Using Resistance Bands for Your Workouts

Using Resistance Bands Workouts
Bands for Your Workouts

For someone that wants to get bigger and stronger, you have the option of using free weights, machines, and cables. Each kind of equipment does have its pros and cons, offering you certain benefits in terms of muscle growth, strength, and fitness. But, using a combination of the equipment that’s available can help you achieve your goals even better than just using one kind. That’s why it’s good to always utilize what’s available to you. Below are few tips Using Resistance Bands for Your Workouts.

One piece of equipment that some people might overlook or not really consider useful for their workouts would be resistance bands, also known as booty bands. While the booty band workouts do seem like a fad, they’re actually more than that. It might not seem like one of the most conventional pieces of equipment to use for a workout, but using these kinds of bands actually have a lot of benefits.

Who Even Uses Them?

Resistance bands might not seem all that useful and you might even think that nobody uses them, but you’re sorely mistaken. This piece of equipment is actually widely used by several athletes, ranging from basketball players to bodybuilders. Even powerlifters utilize these bands in their workouts, and they happen to be really strong athletes. If these kinds of athletes make use of this piece of equipment, then there has to be some benefit from their use.

What’s So Good About them?

Resistance bands are a unique piece of equipment that offers a different kind of workout. They allow you to work out your muscles in a way that they might be used to, and this should definitely be a good thing. You have to remember that for you to build muscle and get stronger, constant exposure to different kinds of stimuli is required. That’s why it’s always good to change up your workout so that your progress does not plateau.

One way that a resistance band may differ from a conventional piece of equipment would be through the tension that it gives your muscles. When you perform certain exercises with free weights, your muscle feels tension only at certain points in the movement. The tension that is exerted is also constant. But, when you use a band, it becomes different. The resistance band allows you to exert tension on your muscles throughout every part of an exercise’s movement. Aside from this, the tension exerted will vary at different points of the movement. This is mainly because the band is elastic and its resistance increases the more you stretch it. This stimulus would be one that your body might not get used to, which will be good to help encourage your muscles to grow and get stronger.

An example of how tension differs with a resistance band versus free weights can be seen in a deadlift. When you perform a deadlift with a barbell, the tension that your muscles, specifically your hamstrings, glutes, and lower back, are exposed to would only go up to a certain level and will only be felt in certain parts of the movement. But, if you were to do a deadlift with a resistance band, this changes completely. Throughout the entire movement, your muscles will be exposed to tension. This tension will also vary at certain points of the deadlift movement because of how much you stretch the band in every part of the exercise. This would add more stress and stimulus to your muscle, allowing it to grow and strengthen in order to adapt to this new movement.

They’re Convenient

Aside from this, another benefit of using resistance bands would be the convenience that comes with it. Unlike certain pieces of equipment that can only be used for certain exercises, resistance bands can be used for various movements and exercises. You won’t need to have to keep going from machine to machine to do certain exercises. If you also just work out at home, you wouldn’t need tons of different equipment to get a workout done, saving you a lot of money and space. You can also take them with you anywhere, giving you the chance to work out wherever you are.



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