build your body but don’t like the crowded space in the center, home gym equipment is the best solution for you.

When considering top fitness equipment brands, it can’t help but mention Sunny Health and Fitness. It is an outstanding brand that is well-known for its high-quality products and affordable price.

Sunny Health and Fitness offer a variety of machines suitable for all ages, all skill levels, and all workout goals.

The typical features of the Sunny tool are sturdy and durable, have a compact size, easy assembly, can be folded and moved. With other specific features, they vary from model to model.

Today, LessConf will discover the top Sunny gym equipment. The 5 most popular products are bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, rowers, and steppers.

Top 5 Sunny Fitness Equipment Review


Sunny bikes strengthen your leg muscles.

Sunny bikes strengthen your leg muscles.

There are 3 categories of Sunny indoor bike that include cycle bikes, upright bikes, and recumbent bikes.

At the moment, there are over 51 different models of Sunny bike on their website.

Lately, Sunny indoor bikes have innovation in appearance. Instead of full black or gray as before, some of them become more colorful. They come in bright colors like red, pink, blue, etc.

The Sunny bikes are designed with an adjustable seat and adjustable handlebars to bring comfort for the users. It makes you feel more confident and secure during your workout time.

Moreover, these bikes hold a heavy and sturdy wheel that helps you perform advanced exercises more stable and effective.

Another favorable feature of Sunny bikes is the resistance system. You can optionally adjust the resistance to match the difficulty of the exercise.

So that the Sunny bikes will perform excellently whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete.

A small disadvantage of these bikes is some of them don’t come with a monitor. Therefore, you can’t rate and follow up on your workout process.

With these elite characteristics, Sunny bikes work perfectly well for both LISS and HIIT cardio.

Here is the recommended exercise that you can follow:

– LISS workout on an indoor bike:

The decisive role in the result of your workout is to maintain the heart rate between 50% – 60% of its maximum.

You have to find a pace that your heart rate reaches the target, then keeping it stable during the whole workout.

You can start with a 30-minute session. When you feel more comfortable, gradually increase the time, but note that the full session must last no longer than 1 hour.

– HIIT cardio workout on an indoor bike:

First, the warm-up for 3-5 minutes with medium intensity.

Then, practice alternately between high and low intensity.

For example:

40 seconds high intensity, 1-minute low intensity (repeat 5-8 times)

1-minute high intensity, 1-minute low intensity (repeat 5-8 times)

40 seconds high intensity, 1-minute low intensity (repeat 5-8 times)


The treadmill is one of the top Sunny exercise equipment.

Sunny Fitness and Health have various types of treadmills for you to choose from. They are selling 24 products on the market.

They have optimized a lot of features to meet the needs of users better.

Max user weight is up to 440 Ibs, the maximum speed on this machine is 11 MPH that supports you better in performing the high-intensity workout.

The sunny treadmill is packed with a smart operating system and modern technology. The large backlit LCD Monitor displays 12 programs that provide a variety of treadmill exercises.

Other data such as time, speed, distance, calories, incline, and heart rate are also be shown on the monitor.

As smart gym equipment, some of the Sunny treadmills accommodate I/O connections.

3mm jacks allow you to connect music device and play the music that helps you reduce the tension during the workout. Moreover, you even can take a call while running by sync your phone via Bluetooth.

The best key feature of Sunny treadmills is that you can easily customize speed and incline in a flash. Along with it, the shock absorption reduces the impact force that gives you a more efficient and secure exercise.

So, if you want to take up a HIIT workout, Sunny treadmill is a perfect tool for you.

Here is a basic HIIT Treadmill workout that is recommended for a starter:

  1. 10 minutes warm-up with a brisk walk at the beginning and then speed up to a light jog
  2. Run at 10 mph for 30 seconds to 1 minute
  3. Walk at 3.5-4 mph for 2 minutes (repeat 7 times)
  4. Cool-down walk for 5 minutes
  5. Stretch and drink water


Sunny elliptical machine.

Sunny has a wide selection of ellipticals for users. There are a total of 17 tools displayed on their website.

Along with the variety of lines, the price range from about $100 to $1000.

Despite the affordable price, Sunny ellipticals offer a lot of convenient and useful functions.

The digital monitor shows your necessary data: time, speed, distance, calories burned, heart rate, and scan. Whereby you can be aware of the progress to maintain and keep stability in each movement.

In addition, there are 8 magnetic resistance levels that fit the difficulty of your workout. The large anti-slip foot pedals also make you feel more confident and safer during the training session.

Because Sunny ellipticals allow adjustments to be made with the resistance, this tool will accommodate any cardio exercise.

Some examples of workout on elliptical as below:

LISS cardio workout:

It is very straightforward and you don’t need to put too much effort.

At a steady pace that your heart rate targets 50% – 60%, go forward for 15 minutes and then pedal backward for 15 minutes.

HIIT cardio workout:

  1. Warm-up for 3 minutes
  2. Increase resistance to a difficult level and go full-force for 20-30 seconds
  3. Reduce resistance down to an easy level for 60-90 seconds while catching your breath
  4. Repeat as much as possible (maximum 10 times)


Sunny rower machine.

Just like other high-quality rowers, the Sunny one also gives you all the necessities for an efficient and exciting workout.

The monitor shows necessary information, including scan mode. It lets you easily track your process to encourage you to pursue the target.

The comfort of clients is what all products of Sunny Health and Fitness aim for. And of course, the rowing machine is not an exception.

The tension system is improved to be smoother and quieter. Besides, with the oversized non-slip footplates, smooth-running seat, easy to fold and transport, the Sunny rower is deserved to be a must-have item for the home user.

Moreover, it has 12 levels of adjustable resistance that suitable for all skill levels of the gymer and workout method.

Rowing LISS Workout:

Row at a brisk pace steadily for 30 minutes. If you feel comfortable, bump up the intensity harder.

Rowing HIIT Workout:

  1. Warm-up for 5 minutes
  2. High intensity for 1 minute, low intensity for 1 minute
  3. High intensity for 2 minutes, low intensity for 1 minute
  4. High intensity for 3 minutes, low intensity for 30 seconds
  5. High intensity for 4 minutes,  low intensity for 30 seconds
  6. High intensity for 5 minutes, low intensity for 30 seconds


Sunny stepper machine.

Sunny stepper machine.

Finally, the stepper is also listed in the Sunny Fitness equipment. It operates as a high-quality device at a budget-friendly price.

They categorize steppers into different models according to each feature, such as users’ weight, twist-action, and resistant bands.

In general, steppers target the lower body, tone your buttocks and thighs. Also, Sunny steppers with resistant bands enable you to build your arms, chest, back, and shoulders. It ensures an effective full-body workout.

The important point is the adjustment knob to switch up the resistance that makes your exercise more challenging and helps you burn calories quicker.

You also can track progress and set the fitness goal by the digital monitor.

Workout with steppers is a challenging cardiovascular workout. By changing the intensity and pace, you can gain the LISS or HIIT cardio as much as you want.

The Bottom Line

In overall, Sunny products are effective and inexpensive machines that demonstrate the great trademark of their company.

The top Sunny Fitness equipment is designed to fit all user skill levels as well as to offer you the most comfortable and convenient workout.

With a very reasonable price, Sunny Fitness and Health equipment is definitely a perfect solution for the home gymer.


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