A Token of Endearment: Emojis You Can Use to Express Your Love For Someone

Token of Endearment Emojis

Love is in, and always will be, in the air. It doesn’t matter how bitter you are when it comes to love. It just shows that the person is blindly in love with their significant other in order to accumulate those feelings. Anyhow, if you want to make your special someone smile today, we suggest trying the following emojis that will genuinely express your devotion.

The Pink Heart Emoji 💗

The pink heart emoji, or mostly known as the growing heart emoji, is commonly portrayed as three pink hearts in one. Each of the hearts is slightly larger than the other, and it conveys with one another to exhibit a ‘growing’ heart. This emoji is intended for the user to give an impression of their love growing deeper and stronger.

The pink heart emoji is what people usually represent when they are exhibiting their token of endearment to their significant other. It depicts one’s feelings toward another as their love with one another grows deeper and deeper, filling it with joy and contentment after having a meaningful conversation or a terrific experience with someone close to your heart.

The Smiling Face with Heart Eyes 😍

The smiling face with heart eyes emoji is portrayed as it is. It’s a yellow face with a big smile while the eyes are turned into red and glowing hearts. The emoji is usually conveyed as a way of expressing sincere feelings for another, emotions like love, adoration, and infatuation. Moreover, the emoji also has a cat and dog variant to express their love for their pets.

The Smiling Face with Hearts 🥰

Similar to how the smiling face with heart eyes is depicted, the smiling face with hearts has a yellow face with a closed smile, cheeks that are blushing, and numerous hearts floating around it. This emoji is best used to express how happy they are, and sometimes expressing how affectionate they can be when it comes to being in love with their significant other.

The Two Hearts Emojis 💕

The two hearts emoji is generally portrayed by two hearts close to one another, while one heart is larger than the other. The emoji is usually used to express that love is in the air; however, the emoji is portrayed differently on other platforms. The emoji is always used to express their feelings with another person like having a close friendship.

The Heart with An Arrow Emojis 💘

Cupid’s arrow has got you. Expressing this emoji to your significant other shows that you’re hopelessly in love with the person. The emoji is generally portrayed as a red heart with an arrow that went straight through the middle. Moreover, this emoji is often used as an expression during Valentine’s day or when someone is composing a lovely message to someone special.


Expressing one’s love to their significant other can be a challenging task. Doing so may even further complicate things as a typical sweetheart may not be good in terms of expressing emotions. Fortunately, technology has made it relatively easy for people to express their feelings with their significant other using emojis.


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