Why you should beware of Eastern European brides


The mystery of Eastern European brides

Have you ever heard of Eastern European brides? Probably, only a lazy man has never thought of them. These beauties from Eastern Europe have conquered the fame of the most obedient, loyal, and hot women on the whole planet. Of course, girls in any country have their charm and peculiarities, but there is something magic about females from Eastern Europe. 

If you have ever faced Eastern European brides or just thought of doing it, you should first learn who they are and why they are so special. Not every man can handle these cuties, unfortunately. Lots of rumors and myths surround Eastern European ladies. Not all of them are true, as well as not each of those is false. Let’s see which of those sayings are myths and which are proven facts. 

Who belongs to Eastern European ladies

Obviously, all women from Eastern Europe can belong to that category. Some men believe that only countries in the EU belong to Eastern Europe. It is not really so. Traditionally, we also consider Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, and Moldova as the countries belonging to Eastern Europe. 

If looking on the map, you will see the following Eastern European countries:

  • Belarus
  • Bulgaria
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary
  • Moldova
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Slovakia
  • Ukraine

Naturally, women from all of these lands can be considered Eastern European brides. It would be good to admit that most of them are really popular among western men. The most popular of them remain ladies from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia. 

What qualities do girls from Eastern Europe possess?

The question is rather rhetoric. Each country in this part of Europe is huge. You imagine how many millions of people live there. All of these girls have different personalities, their good and bad sides, and features. We cannot generalize and say that all of them are the same and possess the same qualities. 

We can name a few features that may be common for nearly every female in Eastern Europe.

Family values  A distinguishing feature of all Eastern European brides, especially those from Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia are their family values. Marriage is their goal, almost all of them want to experience motherhood and you will hardly meet someone who prefers dating childfree. Of course, times change and a lot of them start having more modern views but in general, their values remain unchanged. 
Beauty This is probably the core reason why western guys choose to date Eastern European brides. Their natural beauty is outstanding. Most of them have pale skin, wear long hair, take care of themselves, and always look stunning. 
Femininity One more thing distinguishing these ladies from Western females is their femininity. They possess it in their nature. Even if a lady wears jeans and sneakers or goes to throw the garbage away, she looks feminine. You will hardly meet a male-looking woman among them.
Responsible motherhood Being great moms is in Eastern European blood. They always prefer their kids to their careers (there are some exceptions, though). These ladies raise children themselves, teach them reading, drawing, and spend a lot of time together. A babysitter isn’t necessary if you are married to an Eastern European wife. 
Fit and beautiful bodies  Taking care of themselves is a must. Many Eastern European brides prefer healthy lifestyles. They do fitness, attend gyms, and are not likely to gain weight even after giving birth. Do not think that all women in these areas are slim. There are different body types, of course. However, all of them take care of themselves and always look great regardless of their shape.  


Why you may need to avoid women from Eastern Europe

The qualities described above seem to be great. However, do not hurry to join the very first Eastern European dating site and look for your wife. There are plenty of cases when western men are too disappointed with their potential Eastern European brides and return home with nothing. 

If you consider an Eastern European wife, you should know that not every man can handle her. Below, you will see why such a lady may not be suitable for you.

  1. You are not ready to invest

Thinking that a woman from Eastern Europe will praise you just because you have a foreign passport is very wrong. These ladies are not desperate at all. The truth is Eastern European dating culture is very different from that in the USA or other western countries. These ladies expect your investment, both financial and emotional, even if you are dating on eastern european brides dating site.

Paying the dating bills is up to a man in their culture. Moreover, every date should be accompanied by flowers. This is still not enough. Small and big gifts are also a must if you want to conquer her attention and continue dating Eastern European brides. With Eastern European ladies, nothing will come easy. You must conquer not only a woman but the right to conquer her.

  1. You believe your foreign passport is enough

Thinking that all Eastern European girls want to marry western guys for the sake of moving to their countries is a big mistake. Moreover, these ladies are very concerned with such men and have a sort of prejudice. If you think an American or British passport is the only thing that should knock a woman from Eastern Europe off her feet, you should review your beliefs. 

Any Eastern European female is free to travel to western countries. They do it constantly both for work and just on vacations. If you think their life in their country is not good, you are wrong. The girls are not that desperate to leave the country by marrying the very first man from the West they meet. Therefore, your passport is not enough at all. 

Recall how women in your country want you to approach them and apply the same criteria to Eastern Europe. Believe us, it won’t be easier. 

  1. You think all young models dream of dating an old average western men

There is a common belief among many western guys that all girls from Europe, especially when speaking about females from Ukraine, Russia, or Belarus are willing to date much older western men. Relax and realize that you have no chance for an age difference of 20 years and more if you:

  • Are not at least a millionaire;
  • Are not listed in Forbes;
  • Are an average western man of pre-retirement age. 

20-30-year-old women who are really beautiful and know what they are worth will never date anyone 15-20 years older unless he has a lot of money to offer and is really generous! 

If you read all that information carefully and think conquering a girl from Eastern Europe is something you want, check Sofiadate or other reliable dating websites that will connect you with Eastern European brides online. Just remember that your wish to have a beautiful young and sexy girl from Eastern Europe is not enough to have her. Efforts are still required. 


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