Taylor Swift’s Album Folklore Crosses One-Day Streams of Album Lover

Taylor Swift’s album Folklore crosses one-day streams of album Lover

Taylor Swift dropped her latest album Folklore and surprised her fans last week. It garnered more than 72 million audio streams in the US on Friday, July 24. The album is miles ahead of her album Lover, which she released in 2019. The latter had pulled in 44.3 million streams on the first day, even though it had two more songs than the latest one.

The opening track of Folklore is The 1 that pulled in 7.4 million streams in 24 hours. The second one is Cardigan which got 7.3 million streams. While the rest of the songs in the album continues to have streams in descending order, Hoax was the least-streamed one but even that had 2.7 million streams. The overall spread of the album is even compared to her other major album releases.

How Folklore broke all records of 2019 and 2020

With all the streams together in Folklore, it was a huge first-day count for the Grammy winner of Lover. Do you know that the full-length debut of Billie Eilish, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go, had received 35.5 million streams on the first day? It was released in March 2019 and was one of the biggest. However, Folklore has beaten records that along with Thank U, Next by Ariana Grande that received 55.9 million streams before becoming the second-biggest album in 2019, combining sales and stream. When We All Fall Asleep by Eilish was behind Thank U, Next.

Folklore is bigger if compared to After Hours by The Weeknd that pulled in 49.6 million. This one became the highest streaming album for the first half of 2020. Changes by Justin Bieber had 30.5 million streams, which was a long-pending follow-up after Purpose in 2015.

It is too early to find out if the success of Folklore a result of Taylor’s mysterious appearance. However, Kamikaze by Eminem was also a similar surprise and got 40.3 million streams on the first-day around two years back. Do you think Folklore is the biggest album released by Swift? Stay tuned to know more!


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