Top 10+ Best Fitness Gym Equipment Brands For Home (Update 2021)

Top 10 Best Brands for Exercise Equipment
Top 10 Best Brands for Exercise Equipment

Having the best gym equipment brands for the home can make a tremendous difference in your workout results.

Most top-rated brands consider different types of exercises and how the human body functions in the designs coupled with the quality needed as well as the durability.

While trying to reach your fitness goals, it is essential to have a piece of gym equipment that you can rely on to achieve your goals.

However, based on the price tags that come on different equipment, it is essential to carry out thorough research before investing in any equipment.

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To help you have faith in your next gym equipment, here are the Top 10 best brands for fitness equipment of your choice.

Top 10 Best Fitness Equipment Brands in 2020

Top 10+ Best Gym Equipment Company of 2021

All the brands that LessConf has listed below are my personal favorites – LessConf is currently using their products. They are the perfect match if you’re looking for some incredible home-machines to help you with HIIT and LISS workout.

LessConf hope you take some time to read through this and use it as a reliable reference while making your home-fitness decision.

best gym equipment company: best brand for gym equipment
What is the best brand for gym equipment?

Sunny Health & Fitness

Sunny Health & Fitness is the best cardio equipment brand, is a premier distributor and importer of high-quality health and fitness products. They have a wide array of fitness products for the home user consumer.

They produce the finest exercise and health equipment from top manufacturers in Taiwan and China, which has made them one of the fastest-growing companies in the health and fitness equipment market.

They have one of the best products targeting mostly on HIIT and LISS cardio exercises. Their price might be a bit high, but it is paid back, in full, in their value!

best gym equipment brands for home


Precor is a manufacturer and Distributor Company that has high-quality best workout equipment brands. It is among the leading sports equipment company with brands across the world.

Being a trusted brand, it manufactures high-end gym equipment such as elliptical trainers, cycles, treadmills, and many more.

Precor treadmills are gym equipment brands built to withstand different intensity levels and are equipped with a cooling motor. The cycle seats, handlebars, and pedals are designed for comfort during long hours of cycling.

On the other hand, elliptical trainers are durable and versatile, with handles full-body workout for increased calorie burning.

Climbers encourage proper posture with a reduced impact on your joints. The pieces of equipment are usually distributed to authorized dealers in over 100 countries.

Life Fitness

Life Fitness has been in existence since 1968. The main goals of the brand are t create exercise equipment that helps different generations of athletes, trainers as well as exercises to live a long healthy life.

The cardio and strength training equipment strives to always be a step ahead of the rest with essential features such as tracking calories monitoring heart rate and entertaining system consoles.

best workout equipment brands

Cybex International

Cybex is a leading brand for manufacturing premium exercise equipment for both commercial uses and consumers. Its products include both cardio and strength that are engineered towards reflecting the natural movement of the human body.

Cybex offers a different line of strength equipment with over 150 pieces, including, treadmills, steppers, cycles, and innovative arc trainers.

The treadmills are made with intelligent suspension technology that eliminates shock in the back and knees.

Cybex international sells its products in 87 countries with direct sales in the UK with another manufacturing facility.


The brand is based in Europe, and it is the biggest manufacturer of high-end gym equipment. The company was established in 1983 and has grown massively to become the world’s top Brand for Exercise Equipment.

The brad is reliable with an excellent reputation for durability that makes it a worthwhile investment if you want to purchase fitness equipment that will last longer.

The company offers a range of gym items from cardio machines such as treadmills, upright bikes to resistance training equipment.

Hammer Strength

This is one of the best heavy-duty and durable gym equipment brands. Unlike other brands known for known for producing weights and cable machines, hammer strength focuses on weight training equipment with few or no cardio machines.

The brand has been providing the best strength equipment brands for many years. It also has an excellent reputation for producing durable materials that hold handle impacts and heavyweights without issues.

best commercial gym equipment brands


StairMaster is another known, and reputable, fitness brand.

Are you bored with doing the same exercises over and over again? Do you want to push yourself to another limit, indeed, to the outer limits of your workout? StairMaster is the best option for you.

Their namesake machine truly is a test of endurance. It can bring the most hardcore cardio-enthusiast to his knees. Of course, for the novice, taking it nice and easy is advised. StairMaster has always been known for the intense workout their products can bring to consumers.

StairMaster Series 8 Gauntlet

Being able to use the StairMaster at its limit is truly a lifetime’s worth of achievement in the gym.

Star Trac

The brand has created an international name through its manufacture of gym equipment. It features a high-quality total body, strength training, and cardio equipment.

The company manufactures and designs its equipment to reflect the needs of the user. Star Track has experienced the ins and outs of the industry through investment from their users’ success.

It manufactures bikes and is well known for its treadmill series.


ProForm is a company designed to provide safe and efficient experiences that comes in five designs; bikes, rowers, hybrid trainers, and elliptical. ProForm use iFIT technology to help the user track down the progress.

Bowflex & Rogue best weight lifting equipment brands


Another fitness brand from Nautilus Inc. – Bowflex is the best weight lifting equipment brand.

Bowflex has been recognized as one of the most effective home fitness solutions for the last 30 years. They offer various types of products for you to choose from.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Dumbbells

Their business model, which has proved very successful, is to adopt a variety of different muscular workouts into one convenient, at-home machine.

With just two dumbbells, you can achieve yourself an amazingly intense HIIT workout that you haven’t had in a while!

Take time looking for what’s best for you, because Bowflex has a variety of exciting equipment that works, all it takes is your commitment.


NordicTrack is a manufacturer of exercise equipment that has been in operation since 1975. Their products consistently receive lots of great feedback from consumers and come highly recommended for the home-user, be they a beginner or a marathon runner.

NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill

There is a reason why they have thrived in such a competitive industry for so long. Therefore, their exercise products are definitely worth your consideration. You might find just the machine you’re seeking for your home exercise regimen.

best exercise equipment brands

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LessConf believes Nautilus is a familiar name to you.

Their products are famous all over the world. Nautilus delivers unique home fitness solutions designed to meet the needs of consumers of any fitness level.

If you want to start living a healthier lifestyle but don’t know where to start, Nautilus will have a solution to meet your needs.

They make some of the best, most cutting-edge products, and are always working to adapt to the changing needs of their market segment.

There are quite a number of different reviews about their equipment, some are good, some are bad. Even though their products might not always be perfect, this is a brand name you can trust and is definitely worth looking into.


Does recovering from an injury take too long? TriggerPoint is here to help!

TriggerPoint is a life-enhancing brand which designs and develops innovative massage therapy tools that can make you feel exactly like the touch of a therapist’s hands.

People of all ages, sizes, and athletic abilities can have access to all the benefits of a SPA lounge wherever they are.

They have become one of the leaders in at-home massage tools in the athletic, healthcare, and personal wellness ma rket s. Their products can help speed up recovery time or even prevent injuries. We all know how important warming up is before a workout.

TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

And the best part is TriggerPoint has received only a few bad ratings in their history. You can check it out yourself!

If you’re serious about tackling all aspects of your personal well-being, what else are you waiting for?

SF HealthTech:

SF HealthTech

If perfection is what you desire, then SF HealthTech is who you need.
Started in 2018, SF HealthTech is already taking the fitness equipment
industry by storm. Quality at the best price is the only value that we
strive for. We are one of the only 3 companies in India that adhere to
the International Weightlifting Standards providing our products with a
deviation percentage of less than 0.1%.

Black Mountain

Interested in having better work out through more rigorous training?

This is Black Mountain’s area of expertise, and they are the company you should pay more attention to. They have the best, most dependable resistance bands you can get!

Black Mountain also has the largest available selection of other fitness products such as home gym equipment and yoga equipment. Are you ready to get yourself into an exhausting-but-worth-doing HIIT cardio workout with Black Mountain?

Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set

Their customer service is also unmatched in the industry, as they guarantee your satisfaction with their products, and will back it up with a thorough, reliable return and exchange policy.

There’s only one thing that Black Mountain should be working on in the near future. We all know they have the best resistance bands, but they only last for 90 days! It would be a lot more convenient if they last longer.

If you’re not satisfied with a product, you can get a refund within 90 days, no questions asked! This is rarely an issue for them, though, thousands of consumers from all over the world will testify to that.

best gym accessories brand

Survival and Cross

Last but definitely not least is Survival and Cross.

This company provides consumers with quality fitness gear for an optimized workout. It is a locally owned and operated fitness brand created by a few friends who have a passion for bringing value to the fitness lifestyle.

Survival and Cross have been trying hard to bring quality sustainable gym equipment brands to those who want to live life to the max. With products designed to deliver measurable results and maximize your work out, you can get into the best shape of your life in no time!

Survival and Cross Jump Rope

Take the time to browse their fitness products. This is an up-and-coming brand started by fitness enthusiasts who want nothing less than the best for themselves and their customers.


Moving on, we have Schwinn.

Schwinn is a subsidiary company of Nautilus Inc. They began by manufacturing bicycles in the Chicago area of the United States.

Schwinn quickly developed a reputation for their uncompromising high-quality, modern, and functional designs, as well as the beauty of their products.

Now, the legendary Schwinn bicycling technology has come to home fitness. Their products, given the company’s background, are mostly bike-related. They offer a smooth, low-impact cardio workout that strengthens your muscles and burns calories.

Schwinn hardly ever receives any bad reviews about their products due to their hard work and dedication in manufacturing.

Now get yourself a Schwinn upright bike and have a badass workout!

best workout equipment brands


Everlast is another American sports equipment brand that is recognized all over the world; mostly due to its boxing, mixed martial arts, and boxing-related equipment.

This company is the perfect example of a small, craft shop, that earned its reputation and renown through hard work, innovation, and an unrelenting commitment to quality.

Muhammad Ali himself, the greatest boxer of all time, used Everlast products.

Today, they continue to produce a large number of boxing gloves for different types of training (manufactured in the U.S.A.), as well as boxing-related equipment such as speed bags, heavy bags, and headgear.

Everlast Traditional Heavy Bag Kit

However, recently, Everlast has been receiving negative feedback from consumers saying the product fell short of expectation from the advertisement.

But there is no need to worry. What you need to do is contact them and they will take care of their omission straight away.

Are you interested in boxing? This is the only brand you need to look at.

3G Cardio

3G Cardio is the best exercise equipment brands. It includes: 



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Final Verdict of Best Gym Equipment Brands

As you may know by now, there are many best commercial gym equipment brands out there. A growing number of Chinese brands have also emerged recent years, learn more: Top 10 Gym Equipment Brands in China.

However, only some are worthy of your investment.

The above Top 10 Brands for Exercise Equipment will hopefully help you make your choice and narrow down the selection to acquire the right brand.


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