All the benefits of vibration massage

benefits of vibration massage

In terms of the power of reflex action, there is no equal to vibration massage. Significantly hardware massage carried out with the help of special massagers. Readout below to know more about all the benefits of vibration massage.


The invention of such a method of treatment as vibration created with the help of hands is attributed to the ancient Greeks. However, the first mention of vibration massage, which was performed by unique mechanisms, dates back to the 19th century. At first, their work was based on the use of hands and feet, later-electricity.

The first mechanisms were imperfect — a vibrating element attached to the forearm transmitted vibration to the masseur’s hands, and over time they began to shake themselves. The first developments in the field of hardware massage belong to the Swedish doctor G. Zander, the founder of mechanotherapy — a system of exercises using various devices based on mechanical vibrations.

As a result, it was found out that vibration can have a specific effect on human organs and systems. Therefore, if it is correctly distributed and dosed, you can achieve an excellent therapeutic and health-improving effect. Since then, vibration has been widely used for massage and in medicine.

Depending on the area of impact, modern devices for vibration massage are available with a general vibration (for example, vibration platform, bed, or chair) and a local vibration (for example, massagers), with a frequency of 30 to 1,000 vibrations.

Impact of vibration massage.

Exposure to the massaged area causes irritation of the skin’s nerve receptors and, as a result, reflex reactions from the nervous system and the circulatory system. By adjusting the strength of the amplitude and frequency oscillations, it is possible to achieve an increase or decrease in the excitability of nerve fibers and, as a result, the desired therapeutic effect.

Working on the muscle tissue with the whole body vibration machine, the vibrations relieve pain, increase blood and lymph circulation, and remove dead pieces of the epidermis. In addition, due to the influx of blood from the deep layers, there is a feeling that the skin is warming up, which improves the work of the sebaceous and sweat glands and activates the metabolism. As a result, the skin gets a healthy color, becomes more elastic, and its nutrition improves. And all these thanks to regular 15-minute sessions of vibration massage with the help of a massager.

Vibration massage is indicated for diseases and injuries of the peripheral nervous system, asthma, polyarthritis, chronic gastritis, gynecological and biliary tract diseases. However, in cases where there are untreated acute infections, malignant tumors, endocrine system dysfunction, as well as in tuberculosis, hypertension, angina, cardiovascular insufficiency, neuroses, and thrombophlebitis, this type of massage is strictly contraindicated.

Vibration massage technique.

While you are doing the exercises, vibrations of a certain frequency are transmitted from the platform to your body, just like in a vibration massager, but in a slightly different way. The so-called “2 in 1” effect is obtained from training on a vibration platform when you are engaged in fitness, and massage is present during training. Vibrations occur precisely at the frequency that promotes reflex muscle contraction, which stimulates both the muscles and internal tissues. After such a session, if the simulator’s options allow, you can turn on a special relaxation mode, which replaces the stretching (“hitch”) at the end of the workout in the gym.

Vibration platforms are usually equipped with a computer. You can enter the duration of the training and individual exercises, the speed and intensity of their performance in advance. Sometimes the manufacturer adds several standard training programs to the computer, which greatly simplifies the process. 

If this massager is not for the whole body, it is recommended to iron the massaged area with your hand before the start of the session. Then, after checking the reliability of fixing the massager nozzle, you can proceed directly to the massage, carrying it out in the direction of the nerve trunks, around the joints, and in the pain centers. It is better to start from the back: for 3-5 minutes, perform circular and longitudinal movements, paying particular attention to the broadest muscles of the back. Next, massage your hands, starting from the inner surface of the shoulder with a smooth transition to its outer surface and forearm. The last massaged brush-not for long, no more than 2 minutes.

With movements directed to the groin area, a semicircular nozzle, massage the lumbar region and the pelvic area, smoothly moving to the back of the legs, the knee joint, the back of the thigh, the calf muscle, and, finally, the Achilles tendon. The time of the foot massage should not exceed one minute. At the same time, the degree of intensity of the impact is regulated depending on the person’s state. In the presence of acute pain, the vibration massager is switched to the mode of the highest frequency and low amplitude. For a minute and a half, massage the large pectoral muscles, making movements to the spine. Next, the abdomen is massaged clockwise. The Vibro massage session ends with the same thing as it begins — manual stroking that will soothe the skin. Massage of the heart or damaged body areas should be carried out with extreme caution and only after consultation with a doctor.

Nuances of choosing a massager

When choosing a vibrating vibration platform, it is necessary to consider what surface (area) it is planned to use it. If you still decide to buy a vibration platform, you should understand that it is not enough to buy a vibration platform to lose weight. Many people mistakenly think that it is enough just to stand on it for a few minutes a day, feeling the vibrations. Vibration platforms are an excellent tool for adjusting the figure, but without your work, nothing will work. Depending on the goals and the degree of effort on your part in the form of a vibration platform, you can buy yourself either an excellent tool for correcting the figure or a rather expensive massager.


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