The importance of morning exercise

importance of morning exercise

Each person has his or her own unique method of waking up quickly. For some, it is a cup of strong coffee or a glass of freshly squeezed juice in the morning; for others, it is invigorating music or the smile of a loved one. But there is one secret that can make anyone feel much better. We’re talking about exercise, because the benefits of morning exercise are incredibly great. Many girls and men think that it can well replace an active lifestyle and homework, but this is not entirely true. When we do everyday work, the same muscle groups are constantly involved. During morning exercise, all muscle groups are loaded. Today I am ready to tell you about the importance of morning exercise with the support of Pocketdrugguide.


Never start your morning with a crossfit class! The main thing is not to confuse exercise with a workout. The word “exercise” already hides its main purpose – to charge a person in the morning with positive energy, to awaken the body from sleep and set it up for active work throughout the day. Therefore do not look at morning exercises only as an opportunity to normalize weight, lose extra pounds or pump up the body. First of all it is a way to improve the health of the body, to improve the mood and health in general. The morning workout should not take more than 10-15 minutes.


  1. Can discipline a person;
  2. Increases efficiency throughout the day, improves mood in the morning;
  3. Has a hardening effect;
  4. Normalizes blood circulation, which enables the body to activate all organ systems;
  5. Regular exercise normalizes posture, prevents the development of scoliosis, osteochondrosis and spinal hernia;
  6. Has a strengthening effect of the immune system, which has a positive effect on the overall health of the person, his body;
  7. Eliminates the causes of hypokinesia (the state of insufficient motor activity, which entails nervous excitability, a state of brokenness, irritability);
  8. Reduces the likelihood of insomnia.


Say no to laziness. Stop setting the alarm clock 5, 10 or 15 minutes ahead every morning, then you will have time for a light gymnastics;

Follow the rules of healthy sleep, then you will feel more awake, and consequently your morning exercise will not cause you too much trouble and your body will say “thank you;

Remember, you do it first of all for yourself and for your good health.


  1. Do not start doing a set of exercises immediately after you get up, let your body wake up first;
  2. Do not start the morning with long jogs or lifting heavy weights. Exercise should be enjoyed, so you should not wear yourself out unnecessarily;
  3. The clothes for morning exercises should be as comfortable as possible, and the whole sport complex of exercises should take place at a moderate pace;
  4. The best place for morning exercise is fresh air or a ventilated spacious room;
  5. and most importantly, regular exercise in the morning. You will feel noticeable results only when the set of exercises will be performed daily.

An example of a morning exercise routine that works for everyone

Exercise 1. Neck rotation. Lower your chin down, then rotate your head first in one and then in the other direction.

Exercise 2. Arms rotation. Clasp your palms together and make rotary movements. You can also do these manipulations with each hand separately, clenching your palms into a fist.

Exercise 3. Rotation of the shoulder joint. Bend your elbows, with the fingers touching the shoulders. Start rotating movements, but remember – fingers should not be pulled away from shoulders.

Exercise 4. Rotation of the pelvis. Feet at shoulder width, hands at waist. Make circular movements, first clockwise, then counterclockwise.

Exercise 5. Torso bends. Place your feet shoulder width apart. Try to lower yourself as low as possible so that you can reach the floor with your fingers.

Exercise 6. Inclinations to the sides. Place your feet shoulder-width apart with your hands at your waist. Bend the body first to the right and then to the left, keeping the feet on the floor and bringing the arm above the head.

Exercise 7. Make circular movements in knee joints.

Exercise 8. Walk in a circle first on your toes, then on the heels, on the inside and the back of the soles.

Exercise 9. Squatting. Keep your back straight, your feet should not come off the floor. Try to squat as deep as possible.

Exercise 10. Push-ups from the floor from the plank. Plank positions: standing on your hands and toes, with your heels facing up. It is important that your body forms an even straight line. Then start doing push-ups.

Such exercises for morning exercise are great for both women and men. All exercises should be performed 7-10 times. And the complex should be repeated about 3-4 times. Morning exercise for men can also be supplemented with a complex of exercises with dumbbells. This will include in the work in the morning absolutely all the muscles, but it is important that the dumbbells were small or medium weight. In turn, the morning exercise for women can be complemented by a complex of exercises with a gymnastic hoop rotation.

Morning exercise for children is as important as for any adult. For a child will do the same set of exercises, but the repetitions should be performed half as many times less.

To summarize

Do not forget that spending 5-10 minutes every morning for morning exercises will allow the body to feel alive. However, a healthy lifestyle is not only the morning exercise, but also a healthy sleep, proper nutrition and giving up bad habits. Be healthy and active!



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