The Best Hobbies to Aid Alcohol Addiction Recovery


When it comes to recovering from alcohol addiction, you’ll probably find yourself with a lot of time to fill. In fact, even if you aren’t recovering from addiction but just wanting to take a break from alcohol, there is still a gap in the diary that will need to be filled. It’s important to fill the time you’d usually spend drinking as often not replacing it will make it more likely you’ll slip back into your old routine. Many alcohol rehab treatment centres around the world encourage patients to take up hobbies and will include many different activities as part of the treatment process in rehabilitation.

So, when it comes to being back in the outside world and you’re looking to replace those evenings in the pub or sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine, what are the best replacements?


Exercise is one of the most common forms of activity people take up as they enter the recovery process. This is for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s a healthy activity that will make your body feel better for it. Secondly, it’s fun. So, if somebody really loves soccer, why not take it up? And finally, the dopamine hit you get from doing exercise is a natural high that can help quell any cravings you may have for alcohol. The likes of running, swimming, cycling and any other sport are great forms of exercise perfect for taking up during the recovery process.

Yoga and Meditation

In rehab centres, yoga and meditation form a key part of any treatment and they are something that is always encouraged to practice as you leave. The reason for this is they are calming activities that relieve any stress that may lead to relapse.  There are dozens of yoga stretches that can improve focus and concentration which are such vital parts of staying sober, as well as overall improving your mood.

Painting and relaxing hobbies

As well as getting the blood pumping through exercise, you may want to take up some more relaxing hobbies that can help destress. This can come in all manner of forms, but one common hobby people take up after rehab is painting. Similar to yoga, it can be a really calming escape that focuses the mind on something. And of course, there’s an end result too for you to hang on your wall. The likes of fishing, golf, other arts and crafts activities and many, many more relaxing hobbies are also perfect for taking up as part of your recovery.


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