Third Pfizer COVID Vaccine May Come In The Form Of Booster Shots

Third Pfizer COVID Vaccine

There is no doubt that the Pfizer vaccine is delivering its promise to be 95 percent effective against the virus. However, the gravity of the situation now and the news of the latest virus variants are why the makers are back at research. According to the latest update, the third Pfizer COVID vaccine dose may be in the form of booster shots.

The vaccine makers also announce that the testingflorida state football jersey Ohio State Team Jersey ohio state jersey micah parsons jersey asu jersey ohio state jersey ohio state jersey detroit lions jersey Florida state seminars jerseys Ohio State Team Jersey 49ers jersey Ohio State Team Jersey detroit lions jersey OSU Jerseys asu jersey of the booster shots will require only a specific group of people. These are the ones who have received their vaccine doses six months ago or even before that.

During an interview with Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, he said they are hopeful that the third dose will be a more significant success. According to him, the booster shots should be able to improve the immune response of an individual. As a result, it will become a little easier to fight the dangerous virus and any new variants.

Albert Bourla also reveals that the third Pfizer COVID vaccine or the booster shots will increase the antibody response 10 to 20 times more than before. Moreover, there will be a new study to monitor the development of the booster vaccine.

It will determine the efficiency and safety of it between two age groups. The first age group will be accommodating people between 18 and 55 years and the other 65 and 85 years.

Who will be the ones to receive the third Pfizer COVID vaccine first?

All the participants will be from among those who received the very initial doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. There will also be some of the people who became volunteers during the beginning of the ½ Phase clinical trial for Pfizer.

The same was in May 2020. During the vaccine trials, the volunteers received two shots of the vaccine three weeks apart. It is the exact dosage that experts are recommending for the latest vaccination procedures too. Now, the third booster shot will be just like the one that volunteers received a year back.

According to a spokesperson, Pfizer is also aiming to research the situation of South Africa. They want to try a vaccine that can be highly effective for the virus variant spreading infection there. Experts must tweak the vaccines with the alteration of the mutant combinations of the SARS-CoV-2.

As per the latest announcement of the FDA (Food and Drug Association), the vaccine approval process will pace up now. They are withdrawing mandatory testing sessions if the vaccine makers want to launch tweaked versions of the existing vaccines. It will save both time and money for the vaccine-making organizations.

The procedure will be very similar to how flu shot combinations are likely to change every year. The tweaking depends on the latest flu and the virus that is the cause of the same.

Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, also mentions how they target the trend of flu shot vaccines. Like how individuals are supposed to get flu shots annually, the COVID booster shots may also become mandatory.

All vaccine makers are gearing up to deliver their best

Experts believe that the end of the global pandemic has nothing to do with eradicating the coronavirus. Instead, the virus may stay for a very long time now. Therefore, research and studies must find out what kind of regular alteration is required to understand what kind of boosters will be preferable.

All the evidence suggests that the existing Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine that was first launched in the UK is effective against the variants of the country. Moreover, the same vaccine is effective for people in other places such as Brazil and South Africa. Bourla says that the company is aiming to wrap up the re-engineering process with 100 days. After that, it will be time to launch the new booster shots in the market.

On the other hand, the Moderna organization that makes similar vaccines also reveals its plans. It seems they are also beginning to study and research the latest variants to develop a more effective third dose of vaccine. They are almost ready with a new vaccine version that will mainly target the South African people.


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