Which Snake Species Are the Most Common Pets?

Common Pets

There are a lot of different kinds of snakes out there, but not all of them are ones that you would want to bring home. Even if you were to exclude the 600+ venomous snakes, you would still find yourself with a few thousand species to choose from. When choosing a pet snake there are a few core qualities to look for: easy to maintain, entertaining, non-aggressive, etc. No need to run through the list of all 3,879 species though, here’s our guide to which Snake Species Are the Most Common Pets.

Hognose Snakes

Hognose snakes or “hoggies”, as they are nicknamed, are beloved for their unique appearance. Their upturned snouts have earned them the reputation of being one of the cutest snakes. But these sweet serpents bring more to the table than just their looks. They’re very docile and adjust easily to regular handling but have a tendency to be shy so don’t take it personally if you find them spending a good portion of their time buried in the bedding.

Corn Snakes

These copperhead-impersonators might look fearsome but they’re completely harmless. Corn snakes are very well-mannered, and their temperament makes them a joy to own. Another reason why they are so popular as pets is because of how unfinicky they are when it comes to their habitat. Native to most parts of North America, these adaptable snakes are hardy and are more forgiving of less-than-perfect tank setups.

Sand Boas

Bigger isn’t always better, which is one of the main selling points of the sand boa. Calm and well-tempered, sand boas are one of the smallest mainstream snakes of the bunch. They rarely exceed 2 feet in length, which makes them a breeze to accommodate in your living situation. Another benefit of being small statured? Smaller tanks cost less, meaning you have lower snake setup costs than you might with a larger snake. 

Ball Pythons

Last but certainly not least is everybody’s favorite: the ball python. These snakes tend to curl around arms and hands when handled which makes them fun to hold. Fortunately, these snakes are more social than your average serpent and are amazingly comfortable with frequent human interaction. In addition to being quite friendly, ball pythons are well-known for being non-aggressive, and in fact, are much more likely to hide than to strike. Ball pythons’ biggest claim to fame, however, is that they boast one of the largest numbers of morphs of any snake species. With so many morphs available it is easy to find ball pythons for sale online from well-established and trustworthy sites. 

Find The Best Pet Snakes For Sale Online

These snake species are unique in their own way, but all are suitable for both beginners and experienced reptile enthusiasts. Any of them would make a fantastic pet option, the hard part is then deciding which one you want to bring home. Even though these snakes come from different parts of the world, you can find these and other snakes for sale online at specialty reptile shops like XYZReptiles. It’s incredibly easy to find all sorts of different snakes as well as different snake morphs all at the click of a button.


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