Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbells Review: [NEW] 2020


These adjustable dumbbells from Ironmaster have gained a lot of popularity with the people. Ironmaster is not a new name in the fitness industry. The company has been treating us with groundbreaking fitness equipment since the year 1978. So, it can be assumed that the company is at the top of its game.

The manufacturer understands the changes that place in the fitness sector and it tries to deliver accordingly. These adjustable dumbbells are a testimonial to the fact that the company incorporates major improvements in its products and stays ahead of the competition. This Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbells Review will shed sufficient light on why this product has gained so much of popularity.

Outstanding Features of Ironmaster hand weights from Strefit

  • The dimensions of the dumbbells are 15.x 6.5 x 6.5 inches
  • The users will get a warranty that is valid for a lifetime
  • The sales package includes a sturdy stand to support the weights
  • Overall construction is quite strong so the dumbbells will not wear out before their time
  • These Dumbbells have no less than 32 various settings
  • The handles of each dumbbell weigh 5 pounds
  • A set of dumbbells include 4 screws for locking, 2 handles, and standard weight plates
  • It can be expanded to a maximum weight of 165 pounds.
  • The dumbbells feel well-balanced
  • This can be used with additional kits to support higher weights
  • Not tough to adjust in any way
  • Features an effective locking system to prevent and rattling
  • Durable product

These were the features that have made these dumbbells a household name today. They have already outsold every rival brand by a huge margin and have received huge praises for high quality and flawless performance

If you go by the appearance of the dumbbells then they may not seem out of the ordinary. However, these function like no other in the industry, giving you the best workouts every day.

Underneath all the traditional get up these dumbbells have an effective locking mechanism that facilitates faster weight change. This particular feature made this dumbbell very easy to use.

What Makes The Ironmaster So Desirable?

Unlike the other models in the market, these dumbbells are made to withstand rough treatment. Their dumbbells are engineered to last for an entire lifetime which reveals that the company is confident about their quality.

What Makes The Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbells So Desirable

The manufacturer also puts their products through several quality checks before selling them in the market. This is a commendable trait. There are very few brands in the market that can offer you such great quality at a competitive price.

There is more to this, like:

Lifetime Warranty

The truth is that there is no product in the market that will last you for eternity.  The longevity of a product also depends on how you use it. With these dumbbells from Ironmaster, you can expect a warranty that spans a lifetime,

Unlike most brands that like to avoid helping their customers, Ironmaster will make sure that their customers get the very best. The company wants their customer base to feel fully satisfied and content with its purchases.

Overall Construction And Durability

These dumbbells may look like ordinary units but in reality, these are made using sophisticated technology. The manufacturer firmly believes in updating its products and these adjustable dumbbells are perfect examples of that.

The grooves resent on every plate were specially created so that they fit in well when they are attached to the bottom of the dumbbell. This also eliminates all of the rattlings and shaking. This aspect has gone down really well with the public

The locking screws and handles on the dumbbell are constructed from high-quality steel, this adds to the durability of the products. The combination of tough materials and traditional designs makes these dumbbells really tough.


The weighted plates come with indented grooves this helps to do away with any kind of rattling while training. The weight plates have the brand name on them so they are genuine all the way. The handles on the dumbbells are 1.25 inches and are coated with chrome to give you a firm grip while using them.

Add-On Kits

The standard dumbbells come with a fixed amount of weight but you may need to take things higher at times so that where you could use some additional kits to fulfill your requirements.

The biggest plus point of the dumbbells by Ironmaster is that you can very easily add weights as per your requirements with the help of the additional kits. You can have access to two different kits one lets you max up to 120pounds and a second kit will help you reach up to 165 pounds.

The Adjustability Factor

The good thing about these dumbbells is that the quick adjustment system is not too tough to handle. This is not a new technology so most users will be familiar with it. This quick-lock technology makes the product very safe to use on a regular basis.

You have to manually remove or add weights until you are satisfied. After that, you will have to slide the screw all the way to the end of the dumbbell to make things are secure. The screws got grooves on them which help you guide them towards the dumbbell.

You can be rest assured that Ironmaster provides you the best secure dumbbells for your everyday need.

Wider Range Of Exercises

If you like working out with a lot of passion then you are in for a treat as this dumbbell is quite versatile in nature. With these, you can give all your major muscle groups a very good workout. Also for most exercises like the bench press, you will be able to perform a full range of motion.

The Stand

The stand provided with the dumbbells is designed to provide maximum support to the weight plates. The stand has three shelves and is quite spacious to accommodate all the weight plates every single shelf on the stand is rubber coated to prevent rusting of any kind.

What Does Not Make The Ironmaster Dumbbell Bench Not so Desirable?

Like all other things, these dumbbells also come with a set of flaws. Maybe that makes them perfect and we have been able to fork a few of these for you. Read it with care.

The Plates On The Dumbbells Are Lighter

In some models, the company has stated that the dumbbell weight up to 75 pounds but when the customers loaded up the dumbbells to full capacity it was found that the dumbbell only weighed 70 pounds in total. Many have found this utterly disappointing.

Needs To Be Organized

Unlike the other models in the market, these dumbbells require additional storage for every weight plate. This is also considered a let down by most users but it should not totally discourage you from buying the product.

Inconsistent Distribution Of Weights

If you add a single plate of 2.5 pounds you will notice that the dumbbells tend to be heavier on a single end and this can hamper your training session.

Prolonged Adjustment Time

The bad part about these dumbbells is that the adjustment process can be a little time-consuming. Other brands typically take about 15 to 20 seconds to adjust; these dumbbells take about 90 seconds. A lot of the users are not happy with this.


These dumbbells are not very hardy as claimed by the manufacturer. However, longevity is also dependent on the way you use them.

Should You Buy The Ironmaster?

There is no denying that the dumbbell bench from Ironmaster is nothing but phenomenal. So, the answer would be yes. When you go through all the facts mentioned in this Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbells Review you will see that this product has more of pluses than negatives.

This product is now on top of everyone’s list of things to buy. When you take into consideration the features and price of the product, purchasing t can do you no harm. So, go ahead and buy this and start your fitness regimen for a healthier life without any hesitation, you will not regret buying this.


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