Timeless Treasures: Top 4 Luxury Watch for Watch Collectors

Luxury Watch

Everyone has a hobby that makes them feel good and happy. There are a lot of people who love to collect expensive things, such as watch. This hobby is best suited for financially stable people. These collectibles should be planned very well because many fake ones are being sold in the market today.

Watches are one of the best things to collect because some tend to become more expensive as the years go by due to their designs. Looking for a watch to add to your collection is not that difficult. You need to do a lot of research for you to know more about them. Here is a list of the top 4 luxury timepieces for watch collectors.

Santos de Cartier watch

If you’re a big fan of watches that have square-shaped frames, then you better check this one out. Santos de Cartier is one of the best watches to collect because of the elegant and classy design. Unlike other watches, this one has a bracelet type strap that can be adjusted anytime for better fitting. You’ll indeed feel comfortable wearing this one every day.

The roman numerals displayed on this timepiece dial is one reason why this watch is an excellent addition to your collection because there are only a few watches out there that still have this kind of design. You should do some research on this one if you want to know how much this watch’s total cost is so that you won’t have any future problems.

Omega Speedmaster Moon watch 

If you’re looking for a timepiece with an exciting and rich history, then Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch is the watch for you. If you’re wondering why this watch has a moon word in its name, it’s because it’s said that a version of this watch was worn by the two astronauts who took the first step on the moon’s surface.

Watches that have large frames in it usually don’t fit very well because of its size. However, Omega made sure that their watch will not be like the others by ensuring that the comfortability is still there despite the size of the frame it has. You may never get a chance to go to the moon, but at least you have a piece of history in your collection.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

When you hear the brand Audemars Piguet, you’ll know right away that this watch is one of the premium grade watches because of the unique design and sturdy materials it has. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is not like any other watch you see in watch stores because of the hexagonal bezel.

This watch was first manufactured during the 1970s, and from there, the production went on because many people were satisfied with their products. There are eight polished screws on the bezel, and their function is to ensure the safety of the bezel and dial of the watch. You’ll fall in love right away with this watch because the glass is made out of sapphire crystal.

Rolex Submariner

From the name itself, you would know right away that this watch is water-resistant. The Rolex Submariner first appeared in the 1950s because the Rolex company director wanted to create a luxury timepiece that would withstand water and pressure from swimming and diving activities.

He consulted with a friend who is a renowned ocean explorer and asked him if he could be able to help him make the perfect timepiece for diving. The durability was outstanding, and from there, the company started manufacturing various designs of this watch. This watch was also worn by famous people such as Robert Redford, Steve Mcqueen, and even James Bond.


Collecting watches can be a fun hobby. This hobby can also become a good investment for your future. Some limited edition watches tend to become more expensive as the years go by due to the number of products created for those models. You should definitely check all the watches on this list if you want your collection to look more luxurious and cool.


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