What Is Die Cutting: A Quick Guide

What Is Die Cutting

The market for Global Arts and Crafts is expected to surpass USD 49550 million by 2025 so it is no surprise that the hobby of paper crafting has gotten more attention. If you are interested in the arts and crafts industry, the term ‘die cutting’ gets used often. But, what is die cutting, where did it originate, and which is the best machine for it?

Keep reading to get the answers to all those questions!

What Is Die Cutting?

Die cutting is a simplified and speedy way of cutting a shape out of material through the use of a machine rather than by hand. The objects that get cut out include basic shapes, sentiments, words, florals, and many more. It gets used for materials other than paper including thin fabric, vinyl, and foam. 

Die Cutting History

Whilst it may seem like a relatively new term, this process was originated a while back. It was first introduced during the industrial revolution and has evolved with technological advancements. 

The Word

In the 1300s the word ‘die’ was introduced to refer to the stamping processes that were undertaken by several industries. The 1800s saw the word being combined with the term ‘cut’ to coin the term ‘die cutting.’ Die cutting has now been a well established term for decades.

The Process

This process was originally created to benefit the shoemaking industry in the mid-1800s. It was intended to streamline the process resulting in more consistent shoes with standardized sizing getting introduced. The process has evolved with the new technology and manufacturing processes and it has now found its use in the crafting industry.

Die Cutting Machine


The cutting machine cuts selected shapes out of desired materials. They are time-saving as they can cut multiple shapes in seconds. Machines have many functions in many different industries due to their versatility.

Types of Die

Dies are metal-shaped instruments attached to a machine that cut out the desired shape. Steel-rule dies are sharp, durable, and are protected with plastic material for safety. Thin metal dies are blunter, cannot cut as thick material, but they are lighter and easier to store as they do not have any protective material.

Types of Machine

There are three different types of machinery and choosing the best die cutting machine can seem complicated. Manual and electronic machines are perfect for novices and relatively affordable with the only difference being their method of control. Digital machines have no physical die and a lot of inbuilt systems which makes them a little more high-tech than the others.

Get Into Die Cutting

So now you have the answer to all questions, why not try your hand at it? Choose a machine, choose a die, and get making!

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