Top 13 Best Classical Guitar Under 1000 Dollars

best classical guitar under 1000

Classical guitars are slender, beautiful and glow bright with their sleek, gloss finish. It is difficult to resist the small voice at the back of your mind that tempts one to purchase still another guitar, or perhaps your very first guitar! In case you’ve spent any time exploring the greatest classical guitar under 1000 bucks, you’ve probably already noticed there are hundreds of quality products that live within the 500 to $1000 price range. You may even find excellent classical guitars for under $1000 inside this review.

After studying dozens of testimonials, and exploring tons of pertinent YouTube videos on the subject, we’re pleased to say that we are all set to supply you with the very best, precise details on conventional classical guitars now offered. In the following guide, we’ll present to you our favorite products, talk about the effect of tonewoods on audio, investigate forms of guitar strings, and also dive to guitar body styles as well as their significance.

Each item has been extensively researched and analyzed in a means which will help inform you of each detail and discrepancy. Listed below are the top classical guitars under $1000 that we believe have the best tonewoods, craftsmanship, and strings:

Reviews Top 13 Best Classical Guitar Under 1000

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Godin Multiac Nylon Encore Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar

The Godin Multiac Nylon Encore Acoustic-Electric Guitar is unmatched both in sound and looks. Godin introduced the classical guitar to the world of their future with this unique instrument. The simple fact it is a mix between the conventional nylon string classical guitar and the electric guitar facets gives it the capability to produce warm, mellow tones to loud and billed vibrant audio.

The truth is, the cost point of the guitar is just as exceptional as the guitar itself, bringing the nylon down the electric guitar to the less expensive location. It’s a solid cedar top, a two-chambered silver foliage body, and a habit Godin Dual Source System. The loud, as well as the elegant, can eventually find a middle ground. This guitar is ideal both for your loudest concertos as well as also the tons of chambers and all people that want to play with them.


  • Fantastic electronics
  • Cozy
  • Tonewood is of high quality


  • Expensive
  • Might hum when plugged in

Cordoba C7-CE CD/IN

The C7 CE was a long-time associate of Cordoba’s guitar troop. It was the next guitar published in the C7 lineup of this Iberia show – its no doubt that a substantial improvement from the first C7. The gap between the two sister goods, the C7 and C7 CE is largely the cutaway (along with also a Fishman preamp!).

Together with the C7 CE, you can achieve the higher strings easily, and that is precisely what Cordoba desired to attain. Their business is famous for producing quality, conventional classical Spanish guitars while integrating the requirements of contemporary guitarists inside the design. In cases like this, the helpful feature is that the cutaway.

As a result of this attribute, the strings could be put too high off the fretboard to get a couple of guitarists, and a few may think about the activity to be overly significant. In general, however, this is the byproduct if you’re trying to find a fantastic guitar that sounds like it seems!


Even in case, you play classical guitar way up into the 19th fret, you can make certain the C7 CE won’t shed its tenacity in audio. Regardless of what series you descend and that fret you press, this guitar seems fantastic up and down the fretboard. You may be certain that you won’t encounter any loss of tone or amplitude.


As a result of the cutaway design which is included with the C7 CE, you’ll have the ability to attain the top frets with no trouble. This supplies you with easy-access, comfy, fuss-free enjoyment. A lot of individuals also report that the neck being quite simple to become accustomed to, and praise comfortable it seems when playing. Watch the Cordoba C7 CD Instead.


Contrary to its predecessor, Cordoba C7 CD, the C7 CE includes a sound, Canadian cedar top with accompanying rosewood sides and back.


Equipped with a pair of Savarez Cristal Corum High Tension nylon strings, so you can be certain you’ll be getting that accurate, classic classical Spanish audio straight away. As soon as you put your palms with this particular guitar is the moment you’ll fall in love with all the C7 CE!


In case you have problems maintaining your guitar secure from scratches and scrapes, or whether you’re seeking to go on the street, the C7 CE is the best guitar to select. It includes a gig back to help keep you and your guitar together constantly.


  •  Has a gig back
  • Includes caliber strings
  • Strong, Canadian cedar top
  • No reduction of tone or amplitude

We Liked It

Using a total of 19 frets, you’ll have the ability to play with the greatest flamencos for this beauty. The standard fan bracing featured within this guitar assists both novice and intermediate guitarists accomplish a rich, resonant sound. This type of different tone is ideal for performing on stage or in a recording studio.


  • An action could be too high

Kremona Rosa Morena Flamenco Collection Nylon String Guitar

Our initial review is to get the Kremona Rosa Morena Flamenco guitar. Flamenco guitars are constructed lighter with thinner shirts than classical guitars, which produces a brighter sound quality. Builders useless inner bracing to maintain the shirt more resonant to help make them smoother and brighter notes.

Volume has traditionally been quite significant for flamenco guitarists. To increase volume, tougher forests are used for the sides and back, with warmer woods to the very top.

The Rosa Morena is made of Indian rosewood and European spruce. This Flamenco guitar provides the rich, warm tone and a dynamic assortment of a classical guitar but with subtle flamenco design components and strong sound.

This Kremona model includes a solid high, ultra-thin gloss finish along with a Honduras cedar neck. The Indian rosewood fingerboard and bridge, together with a bone nut and saddle compliments other Flamenco features. Further fine touches include strong wood binding and soundhole rosette, gold tuning machines, along with a conventional Flamenco faucet plate.

A Kremona padded gig bag with neck support is contained, however, a hard-shell case could be a definite plus. You may always put in a better situation afterward. The Rosa Morena is adequate thought for under $1000.


  • Spruce top
  • Rosewood sides and back
  • Robust sound


  • Flamenco design is constructed lighter than classical design
  • No hard-shell case

Taylor 114ce-N Classical Guitar

You might be somewhat amazed that Taylor is offering a classical or nylon guitar. Be advised this isn’t your traditional classical guitar but more of a mix of both steel and nylon.

In fact, what you’ve got here’s really a guitar with straps however a human body and neck which features the expansive auditorium-style. The human body with its solid Sitka spruce top and layered ovangkol back and sides is exactly what you may expect from a Taylor.

The neck is constructed from timber with a fretboard made from ebony. This neck is simple to play along with the only cutaway that allows easy accessibility to the higher frets. You may nevertheless find it to be somewhat different from the customary construct of classical guitar necks. This isn’t quite as broad or as horizontal as with the majority of classical guitars.

A look at the electronics will show Taylor’s ES-N platform that was made specifically for use with classical guitars. It includes a straightforward 3-band EQ plus a master volume. Regrettably, it doesn’t have an onboard amplifier.

The tone you get out of this guitar is complete and hot. As a result of its own body style, you may delight in a louder volume than many classical guitars provide.

Pros and Highlights

  • Tone Warm, loud and full.
  • Playability Plays smoothly.
  • Gigbag Great quality.

Cons and Possible Flaws

  • On-board Tuner Not.

Bottom Line

This guitar is a mix of a nylon-string plus also a steel-string guitar. It opens new vistas in the realm of classical guitars.

Cordoba C9 Classical Guitar

This guitar will surely provide you great value for your cash. This is one of Cordoba’s flagship versions and goes back to the Luthier series. Cordoba C9 is constructed from a strong Canadian cedar top while its sides and back utilize solid timber. Its rosewood fingerboard, on the other hand, comes at a C-shape mahogany neck while the binding and bridge are made up of Indian rosewood.

The guitar also appears very unique with all the rosette that encircles the soundhole. This layout was motivated by a 1920’s rosette made by Domingo Esteso. Are you aware this rosette is adorned by hand with mother-of-pearl? Pretty intriguing, is not it?

Though it’s a full-size 650-millimeter scale guitar using 52-millimeter nut thickness, I had been amazed at the way that it’s so lightweight it is extremely simple to carry around. However, what matters most is that the wonderful noise it generates. As it’s an all-solid guitar, it provides this out the hot and well-rounded tone. As a result of its responsive soundboard also, this guitar may also provide you a louder tone.


  • Produces an absolutely astonishing audio quality Acceptable for concerts
  • Produced from solid wood however It’s lightweight
  • Has a polyfoam case
  • thumbs-down-icon


It does not come with an Integrated pickup

Yamaha NTX1200R Acoustic-Electric Classical Guitar, Rosewood

The NTX1200R is just one of the greatest classical guitars beneath 1000, providing flexibility and texture that’s akin to guitars that are more expensive. While less than a million dollars, the guitar comes with specialist degree attributes.

If you’re trying to find a way to bring a heat into your own musical masterpiece, the NTX1200R will do good. The cutaway design, fret neck joint, lean neck, and slender body makes the guitar comfier to use.

The NTX1200R is acceptable for rock, jazz, pop, classical music, Latin and other designs. Using its cutaway design and slimline constructed, you are going to be at ease sitting or standing.

The guitar’s stika spruce top balances the tone and keeps it hot. Using its rosewood back and sides and African American mahogany neck, the NTX1200R provides a different tone that will not have drowned out by other musical instruments.

The guitar utilizes solid rosewood and it provides support for your soundboard. The result is mellow yet strong tones for various kinds of music.

The NTX1200R includes A.R.E. (Acoustic Resonance Enhancement) technology Made by Yamaha. ARE uses proprietary strategies to control atmospheric humidity, pressure and humidity so the timber is much more acoustically tuned.

Even in the event that you don’t understand all of the technical details there is arguing with the results. The NTX1200R includes a striking sound very similar to high excellent classic guitars.

The guitar handles high range dissonance nicely while keeping up a sharp tone. The other guitars at the NXT series also have undergone this process and create exactly the exact clear tone.

There are plenty of methods to spell out the NTX1200R audio, such as apparent, exceptional resonance and older. Employing ART technologies, the guitar provides sharp, energizing and organic classical, acoustic tones.

The NTX1200R has excellent opinions rejection, an expansive variety and patented multiple coating contact detectors for organic and exact sounds. The guitar’s 2-way contact pickup mechanism to stop feedback vibration.

This system is mounted on the bass and treble sides, and along with the multilayered damper guarantees the purity of tone. The nylon mid-range strings are hot and the preamp allows you to place the bass and treble pickup quantity. There are an onboard tuner and a three-band EQ on the System 61 preamp too.

Highlighted Features

  • ART Two way pickup/preamp system
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • African mahogany neck
  • Rosewood sides and rear
  • Stika spruce top
  • 14 fret neck joints
  • Nylon string tone
  • For different genres

La Patrie Guitar, Collection

LaPatrie is a village situated in Quebec Canada, it’s known to create terrific guitars under the newest LaPatrie. This guitar gets the customary shape such as other guitars. The top one consists of chosen cedar timber that’s been examined before being included in the layout; front and back are made from rosewood.

The guitar is made in the skillful hands of the LaPatrie is created completely by hand and generates smooth, hot melodies. The excellent thing the guitarists here reveals is their ability in blending the stiffness of pinewood with all the softness of cedarwood to give it a feeling of equilibrium that’s most valued by classical artists.


  • A balanced and hot tone
  • Completely handmade


  • No noise in the Maximum level

Yamaha SLG200N Nylon String Silent Guitar

The Yamaha SLG200N Nylon String Silent Guitar is a ghost, a haunting presence in whatever circumstance you set it in. Not as it’s a remarkably amazing sounding guitar, even when attached to a Blackberry, but since it lacks the entire body to generate an acoustic sound.

This doesn’t necessarily mean the guitar isn’t valuable ownership or it does whatsoever underperform at the hands of almost any musician. The simple fact that it lacks a body gives it an extreme price.

The lightweight structure and the rapid assembly/disassembly of this guitar usually mean that the guitar is more comfy and easy to go with or take. Luckily Yamaha knows what they’re doing and they left the guitar right into a really unique electric edition.

Its noise is extremely customizable via lots of controllers over the guitars, which permit the guitar to sound like a totally mic’s acoustic guitar. The sound is quite clear and natural, meaning that nobody will have the ability to distinguish the difference between the acoustic guitar and this one unless they appear at the entire body.


  • Good to travel with
  • Silent
  • Cheap for what it provides


  • Despite being streamlined it Isn’t that lightweight
  • For conventional players that this May Be a difficult one to get used to

Takamine Guru Series C132S

Takamine has been providing the marketplace with the Guru Series C123S guitar as the early 1980s. Many clients can proudly vouch for this being their first guitar. Being a different nylon string classical, it’s easy to see why it has been available for so long and utilized by a lot of. Many clients, decades later, nevertheless report this guitar was maintaining the business for 20-30 decades and still appears to be a charm!

In case you’ve ever wondered that classical guitar on the market looks like the drawings of Antonio Torres the most, then we are pleased to give you the C132S! What’s Antonio Torres significant? Antonio was among the most renowned guitar players and luthiers of the 19th century. He’s the godfather of classical guitar layout we predict shared now.


The C132S creates very severe and melodic sounds that lots of guitarists search for when buying a classical guitar. Many clients clarify this guitar as using a bright but mellow sound that suits ideally to classical pieces.


This guitar has a solid cedar top, rosewood sides and back, and a mahogany neck which can endure even the most demanding of exercise sessions!


Takamine’s guitar includes a pair of easy, straps. They have an impressive quantity of volume which can surprise even the most experienced of guitarists.


A number of these C132S’ most notable features include the magnificent traditional classical body since we pointed out earlier, its solid cedar top, mahogany neck, amazing gloss finish and also how it includes a hard case!


  • Comes with hard case
  • Modeled after 19th-century classical guitars
  • Available since 1977
  • Durable, reliable

We Liked It

The C132S is excellent for anybody who needs a tried-and-tested guitar that’s been serving budding guitarists for ages. The craftsmanship is fantastic, and the forests used to create this instrument intertwine nicely together; both durability and performance-wise. A lot of individuals also report that the noise only enhances as the year’s pass, the mellowness getting more discernible.


  • Not to flamenco gamers (tone too low)

Cordoba Fusion 12 Rose Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Classical Guitar

The very first thing caught my attention was a classical guitar with rosewood top back and sides. Instantly, this isn’t likely to seem just like a classic classical guitar. Perhaps with electronics, it is ok, but I’d rather have a very wonderful guitar I could play with miked up or not.

The Rose belongs to Cordoba’s Fusion collection, a lineup of high-quality crossover or hybrid design nylon string guitars designed to perform and feel like steel-string acoustics.

Most importantly, the necks are carved thinner than conventional Spanish-style”classical” guitars and possess a nut width of 48mm. The choice of 12 or 14 frets to the body is a style option left up to the player.

The thinner dimensions along with a radiused fingerboard provide the Fusion show the feel and playability that many steel-string and electric guitar gamers are utilized to.

The Fusion series versions have all of the warmth, human anatomy, and design that conventional”classical” nylon string guitars are famous for and are constructed using conventional Spanish guitar techniques including domed soundboards and fan bracing patterns at the plan.

Additional attributes include cutaway and non-cutaway body fashions, Fishman or BBand pickups, 2-way adjustable truss rods, and Savarez Corum Alliance strings that provide the greater tension feel that many crossover gamers are searching for.

The bridge, binding, and headstock overlay are made of Indian rosewood, and the rosette is hand inlaid with walnut and rosewood rings. Contained is a deluxe Cordoba gig bag.

If you’re seeking a standard classical guitar, then you will need to continue searching for different options in the present article.


  • Fishman pickups
  • Indian rosewood bridge
  • Gigbag


  • Rosewood shirt
  • Narrow neck

ESP LTD TL-6N Electric Nylon String Guitar

What is an ESP guitar performing on this list? The brand is best known for its electrical guitar? Yes, it is but it’s made an attempt that’s well worth a mention.

LTD TL-6N Thinline isn’t anything but your conventional classical guitar. To begin with, it has a rather thin body thickness, a scale length of 25″ and a very deep cutaway that’s reminiscent of a Les Paul. Truth is said if you hold it feels like an electric guitar compared to a classical guitar.

One quite obvious quality of its design is not having a soundhole in the standard sense. This is substituted with a pit onto its reduced bout shaped just like a thorn. This semi-hollow body guitar includes a shirt made of spruce with back and sides made from mahogany.

Continuing in its tumultuous mode, the neck is sparse using a U shaped layout along with a diminished 1.89″ nut width. The fretboard is made from rosewood and retains 22 frets.

For the electronic equipment, it includes a B-Band T-7 preamp that forces a B-Band under-saddle transducer. This supplies added curricular options particularly for studio or live drama. It features a 3-band EQ, volume and electronic gadget.

Nevertheless, this isn’t a guitar for conventional classical guitar fans.

Pros and Highlights

  • Tone Versatile.
  • Playability It is comfy.
  • Construct Well-made.

Cons and Possible Flaws

  • Case none.

Bottom Line

This guitar is very comfortable with plenty of mindsets that traditionalists will probably disdain. It seems amazing and will do good on stage.

Alhambra 3C-CW-US Cutaway Collection Guitar

Alhambra is among the most dependable brands, that Spanish firm has been producing guitars since 1965. They pride themselves on getting the very best guitar in the world and also the Alhambra 3C-CW-US Cutaway Series Guitar is no exclusion.

This guitar creates a real, classical Spanish design that emanates seem as hot as the Spanish sunlight, due to the elegant, cedar timber. I also like that it comes at a cutaway design so it’s going to merely sit perfectly in your lap. The neck and body of the guitar can also be easily accessible. Therefore, if you’re among these players having trouble attaining the higher frets, this cutaway attribute can help you.

Furthermore, this guitar includes a heavy-duty difficult case which can keep your guitar safe and secure when you’re not using it when you need to take it as you’re traveling.


  • It Includes a thick hard case so It’s Ideal for Anybody who is constantly on the move
  • There is an available version for left-handed Men and Women
  • Warranty is included


  • It can sometimes feel awkward

Kremona Sofia Artist Series Nylon String Guitar

I will complete my classical guitars beneath 1000 testimonials with a different product from Kremona. The Sofia Artist series are specially handcrafted to supply the best quality audio possible.

The Sofia includes a western cedar top, Indian rosewood headstock, bridge and fingerboard and African American mahogany neck. The timber used on a guitar has a massive influence on the noise, so it is very good to find the Sofia Artist series using only quality materials.

The strings are extremely responsive and generate a different timbre that is tough to find in different guitars. Strumming or fingerpicking you will observe the guitar is more expressive, lively and warm.

The guitar stays in tune longer than many so you just have to concentrate on playing. With its own machine heads and tuners, obtaining the Sofia in song again is simple.

A deluxe instance is included so you will have the ability to choose the Kremona Sofia together with you wherever you move. That is a heavy-duty case and may manage unique requirements and safeguard your guitar.

Kremona makes a whole lot of quality guitars and their experience is clear here. Ordinarily with cheap guitars that a compromise is made on a single place, i.e. sides, strings, but using all the Sofia everything is topnotch.

The guitar is not too thick either so it will not mess you out while enjoying. It’s a fantastic sound, excellent preserve and superior workmanship. You do not have to be a veteran guitarist to view and hear the difference.

Do not confuse the guitar’s lightness for vulnerability since it is solidly constructed. A fast look in the structure demonstrates that it is clearly made for regular usage.

The guitar’s high quality implies it’s good enough for innovative guitarists but in addition, it is easy enough for a student to understand. The longer you play the more you are going to observe the subtleties from the tone, resonance, and variety. The Sofa also includes a profound bass, very different even if you’re playing in a ring.

There are a whole lot of excellent classical guitars, but the majority of these cost a fortune. The Kremona Sofia is a noteworthy exception which makes it a fantastic option for novices and if you are looking for a substitute for the expensive versions.

Highlighted Features

  • Set dovetail neck joint
  • CGHC deluxe hard case
  • Bone nut and saddle
  • African mahogany neck
  • Sapele sides and rear
  • Kremona Arete Strings
  • 19 frets
  • 52 mm nut

The Way to Pick the Best Classical Guitar


Unlike electric guitars that come slim and fairly simple to manage for many individuals, classical guitar is significantly different. Every classical guitar comes in various shapes and sizes plus you will find so many you can pick from and also the topmost factor you need to consider is the relaxation.

So be sure to just select a size which will fit you nicely. If you aren’t comfortable obtaining the bridge or the neck of this guitar, your gift will probably only be moot. Take note also the guitar will probably be sitting on your lap for hours, so you do not want it to feel as though it’s the weight after some time; this is only going to demotivate you and soften your soul from enjoying.


One more thing that you should check is that the guitar’s hardware, also it must be on stage. For example, tuning machines may break or make the guitar’s functionality, particularly for classical ones.

Your selection of guitar ought to be well-built and ought to be able to keep up the key you would like.


Why is tonewood significant? This is because it defines the guitar’s quality of tone that is more highlighted when it has to do with classical guitars. Since ancient guitars are somewhat more naturally sterile, the tonewood ought to have the ability to give out more comfortable and more curved tones.

Classical guitars with both spruce and cedar tone timber are highly advised.

Each fret of the guitar should appear properly

Be certain the strings are directly enough and are parallel to one another.

Then the saddle of this guitar Ought to Be sturdy enough to not have detached from the face of the guitar


What Are the Best Classical Guitar Brands?

The best brands for classical guitars comprise Cordoba, Takamine, Yamaha, and La Patrie.

What’s the Best Beginner Classical Guitar?

Beginner classical guitars finest classical guitar for a novice must be anything produced by Yamaha.

They have heaps of color choices with every solution and nearly all of their guitars include packages which have tuners, classical guitar strings, cleaning kits, etc..

We can wholeheartedly recommend the Yamaha C40 for any newcomer because it includes a stand, instance, learning manual, choices, and a tuner! The Yamaha SLG200N Nylon String Silent guitar is also a fantastic selection.


It always struck me as odd that dust settles on memories of yesteryear as readily as it evolves older, things. The unfortunate issue is that recollections become dusty and withered regardless of how often you return to them. It’s stranger still this pay of age creates the memories appear less tangible, make them feel as they are merely part of your creativity.

After a lot of years that my aunt Liz enjoying with the guitar on this gorgeous summer day has become more of unreality than anything else. My inability to validate the concreteness of the moment in time doesn’t help. I can’t locate the gorgeous guitar she played nor will I hear the song she played, apparently ever again.

All I know is that it was a classical guitar. All I understand is that the audio was slow and miserable. All I know is that among the most gorgeous things, among the very plausibly fanciful memories that I have, is attached to some classical guitar. Perhaps your memories are? Perhaps you could create an identical haunting picture in the brain of another young kid?

Whichever it is, I trust you find among the finest classical guitars beneath 1000 to help in your search.

All the Best!


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