The Secret To Weider Adjustable Dumbbells Review Is Revealed


Do you know that Weider has been in the exercising gear niche for more than 50 years? That is correct and now the name “Weider” is almost synonymous with fitness.

Their adjustable pieces always have been the talk of the town because of their straightforwardness.

In case, you are interested to buy a pair of Weider dumbbells, then you must read this Weider adjustable dumbbells Review diligently.

Strefit will discuss everything about the equipment and why should you get one. If this interests you, then do read the entire post till the end to get a better understanding.

Read on to know more!

Weider Adjustable Dumbbells Review

Features Of The Weider Hand Weight

Regardless of the size, a Weider will always be a Weider. They are considered ideal for weightlifting and there are no doubts about it. They comprise solid construction and this explains why they are market leaders.

Besides, Strefit have a few pointers that will go in their favor, like:

  1. Really smart looking dumbbells
  2. These are easy to assemble
  3. Very user-friendly
  4. The dumbbells include a stand and tray
  5. The cast-iron plates add texture to the whole thing
  6. Has a sturdy grip
  7. This makes this set very ergonomic
  8. It has a commercial construction that can make all the difference
  9. You don’t need to worry too much while changing the weights
  10. There are DVDs for additional help
  11. Very affordable

That being stated, they feel incredible while in use. They are amazingly simple to utilize, and you can change a handle to pick new weight in an effortless manner. They likewise look incredible when stashed at the corner of your home gym.

These are accompanied by a stand that is incorporated into the cost so you don’t need to get one independently. They are space savers, compact, and enable you to get going right away!

What Makes Us Like It?

Weider is an outstanding company and you can discover their name in business exercise centers across the country. Since they are sufficient for business centers, they are considered as an ideal complement to your home gym as well.

They are anything but difficult to utilize and changing loads is pretty much easy with them. You get the opportunity to supplant a large portion of a rack of hand weights just by purchasing this one set which saves you space too.

As hand weights are so flexible, you will almost certainly do a wide range of activities all without requiring another bit of hardware enabling you to tone up and gain quality in the meantime.

In addition, Strefit has found a few suggestions that may help you make a call. Read them with care.

Ergonomic Grip

The handle is ergonomically designed for secure hand grasping. Usually, Weider SpeedWeight set to offer a similar design quality in their handles.  The cast iron bar is covered with an elastic pad for an agreeable hold.

Moreover, when the plates are safely fixed, you can hear a snap, that serves as a marker of having advanced onto the following weight setting. Not to mention that this protects you from any getting hurt while weight lifting.


The expansion of a power switch empowers users to effortlessly switch between weights. Move the handle to the required weight and the dumbbells transform into a programmed coach for muscles. The movable free weights included by Weider lie in a plastic plate, which is quite accommodating. These loads are intended for longer life. Be that as it may, the casing in which the dumbbells rest are as tough as the weights.


The weights can be modified rapidly and effectively by simply turning the inside dial. Just pivot the handle to discharge the weight plates required for the particular weight that you need. Mention has to be made about Weider SpeedWeight dumbbells help protect everything with their advanced technology. This innovation incorporated into the item distinguishes them from the rest of the products.


Weider equally has tried its best to keep you safe. They have added two sticks in every plate that work with the handles before it turns. This manner forestalls weight plates from separating while they’re being lifted. As such, it guarantees that the plates are safely appended before the free weight is expelled from the stand.


The hand weights are versatile what’s more, conservative. You needn’t bother with any more space than what is required by a standard shoe rack. Weider adjustable dumbbells are an at-home exercise space that can offer you enough but don’t demand you of anything!


The Weider SpeedWeight 100 set accompanies tough and solid free weight storing stand. It is unquestionably an improvement over other plates. You won’t need to worry about finding a holder or rack to keep your loads inside for quick reach. This is a noteworthy improvement over the standard dumbbells alone, as you never again need to bend over finding to reach the loads.

Moreover, the additional room distributed between the free weights enables you to walk straight up and pick the loads from a standing position. The hand weight stands additionally makes it simpler for you to restore the loads to the stand, subsequently giving you simple access whenever you begin your exercises. You get a manual to put them together with ease.

Free DVD

It must be cited that the Weider SpeedWeight 100 set happens to be the only set that is accompanied by 6 exercise DVDs of 20 minutes, in contrast to the SpeedWeight 90 and 120. Exercises are created by Certified Personal Trainers with three objectives:

  • Stage 1: Endurance booster
  • Stage 2: Strength building
  • Stage 3: Improves power and strength

Every one of the three stages includes 2 exercises, for core, chest, and back. Then again another set for arms, shoulders, and legs. They work by focusing on a different way of building muscles in a healthy way. This DVD will positively enable you to accomplish your goals in a more advantageous way. Following this will make you stronger, and will give you a well-toned body within no time.

What Strefit Don’t Like?

No product is perfect and similarly, the Weider dumbbell weight is also not devoid of their flaws.

Here are a few things that Strefit do not agree with, as this is a name that is associated with quality:

  • Parts – A few of the parts are made out of plastic which is easy to break. The screws that incorporate into the dumbbells at times become loose and there is actually no real way to fix them. This could make weight tumble off. This just occurs from people utilizing their dumbbells for quite a while.
  • Noisy – These free weights are intended for a gym, which implies some of the time the plates on the bar are going to conflict together. This can be annoying at times for some. However, it must be added that lifting could be a bit noisy with these.

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Weider is a brand located in New Zealand that has championed the cause of building muscles. This is all about discussing what is best for you. You are your best judge and we second that premise.

Strefit knows you will do what is right for you. These are reasonably priced dumbbells that do not burn a hole in your pocket. Now, you know a lot about it, so choose your dumbbell carefully and wisely.

If you think this to be a trusted name, then you can certainly go for it. LessConf has done our job by explaining it to you. These are a noble addition to your collection with comfortable grips and easy storage. It is your choice, hence make it worth it! What say?


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