6 Motivational Wall Art Ideas for Your Home Office

Motivational Wall Art ideas

With remote work being the new normal, people have started creating office ambiance at home. From cubicle setups to organized drawers, everyone wants a positive atmosphere to work. While working from home renders comfort, many people look for motivation to deliver quality outcomes. What’s the best way to add a pinch of inspiration in your home office setup? Motivational wall art. Today, we will discuss the top 6 motivational wall art ideas to enhance the appearance of your home office.

Wall arts can improve the beauty of your workplace. They can be relaxing, motivating, and inspirational. Here are some of the wall art ideas mentioned below 

#1 Green Leaf Wall Art

How about some greenery to soothe your mind? Sounds right? You can set up an office corner with green leaf art on the frontal wall. Anything clean, and contemporary is perfect for space. 

The range of colors with waterproof canvas can enhance the essence of the working station. Besides, the hint of mother nature can take that office stress away. The wall art is perfect for a calm and composed environment.

#2 Motivational Quote Art


Quotes can encourage motivation to work hard. A set of prints with strong quotes is cost-saving and influential. With a variety of sizes, you can select one as per your own choice. 

The art is likely to spread a notion of freshness with inspiration. With a good-quality canvas and stunning frames, your office space is likely to retain the charm. The frames can be customized as per the writing of the art.

#3 Photo Galleries

The moments pass but the memories remain. These memories become our inspiration to work hard despite the challenges. Hence, combining these pictures in fascinating patterns is a good idea for office wall art. 

You can pick some pictures from a favorite trip or family gathering. If not so, you can make a collage of some good moments with friends.  

#4 Hanging Shelves

How about going 3D with your wall art? Unique, right? While framed art print and 3D canvas is pretty common, you can come up with something out of the box. If your office walls look dull and boring then these shelves will give it an authentic touch.

 It’s also a perfect place to display your awards and achievements. A demonstration of your winnings can inspire you to perform better. You can give it a vintage and rusty look with funky jute ropes. 

#5 Retro Game Posters

Ah! The good old days of Pacman. When life was simple and things were sane. Don’t you love recalling those childhood memories? We do too. Thus, it’s best to convert your gaming memories into wall art. 

You can attach old game posters for a retro and cool look. From Pacman to space invaders, these games on a glossy poster can be the perfect pick for your office space.

#6 Gradients

You have seen gradients on your desktop and iPhones, right? Now, it’s time to make it to your office wall. The blend of smooth colors for a pleasing outlook is nothing but a show-stealer. 

It will surely intensify the overall appearance of the office wall. What else can be done with the gradient art? Get it neat framed. The sleek borders on the art is likely to make it look more gorgeous. 

+3 Bonus Wall Art Ideas

Still, wondering what to do? Here are 3 more bonus wall art ideas for your office space

  • Stickers: You can go for any motivational sticker with encouraging messages on it. These stickers are likely to influence you for better work performance.
  • Sticky Notes: Sticky notes with your tasks for the day is great wall art. You can attach colorful notes and mention the target, deadlines, etc. 
  • Large Posters: On a challenging day, you want someone to say “Believe in yourself”. How about hanging a large poster with the same effect? We suggest trying posters with encouraging quotes.  


So, these were some of the motivational wall art by ElephantStock that are show-stealing and encouraging. Hopefully, our ideas will help you set up an uplifting work environment at home. If you liked this blog, plunge into more interesting reads of our page. 

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