The Use Of Marijuana & How It Affects The Endocannabinoid System


Cannabis has been regarded as one of the most popular recreational drugs. Due to the law getting a little bit laxer towards it, more and more people are discovering its potential. It was not a long time ago when most of North America viewed it as dangerous. However, if the recent successes of many brands continue, we might likely find ourselves seeing it fully legalized.

However, there are still a lot of people who are confused as to how it works. For example, there are a ton of politicians who are opposed to its legalization because of their religious views. You can read more of it in this article:

It seems that the stigma against marijuana as an illicit drug continues. The notion that it can get addicting is also getting discussed all the time and people are getting a lot of mixed signals from it. This is why you need to do your research first before using any kind of product. 

What Makes it Good

One of the ways that you can do so is through digging through a lot of articles on the internet. Even the most reputed medical institutions have been praising the advancements that cannabis has done in the world. There might still be other people who end up abusing it, but most are now accepting the reality of having it around especially here in the West. It is rather easy to see why: Countries like Canada and Australia have been forward-thinking when it comes to this.

Now, there are a lot of stores that have been selling it here in the US. Some states still prohibit the use, while others categorize legal cannabis as medicine while others as recreational. These subcategories mean a lot in terms of legality. It is a step into another plane when it comes to the discussion of its full legalization in the US. We might have come far, but there are still a lot more steps to conquer.

The Importance of Understanding Before Judging

As we have mentioned before, most of the misunderstanding stems from the fear of the substance. We understand that any kind of medicine can be harmful depending on the dose. 

Compared to other contemporaries though, cannabis is safer. There have been little to no incidence of overdose and most of the accidents come from the hallucinatory effects. You can click here for reference to learn more about it. Be sure to check out other resources too.

The aspect of marijuana that makes it effective is its influence on our endocannabinoid system. You might be thinking that this does not exist, but it does, and it can be considered as a part of our nervous system. It is the exchange of substances between nerve cells which includes cannabis and its compounds. 

As these compounds travel through our bloodstream, some of it is going to end up in our nerve cells. This is where the magic happens as the nerve endings receive signals through all these compounds. There are usually two or more that happen to be here, but this depends on what kind of cannabis strain or even the substances that you will take. 

Making up Cannabis

For example, there are two predominant compounds in pure cannabis: CBD and THC. As has been said before, each of them has different effects. To put it simply, CBD is for the calming sensation and THC is for the hallucinations. When combined, it creates an experience that so many people are familiar with. 

However, with just CBD, you would not get hallucinations at all. Some people treat this as the more superior compound because it can be used by anyone. It is also considered under the medical use for marijuana, and the most popular derivative of the said plant. You can even see pet products that have it now. It is a good example of how cannabis can be a good thing.

When it comes to buying it, there are a lot of avenues to choose from. You can take a look online, but make sure that it is legal in your state. Also, only get the products from some of the most reputed makers. You can try those that are home-made but be forewarned: some of them might be dangerous especially if they did not go under any kind of testing or specifications.


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