Top 10 Best Chainsaw Under 200


The words”cheap” and”chainsaw” are barely found together. If you’re seeking a financial product and operation, Lessconf certain that you will discover several here. 10 Best Chainsaw Sharpener Reviews – Best of Machinery .

Uses for chainsaws is its program. For something established or heavy, you’ll need to pay over 200 bucks. The saw provides you.

Lessconf has spent hours researching products for you. This is in an attempt to provide you dependability and affordability. Together with the review of the version and on the Best Chainsaw Under 200, this can help assist in your purchasing decision.

Top 10 Best Chainsaw Under 200

Best Chainsaw Under 200

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1. Remington RM4216 Chainsaw

The Remington RM4216 is the choice as the budget under 200 bucks. This version has lots of features that will aid you. It’s an engine that could easily power through small to medium-sized jobs effortlessly. A 16-inch pub provides you the advantage you desire while the oiling mechanism retains the series lubricated.

It features Quickstart technologies to help lessen string-pulling, and also the five-point anti-vibration system makes cutting more comfortable and reduces fatigue. The carrying case helps facilitate transport and protect the blades.

Lessconf adored this chainsaw for eliminating other shrubs and saplings around our property. The only real downside when using the Remington RM4216 Chainsaw we experienced was that the oiler will dip and make a mess while still in storage.


  • 42cc engine
  • 16-inch pub
  • Quickstart technology
  • Automatic oiler
  • Carry case
  • Five-point anti-vibration system


  • Oil while still being saved

2. Oregon CS1500 self-evident Chainsaw

The Oregon 570995 CS1500 Self-Sharpening Chainsaw is our runner up for funding, and it has a lot of features that make it nearly as great as our top version.

This new features an 18-inch pub for a reach that could let you get branches and greenery that are profound. An on-board sharpener allows you to keep the string sharp without needing to buy a third-party sharpener or will need to eliminate the string, saving precious time.

The electrical engine immediately begins at the press of a button, so there’s not any perennial series pulling to get it began. No choke atmosphere or gas combinations are demanded, and it makes much less sound than a typical chainsaw. Additionally, it features no-tool string tensioning and a chain brake for security.

There is just 1 disadvantage to this Oregon CS1500: the more you cut, the more frequently the string falls off. It only requires a moment to mend, but it gets irritating enough to keep it from the top place.


  • 18-inch pub
  • On-board sharpener
  • Immediate start capacity
  • Chain brake
  • Low Sound
  • No-tool chain tensioning


  • The series comes off

3. WORX WG3041 18-Inch Chainsaw

The WORX WG3041 18-Inch Chainsaw is the choice for the budget under $200 for your cash. This device features a 15-amp engine which is more than acceptable more little jobs around the house. The built-in auto-tension string system retains the string tight and helps prevent accidental series tightening, which might wear down the string and the pub.

Its self-lubricating system helps extend chain life while decreasing the manual maintenance needed, and additionally, it features a minimal kickback pub for protecting against jam-ups. A series brake further lowers the possibility of an accident happening, and it comes fully assembled, so that you may be cutting small trees in moments of getting it.

While we had been utilizing the WORX WG3041, we had a challenging time maintaining the blade sharp, and you’ll probably require a blade sharpener to cooperate with this saw.


  • 15-amp engine
  • Auto-tension chain system
  • Kick back bar and chain brake safety features
  • Self-lubricating
  • No assembly required


  • Chain wears out

4. Ryobi P546 Cordless Chainsaws

The Ryobi P54610 10-Inch Cordless Chainsaw is a chainsaw. It employs the exact same 18-volt lithium-ion battery which forces can of Ryobi’s popular handheld power tools. It features side activity chain tensioning that accelerates the process of altering the chain. It’s lightweight, and also a battery charge lasts for quite some time.

Ryobi is notorious for producing great resources, however, there are a number of problems with this Ryobi P546. The automatic chain oiler flows oil anywhere in case you don’t drain it out after use. The 10-inch pub doesn’t provide many advantages, and you want to buy the battery and battery charger separately.

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Charger and the battery can be pricey, particularly in the event that you go for over 1 battery. If you currently have other tools which use this program, it may be cost-effective.


  • 18-volt lithium-ion battery
  • Negative action series tensioning
  • Lightweight


  • Leaks oil
  • 10-inch pub
  • Charger and battery sold separately

5. BLACK+DECKER CS1518 Electric Chainsaw

The BLACK+DECKER CS1518 is your previous budget chainsaw on the listing, but it still has lots of rewarding features that are worth analyzing. This chainsaw is electrical and features a 15-amp motor that is strong enough to cut most small to medium-sized trees and shrubbery.

It features an 18-inch pub for lots of advantages, and also an automatic oiling system helps prolong the life span of this series.

Among the drawbacks to this CS1518 is it employs a whole lot of oil. It is not unusual to use a whole reservoir of petroleum onto a single job, and should you keep this chainsaw and oil staying, it’s going to escape.

Lessconf discovered the series hard to twist and change, particularly when compared to other brands on this listing, and our series always sailed off while we had been functioning. The instructions Weren’t very clear, which left meeting a challenge


  • 15-amp engine
  • Tool-free chain tensioning
  • Automatic oiling
  • Chain brake


  • Uses a Lot of oil
  • Difficult to tighten the string
  • Tough assembly
  • String poops away

6. HUSQVARNA Mark II Gas Chainsaw


The HUSQVARNA Mark II Gas Chainsaw along with Stihl and Echo is the very Well-known manufacturers of chainsaws now. Every seasoned chainsaw proprietor needs to have employed a chainsaw under this brand name, and Husqvarna Mark II is among those organization’s mid-range units intended for light actions.

Not only is that among the lightest chainsaws now, but it’s suites to do light-duty tasks with higher efficacy. This version works on a sprocket 16-inch manual bar and Husqvarna series.

1 feature we want to point out is that this version comes equipped with an air purification program. This is key since this will eliminate air in the carburetor and fuel to permit simple startups.

Another feature this series saw provides is its own anti-vibration dampening system. No more will you need to be concerned about your arms and arms being uneasy through prolonged uses.

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Last with it superior appearance and amazing design is the thing that keeps this version in fierce competition with the remainder. The 38.2cc X-Torq motor within this monster, helps to decrease harmful emissions and in addition, it provides better fuel conversion. Below is a fast comparison to the pros and cons of this particular model.


  • Combined Choke/Stop Controls
  • Low vibration
  • Competitively priced
  • Efficacy on duty endeavor.


  • Difficult to Begin
  • Cannot manage tasks that are medium/heavy.

7. Poulan Pro 50cc Gas Powered Chainsaw


The Poulan Pro is a replacement for Husqvarna a cheaper version. It’s a decent tool for you in the event that you need to cut on trees.

Users of the tool developed with reviews. Few individuals have had difficulties with getting the instrument although beginning in the fourth or third pull to begin.

To utilize the Poulan Pro efficiently, please see the manual. Tackling jobs trimming and cutting thinner trees is exactly what this Oxypower engine could deal with.


  • The Poulan pro includes anti-vibration handle.
  • Features low-kickback which guarantees safety
  • Two-year warranty.
  • It’s an efficient gas conservator.


  • Following a little period of use, it will become temperamental to begin.
  • It does not ship with accessories like a maintenance toolkit.

8. Zombi ZCS12017 16-Inch Corded Electric Chainsaw


This monster is created by the American Lawn Mower Company, that’s notorious for producing a variety of power resources. The brand chainsaw is effective at cutting out a 14-inch diameter bit of wood in one pass, despite the fact that it’s significantly more successful when cutting a tiny diameter of wood about 8-10 inches.

In addition, it is the operation of it. Since it comes, whether a beginner or an expert is the ideal start in case you’re seeking your electric chainsaw constructed. Equipped using a 16-Inch Oregon guide bar and chain, replacing these components won’t be difficult as they are available.

With a tool-less chain, the tensioner is a real-time saver. All in all is a chainsaw with a lot of features.


  • It has an automatic lubrication system.
  • Equipped with a tool-less tensioning attribute
  • Fast to start and easy to operate.
  • Stylish design.


  • A chainsaw is new and it does not have a tracklisting

9. Black + Decker LCS1240 Lithium Ion Chainsaw


Actions like pruning branches and limbs that are dropped are exactly what this Black + Decker LCS1240 chainsaw is right for. It cuts logs up to 12 inches in diameter.

Like the majority of the products we’ve reviewed, it comes equipped with Oregon 12-inch guide bar and chain. The LCS1240 appears exactly but using a layout and construction.

With a 40V Max Lithium battery will probably be more. The manufacturer states this battery may hold the apparatus for 18 months and may provide 30-45 minutes of cutting time.

Additionally, it includes numerous security features. This version works fantastic as an option, if you have a duty saw.


  • Lightweight and user are friendly.
  • The unit is simple to build with a manual.
  • Outstanding.
  • Mobile
  • It provides a conducive atmosphere that is working.


  • Oil reservoir demands improvement
  • To complete tasks that are large, you might require batteries.

10. Greenworks 16-Inch 40v Cordless Chainsaw


This gadget is ideal for backyard cleanups that are regular. Such as the Black and Decker, the Greenwork battery can be used with Greenworks 40V power tools.

Equipped with all the caliber of this Oregon 18-inch bar and series, the Greenwork 40V is not overly thick and easy to use. It’s a super-efficient brush-less motor along with the amp rating/battery lifetime is among the very best among budget cordless chainsaws.

As with other versions on our listing, it will include a tool-less series tensioning system for adjustments you are able to contact your work. Additionally, it features a translucent oil tank to get a very clear perspective of your oil level.

Below is a listing of our pros and cons about what we did not like and enjoy.


  • Durable brush-less motor.
  • It’s a very low maintenance design.
  • Equipped with a Chain brake for security.
  • Automatic oiler system.
  • The tool-free chain modification is a plus.


  • Limited battery life.
  • Not perfect for big pieces of wood and timber.
  • The chain will come while functioning undone.

Gas-Powered Chainsaw Pros

Buyer’s Guide

Let us take a look at a few of the chainsaw’s details to look for when making a purchase.


There are batteries: power, gas, and 3 methods to power budget chainsaws.

Gas (Gas-Powered)

Fuel is the source of electricity and it provides the maximum power by way of. In case you’ve got big trees or a huge region is covered by even the job, then a gas-powered chainsaw will probably be challenging to beat.

There are drawbacks to gas-powered chainsaws. They ask that you combine the gas with oil and they emit fumes harmful to your wellbeing and the environment. The drawback to fuel-based motors is the maintenance they need, as well as also the string-pulling many of these need to begin. The series on a lot of fuel-based chainsaws proceeds to spin when the motor is off, so it is ideal to try to find a model using a chain brake.

Gas-Powered Chainsaw Pros

  • Ability
  • Mobile
  • Gas-Powered Chainsaw Cons
  • Mixing fuel
  • Bad for the environment
  • Bad for Your Wellbeing
  • High care
  • String pulling
  • Electric

Electric energy could be as successful as fuel-based chainsaws. Especially, compared to horsepower motors available on budget models. All these chainsaws start operating in the stem of a cause, once you release the cause along with the series stops, so string brakes are not required. They never need refilling with gasoline Because they use an extension cable, and they do not release any exhaust fumes. It’s possible to acquire saws with short or long bars to match your needs that are trimming, plus they are generally lightweight.

An electrical chainsaw won’t ever match the ability of a professional-grade gas-powered chainsaw for cutting trees that are big, designed, so these might not possess the power, in case you’ve got an undertaking. It takes an extension cable so that there are limitations to where it is possible to proceed, and power can be lost by a very long extension cable. The home, in addition to the pub that holds the series, is generally not as durable as gas-powered saws.

Electric Chainsaws Pros

  • Constant power
  • Simple start
  • Lightweight
  • Electric Chainsaws Cons
  • Less electricity
  • Requires extension cable
  • Not as durable
  • Battery-Powered

We would have written battery power off for a tool such as a chainsaw, particularly as worthless. Battery electricity is just one of those fastest-growing technology in tools and you will find a number of brands of battery-powered chainsaws effective at getting the work done.

Battery power provides you the portability as a gas-powered chainsaw without the vapors. They begin immediately, are generally quite lightweight, and possess a minimal cost of performance.

The disadvantage of battery power is the cost drains and recharging takes. Batteries are costly, and you will wish to buy some so that you know that you can find the work. They use substances that are durable and many have a string and a smaller bar extending past 10 inches.

Battery-Powered Chainsaw Pros

  • Mobile
  • Lightweight
  • No exhaust
  • Battery-Powered Chainsaw Cons
  • Extended recharge
  • Speedy drain
  • Small series
  • Not lasting
  • Bar Size

The pub on a chainsaw is. Bars will permit trees to cut and will provide you a reach. You may find bars varying from the price and higher 6 to 22 inches, however the bigger the pub, the bigger the motor. We found it challenging to discover than 18-inches at a budget.

Spring Assisted Starting

If you’re buying a gas-powered chainsaw, then we recommend searching for a model that has a spring-assisted beginning, which is.

Automated Lubrication

If you’re just getting started with a chainsaw, then you will be amazed by the quantity of oil your chain needs. A chain lubricator built-in for your saw can save a great deal of time.

The drawback to a lot of self-lubricating chains when it comes to budget versions, is they have a tendency to flow oil at the same time you shop them. Manufacturers indicate draining the reservoir if you use the chainsaw when keeping it emptying the reservoir could be inconvenient.

Chain Brake

A series brake permits the chain to halt. It more prevalent on gas-powered chainsaws since the series will keep on moving once you shut the engine off. If you’re going through jams or kickbacks, It is also possible to use it, and for this reason, a series brake is also featured by many chainsaws.

Safety Equipment

The chainsaw is dangerous, and you should always wear safety gear when working them. At minimum, you need to be certain the gear is being worn by that you.

  • Heavy-duty gloves with traction augmentation
  • Thick safety goggles with side protection
  • Earplugs or rather earmuffs
  • A hardhat
  • Steel-toe boots
  • Heavy-duty leg coverings


At an extremely affordable price, the WORX WG304.1 Chain Saw 18-Inch 4 15.0 Amp chainsaw is a difficult one to overcome.

Though there were a few other contenders to the crown of their ideal chainsaw below $200, it’s the WG304.1’s exceptional power, together with its own assortment of features and overall build quality which makes it all our winner.


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